Your Bizarre Adventure Wiki

for general and main rules on-site, see this page

The Rules

  • Please use proper Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in all wiki articles and always make sure articles are written in a formal tone, Disruptive editing will be met with punishment.
  • Do not use bold or italics randomly, only use them for important information in an article e.g. Heart of the Saint's Corpses cannot be dropped even in private servers.
  • Make sure that all information in articles is useful or relevant and properly ordered in headings. Any information not relevant to a stand/spec/NPC page in any of the standard headings can go into the Trivia section of the page but that doesn't mean that you can put whatever you want in the Trivia section.
  • Hyperlink words to their pages, e.g. in the Vampirism page, if the word Stone Mask is used then hyperlink it to the Stone Mask page, you only need to hyperlink something once for the first time it is mentioned.
  • Do not add an unnecessary amount of headers into an article i.e. we don't need an entire section just for 1 glitch in the Steel Ball Run page.
  • When making a new Stand page, follow our Stand Page Format and also make sure that other stand pages follow the format.
  • It is strongly recommended to not edit pages on older phones due to unwanted glitches that can occur
  • Do not farm edits (edits that are more about quantity than quality) as this usually leads to many unnecessary edits such as useless categories (e.g. White, Pink, Time Stop, Time Erase, Stardust Crusaders etc.) or information that is hard to read and may frustrate anybody coming to the wiki for information.
  • Do not make joke pages as they clog the wiki with many useless pages that are not funny in the first place.
  • Make sure information on pages is written comprehensibly so it is relatively easy to retain information, simple things such as paragraphs and punctuation can make interpreting writing much easier.
  • When writing out combos on stand pages, make sure to have them named in brackets after the keybinds e.g. C-Moon combo: E + R + T + Y (Stand Barrage + Barrage Finisher + Uppercut to the Moon + Surface Inversion Punch) as not everyone uses default keybinds.
  • When editing tabbers such as Skill Tree sections, make sure to bullet point individual items in the source code editor e.g.
*Cresent Slash: 1 point
*Pierce Strike: 1 point
*Hamon Charge: 2 points

so that they aren't clumped up into the same line and get messy.

  • Make sure articles are tidy and ordered i.e. everything is sorted into headings, images aren't randomly placed with random captions, information is sorted into paragraphs, infoboxes are utilised, combos are grouped consecutively.
  • Adding how much damage a skill/move does is optional but recommended.