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This is a changelog for YBA. It was mainly made for people who do not have discord, and thus cannot read the new updates. This page is mostly outdated but SOME PEOPLE are helping with this page.



- New SKIN for Grey Rapier
- New SKIN for Deadly King
- New SKIN for Anubiz
- New Model for The Universe Over Heaven
- New Model for Violet Fog
- New Model for Magician's Ember
- 2 New CODES (LUCKY ARROW) in this youtube video:

- VFX for Last Shot, Toggle Armor, Million Pricks, Cycle Slash
- Stand Stab VFX for Requiem Arrow, Corpse Parts, Lucky Arrow
- Stand Aura for Zipper Fingers, G-Moon, Grey Rapier, Scarlet King, all evolution of Golden Nail
- Successful Rib Cage usage will no longer kill you
- VFX for Extend Arm, Zipper Glide, Zipper Punch
- Head Models for all base Scarlet King models
- Added gear boxes for Anubiz's skin, Sasageyo
- Servers will now display it's age below the it's version
- Changed Deo's Diary 1v1 kill quest to winning 25 1v1s. If you were doing the quest then you need to get it again
- Idles for Zipper fingers

- Last Shots projectile no longer becomes slower upon ricochet Instead it will now auto aim towards closest victims upon ricochet
- Having zippers on you now make you take 1.25x more DMG (Cant stack)
- Second Erasure now ragdoll instead of stunning
- Reduced stun on Steel Ball, Multi Steel Balls, Heaven Ascended Knives, Prone Shot
- Reduced hitbox linger on Zoom Punch, Eye Gouge, Scarlet Overdrive
- Increased CD on Nullification: Zero
- Lowered DMG on Multi Shot
- Increased DMG on Propeller Charge, Vola Barrage
- Hamon increases healing moves less
- You no longer heal more from healing moves if you get hit by a hamon user as a vamp
- Gravitational Shift now blockable
- Increased Spin Skill tree's SP cost
- Vampires no longer get blood HP regen buffs while posing
- Nerfed the DMG increase when you get hit by hamon as a vamp

- reduced crashing
- fixed servers gradually becoming more delayed/laggy over time (fixed memory leaks)

NEW CODES IN THE UPDATE LIST ABOVE!!! ... the next LUCKY ARROW code will be at 420k+ LIKES !!!(ändrad)


- 2 NEW SKINS for Golden Spirit Requiem

- 2 NEW SKINS for Platinum Sun (base)

- The music mute setting will now save upon leaving the game

- Equipped Character and Stand cosmetics will now save upon leaving the game


> EXP4 (Expired)

> Yay237k (Expired)

> The goal for the next NEW CODE will be 242k likes!


- White Poison skins now transfer on to it's 3rd evolution stand (The Way to Heaven)

- NEW MODEL for The Universe

- NEW MODEL for Golden Spirit Requiem

- NEW MODEL for White Poison and all of it's skins

- NEW MODEL for Six Pistol's skin; Glock-18 | Fade

- Erasure Accelerate is now disabled in the Metal Ball Run final stretch

- you can no longer fall through the water in the Metal Ball Run starting area

- Form wall gives less iframes now, but it makes you immune to all projectiles for a bit longer duration

- Having a stand skin will now change the text color of your stand's name to be golden in the HUD menu in case you do not know if you got a skin or not FIXES:

- Fixed Dimension Slash not working if you're ontop of or behind a part that u can walk through (like water, grass, etc)

- Fixed Summon Life Form bug similar to above

- Fixed Summon Tree bug similar to above

- Fixed Zipper Glide bug similar to above

- Fixed Form Wall bug similar to above

- Fixed being unable to use Self Dimension Clones with cosmetics equipped

- Fixed Bites the Dust making NPCs and it's User invincible permanently

26 March 2021

v0.70 (i think)

-TA4 recieved a beatdown, a model rework, and a reworked c move

-SCR recieved a new move

-TWOH and MIH recieved voicelines

-Added a loading assets screen

-"fixed mobile"

19 March 2021



-Free Global skill point reset


-Re added voicelines for moves only

-Vampire race now regens limbs 2x faster

-Made Cocojumbo walls/floors thicker so falling out of it is less likely

-Buffed skull crusher damage

-Combat Precision now increases damage by 15%

-Max timestop damage reduced from 70% to 50%

-Increased CD for nullification zero

-Increased spin steel ball throw cooldowns

-New Face for Heaven Ascension DEO

-Model Changes to Platinum Sun

-Model Changes to Platinum Sun: The Universe

-Model Changes to G-Moon


-Fixed Stand rerolls in the robux store

-Fixed being immune to barrages if u get hit by a fighting-style barrage once

-Fixed being able to join casual metal ball run with a stand that counts as a requiem

-Fixed bug where ora beatdown gives victims invincibility

-Fixed time erase leaving u in coco jumbo until u die

-Fixed timestop making ur stand lag behind u

-Fixed ms. vice president's empty room being global (emptying the rooms of other ms. vice president cocojumbos)

-Fixed being able to fling urself by dashing when using the hand accleration

-Fixed being able to pose heal in time stop as a victim

-Fixed a data leak. this should make servers not lag as much as it grows older

31 January 2021


  • can no longer enter casual SBR with the two new stands
  • you can no longer obtain the same stand you currently have when stand rerolling in the store
  • fixed the bug where dashing barely boosts you
  • now need prestige 2+ to play SBR casual and comp (to reduce exploiters)

30 January 2021

v0.69 (not 0.069) (only in new servers, not shutting down. Your best chance to get in a server with this update are private servers)

  • increased boss drop item rates

30 January 2021


  • Fixed not getting the quest for G-Moon's Evolution if you tried to get it when you were mid way done with the Green Baby quest then switched to G-Moon (basically fixed The Way to Heaven, aka MIH, quest)
  • Fixed getting randomly kicked for the following anti exploit message: "No Exploiting! #IS"
  • Fixed not being able to leave Coco Jumbos in all game modes
  • Fixed Using Mr President with exploits in game modes to teleport people to the void (out of the map)

29 January 2021



  • 2 New STANDS!
  • 2 New BOSSES!
  • 2 New Items!
  • 2 New Main Game Map Areas!
  • New Quests
  • New Cosmetic
  • Extreme lag reduction (INSANELY HUGE. Biggest lag fix in YBA so far)
  • New Codes System!
    • Go to the settings frame in the HUD menu to redeem this code: "THIS UPDATE WAS MADE IN HEAVEN". The code will expire in 1 week!


  • Stand Model reworks for some stands
  • M1's are much more reliable
  • You will now take more damage if your left arm is gone
  • Improved hitbox for throw knife ability
  • Knives now stick on to whoever and whatever it hits
  • Servers with a lot of players will now have faster item spawn rates
  • Made time-stop stacked damage apply faster
  • Disabled Christmas theme and snowing in main game
  • Evolving your stand will no longer kill you on successful attempts, and will instead summon the newly evolved stand
  • Horrorsaur now displays your name when transformed
  • Platinum Sun: The Universe Requiem no longer has "Requiem" in it's name


  • Fixed Smoke Grenade, gently weeps, violet fog virus clouds, & other stuff messing up moves that require cursor aim
  • Fixed your character not being deleted after respawning or leaving the game
  • Fixed certain stuff in the game resuming music when you had it muted
  • Fixed six pistol bullets & last shot bugs
  • Bulk selling your items at the merchant no longer ear rapes
  • Fixed losing an item if you hold it out on death then respawn
  • Fixed dropped items despawning fast
  • Fixed losing an item if you hold it out and die while falling out of the map
  • fixed cancelling M1 & M2
  • Fixed GER Counter making victims stuck until ragdolled
  • Fixed sliding on ground when ragdolled
  • Fixed Low GFX breaking your HUD menu


  • Added end-lag if you miss Golden Spirit Requiem and G-Moon's counter
  • you can no longer TEAM barrage with sunlight yellow overdrive, and boxing's fist barrage
  • Increased sunlight yellow overdrive CD
  • Vaporization freezing now stuns for a bit
  • U can now attack sooner after using violet vine's grapple

18 December 2020


  • Made rokakaka spawn much more often
  • Made rokakaka much easier to roll in The Arcade
  • Fixed getting one shot when your lagging and get damaged

15 December 2020


  • fixed low item spawning rates

14 December 2020


  • Select Pose gamepass now includes all humanoid stand idles
  • Item notifier game pass revamped:
    • 3 toggle options for the notifier; Disabled, Specific Item Only, and All items
    • The ESP (item location hinter) will now only work on one specific item that you can select and change at any time
    • ESP(item location hinter)'s duration has been increased to 12 seconds
    • The reason for the revamp is to allow non pay to win players a better chance in obtaining items since it was too OP before

12 December 2020


  • Item notifier gamepass now hints at where an item spawns (basically legal item ESP) and is now much more expensive
  • you can now equip up to 3 cosmetics for both your character and stand
  • new Platinum Sun: The Universe idles for player and stand
  • Increased enter room's cooldown for Ms Vice president -Decreased duration of staying in room for Ms Vice president in gamemodes for the user
  • You can no longer do the "/e sit" cmd in game modes like Metal Ball Run

09 December 2020


  • 3 new items
  • reduced price of style trainers
  • million pricks hitbox is now better
  • increased duration of million pricks slashes
  • nerfed turtle form's defense -reduced shell form max duration from 60 seconds to 35 seconds
  • using a stand/mysterious arrow successfully will no longer kill you and will instead summon your stand
  • fixed fighting style skill tree still being locked when u unlock it -fixed not being able to spend points into your fighting style skill tree when u unlock it

09 December 2020



  • Scarlet King now has a new ability
  • Platinum Sun: The Universe Requiem now has the ability, ora kicks
  • Platinum Sun: The Universe requiem now has new upgrades in skill tree
  • Ms. Vice President now has 3 new abilities
  • Golden Spirit now has a new ability
  • Golden Spirit Requiem now has a new ability
  • 2 new game passes!


  • Ms. Vice President's skill tree has been changed up a bit
  • Replaced GER awakening theme to avoid copyright w/ jojo
  • Platinum Sun: The Universe Requiem no longer has stand jump and it's upgrades
  • The first hit of Kick barrage and Ora Kicks is now perfect block-able
  • Leaving coco jumbo will now teleport you to the person who trapped you instead of teleporting you to a random spawn location
  • You can now trap people in coco jumbo in SBR but they automatically leave the room when time runs out (applies to the user as well)
  • You can no longer tp people to another coco jumbo when you/them are already in one
  • you no longer get affected by SBR's zone poison when in coco jumbo
  • Lowered Time Erase upgrades' skill point cost on base Scarlet King
  • There is now a 1 second cooldown for perfect block frames meaning u cant spam F for infinite perfect block frames anymore
  • New stand idle and player idle for Criminal Tasks Done Cunningly, CTDC Love train and Void


  • Return to zero now removes ALL stuns, walkspeed reductions, and jump power reductions
  • Cycle Slash now has stun hyper armor
  • Scarlet King's manual chop no longer ragdolls, but stuns, can be blocked, and can't be parried
  • Emerald Barrier's projectiles now ignore block but do not stun
  • Made the snow patches in SBR collidable so u cant hide in them


  • Fixed Ora Beatdown not having it's barrage effects
  • Fixed Ora Beatdown theme being quiet

Note - Uzu is not doing a global skill point reset this time, so if you have a stand with a changed skill tree above then you need to eat a roka or buy the SP reset in the store to get your skill points back

05 December 2020



  • New ability for "The Universe"
  • New Ability for "Platinum Sun"
  • Free global skill point reset
  • Vaporization freezing reworked
  • The water near the castle in the main game is now shallow and i extended the invisible barriers there
  • Added a player idle animation to every humanoid stand


  • Time stop no longer takes all your rage the moment you use it, instead the rage will now drain for as long as you have time stopped. Time will automatically resume when your rage runs out
  • Stand barrage effect arms are no longer bent
  • The Universe's Kick Barrage now has a cooler effect
  • New explosion effect
  • Boxing's barrage is now called Fist Barrage in the skill tree and you can edit it's keybind
  • Changed almost every humanoid stand's idle animation
  • reduced lag
  • Inhale is now G key
  • You now need to unlock "Charge Hamon" in hamon skill tree to charge ur hamon. It's also key changeable now


  • Fixed rage mode sometimes disabling before ur rage runs out
  • Fixed stand barrages sometimes hitting victims more than it should


  • Time stop damage no longer scale with rage mode damage boost
  • The Universe's knives are now blockable (does not apply to The Universe Another Dimension)
  • The Universe Another Dimension's knives now ignore block again (does not apply to The Universe)
  • Knives that are thrown in time stop will now ignore block
  • Increased Gravitational Shift cooldown
  • Increased Gravitational Negation cooldown
  • Emerald Barrier's projectiles are now blockable
  • Emerald Splash is now cancellable if the user gets ragdolled
  • Love Train can no longer be used while stunned
  • Increased Grey Rapier's Last Shot damage
  • Increased Golden Spirit & GS Requiem's healing

03 December 2020



  • Reset Quest data since people had issue w/ storyline
  • Stand aura will now be invisible in first person


  • Replaced most voice-line sounds from the game to avoid copyright (the game could've been taken down if I did not remove the sounds)
  • Acidic Spew is now whitish instead of green
  • Replaced JOJO music with other music
  • Slightly edited loading screen
  • fixed some cosmetics being super shiny
  • game maps are now winter themed and snowy weather can happen
  • Increased max capacity for holding mysterious arrows, rokakakas, Rib cage, pure rokakakas, Stone masks, steel balls, and left arm CP's
  • changed some current cosmetic's rarities


  • Pocket revolver, Burst fire, Bearing Shot, and knife throwing stand abilities now block breaks instead of ignoring block
  • Increased gently weeps CD
  • Increased zoom punch CD
  • Slightly decreased hamon bar drain
  • Slightly reduced stun time for double vine slap
  • Slightly increased wind up duration for Ora Beatdown
  • Decreased skull crusher windup duration
  • Decreased vola barrage shooting duration
  • You can now only have 2 bottles of blood in inventory
  • Timestop damage now bypasses ragdoll, block, and abilities that reflect damage


  • Fixed global time stop cooldown
  • Fixed some awakenings not giving damage/defense buffs
  • Fixed GER's infinite death loop
  • Fixed combat precision's auto perfect block
  • Fixed propeller charge hitting more than once
  • Fixed eye gouge, scarlet overdrive, jaw breaker, zoom punch, and spin punch hitting more than once sometimes
  • Fixed being able to move stack after your own time stop ends
  • If you're barraging and get time stopped then the barrage will now automatically stop
  • Acidic spew no longer bypasses counters, but still bypasses block and ragdoll
  • Fixed time stop not damaging
  • Fixed time erase and time stop gravity not going away after the moves end
  • Fixed vampires not burning sometimes

28 November 2020

  • Free skill point reset!
  • Renamed all copyrighted names in the game this includes:
    • Stands like King Crimson which is now named Scarlet King
    • NPCs like Jonathan Joestar which is now named Jonathan Joemama
    • Mobs like Dio which is now named Deo >Steel Ball Run which is now Metal Ball Run
    • Cosmetics >Might rename items and hamon if the game gets warned for copyright
  • Removed a couple of sounds that have voice lines from the Jojo anime this includes:
    • All stand summon sounds
    • Might remove the rest of the sounds with voicelines too (if this is the case then I'll add something special for the people who bought the voicelines gamepass)
    • Might replace all songs from jojo as well
  • Removed the 5 second delay when trading cosmetics

27 November 2020

  • Fixed game modes bugging out the wazoo like steel ball run

27 November 2020

  • Free global skill point reset!
  • Removed the 5 second timer when dropping items and money
  • Slight increase in the perfect block margin and removed delay for registering if you could perfect block or not
  • New datastores that has a system to ensure MUCH LESS data loss/reverts (Profile Service)

22 November 2020

  • if you're being barraged then you can't be damaged by another persons barrage until 2 second after the attacker's barrage ends
  • new default hit effects
  • updated block break hit effects
  • added screen effect when you perfect block someone or get perfect blocked
  • changed perfect block sound effect

21 November 2020

  • 2x spawn activated until the issue with spawn rates settle down because I might have broke something without realizing it. Enjoy.

07 November 2020

  • New GUI, courtesy of GodOfReptiles

12 October 2020

  • Mr president now has a finisher move (changed its keys around as well)

11 October 2020

-New ranked GAMEMODE: 2v2's

10 October 2020

-adjusted how many points you gain/lose in 1v1 matches towards rankings -1v1 and sbr ranks can now go up to 100 (used to be 50) -made it harder to glitch out/in the 1v1 map -you can now also view the specific points of a ranked person on the 1v1 and SBR ranked leaderboards -you now cannot boxing fist barrage right after stand barraging -whitesnake pilot mode is now like silver chariot's pilot but with a range

8 October 2020

-time skip for KC, KCR, TW, TWAU, SP, and SPTW no longer stops your running, can't be spammed, and will still teleport you even if your cursor is out of range

6 October 2020

-「Whitesnake」 added! (new roll-able stand) -When someone gets hit with a fire proc ability and is already burning then a bit of the burning duration will add on to the current burning duration (same applies with poison proc and bleed proc) -When poison procs someone who is already poisoned then the poison damage will be stronger (same applies with bleed proc) -Added poison effect indicator that shows on someone's character when they are poisoned -GER heal move will now stop burning, bleeding, and poison procs -Crazy diamond healing mode will now stop burning, bleeding, and poison procs -Nerfed triple pierce strike damage -You can now attack almost instantly after activating KCR's reality marble -Reduced jaw breaker and eye gouge damage

2 October 2020

-reverted the bypass block by hitting from behind update

1 October 2020

-You can now bypass someone's block by attacking them from behind (except for some moves like stand barrages) -Ranked leaderboards for steel ball run and 1v1's now reset every month -Your rank in SBR and 1v1's will now display on the ingame playerlist in SBR and 1v1 matches -Updated playerlist GUI -GE and GER's tree move cooldown has been increased -Reduced GE and GER's tree upgrades skill point cost. You will not be restored of your skill points so you need to use a rokakaka or pure rokakaka to receive your full skill points back

26 September 2020

--- skill tree updates --- -global skill point reset due to the skill tree updates below -you can now select a skill in your stand or fighting-style skill tree then press a key on your keyboard to set that skill to the key you pressed -You now need to learn Bearing Shot in Crazy diamond's skill tree -You now need to learn Kick Barrage in The World's skill tree -You now need to learn Summon Frog in Gold Experience's skill tree -You now need to learn Zipper Uppercut in Sticky Finger's skill tree -You now need to learn "Chop" in King Crimson and TWAU's skill tree -You now need to learn "Second Erasure" in The Hand's skill tree --- mobile support updates --- -mobile support; you can now ride and use your horse in The Steel Ball Run -mobile support buttons updated and optimized -enabling shiftlock will now give you the cursor in the center of your screen -added tool dropping/deleting --- other updates --- -fixed mysterious bow -patched Diavolo using his raging demon move to break his victims -you can now wear packages in game again -hopefully patched the bug where you spawn with missing body parts and got stuck in the ground on spawn -whenever the time of day changes it will now transition instead of being instant

24 September 2020

-Global skill point reset -New Tusk ACT3 & ACT4 move (c key) -Tusk Act 2 now can unlock wormhole nails -fixed time stop + life drain resulting in movestacking -fixed zipper glide movestacking -fixed instant slash movestacking -reduced instant slash range -reduced SP inhale duration -you can no longer sprint while using SP to inhale -spin's steel ball V key move can now be blocked -fixed some of the delay during raging demon cutscene -the victim of raging demon now gets invincibility from outside attacks during the cutscene -reality marble no longer stuns, cant be used at SBR final stretch, and range is reduced -Golden rectangle nail now ragdolls -increased all tusk act's nail glide CD -buffed tea time healing upgrades -reduced TA4's skill tree cost -increased TA4's base combat damage -nerfed propeller charger damage -TW's kick barrage final kick cannot be parried -buffed sc's last shot damage -increased emerald barrier and marionette control CD -fixed some weird knockback direction bugs -Mobile support: shift lock added -Mobile support: projectiles now aim in front of your character rather than towards your mouse -Mobile support: You can now move your stand while in stand pilot mode -Finally fixed being instantly killed on a move that makes you ragdolled if you happen to be wearing a package

7 September 2020

-New stand, TUSK Act 1, added -TUSK Act 2 added -TUSK Act 3 added -TUSK Act 4 added -New Fighting Style, SPIN -Global skill point reset -New Cafe shop in the main game naples map -New Italian Pizzeria in the main game naples map -5 new obtainable items -New dialogue npcs -Six pistol's redirection move is now called Auto Pilot, it's bullet travel speed is buffed, it is now block-able, and it is now the Y key -Six pistol's now has a new Redirection move (x key) -Increased six pistol bullet stun -Six pistol's skill tree updated -When a bullet of six pistol bounces off a wall, it will no longer lose speed -Vampire race now only increases damage for attacks that your character (not your stand) is performing -Epitaph now has a range; if a KC/KCR user is farther than the range limit then they will still avoid the attack, but will not teleport to the victim -KCR No longer has the Chop Move and it's time skip key is now Y -Reduced KCR's skill tree SP cost -KCR's reality marble now has a bigger range -TWAU now has a chop move (y key) -TWAU's Smoke Grenade is now U key and costs LESS Skill points -Reduced limb loss duration for Gold experience's Frog move -Increased Gold experience's Frog move's cooldown -You can no longer reflect bites the dust with love train -New love train effect -Being affected by time stop no longer unsummons your stand -All humanoid stand positions are on the left side of your character now due to shift lock's camera lock -Sturdiness upgrades now increase blocking damage capacity -Unsummoning your stand while you have epitaph or Your Own Shadow activated will deactivate the moves -D4C Clones and scary monster minion's AI is now less wonky -Scary monsters and it's minions m1/m2 hitboxes are now better -You can now type /e sit to sit

9 July 2020

-zoom punch now C key -sunlight yellow overdrive is now B key -scarlet overdrive is now V key -fixed the hand erasure damaging twice in one erasure -erasure #2 does less damage and has a longer windup -infinite deaths no longer applies in 1v1s

7 July 2020

-fixed floor zipper uppercut breaking if ur too far -improved zipper uppercut's hitbox

7 July 2020

-decreased floor zipper uppercut's windup time -increased the hand erasure #2 cooldown -vaporization freezing is now C key -life drain is now V key -hierophant barrier CD is now longer than the duration of the barrier -reduced hierophant green's marionette CD -erasure pull hitbox is better now -star finger hitbox is better now -extend arm hitbox is better now

7 July 2020

-Sticky Fingers now has a new move (Y Key) -zipper punch is now X key -the hand now has a new move (Y key) -crazy diamond now has a new move (Z key) -crazy diamond's heal mode key is now Y -gold experience (not requiem) now has a new move! (X key) -six pistols now has a new move (Z key) -increased six pistols marksman passive's speed increase -six pistols redirection upgrades now actually work -increased emerald barrier range -getting hit by emerald barrier now disables jump, rotating your character, and dashing -getting hit by emerald barrier now sends a couple emerald splashes towards you -nerfed hook pierce stun and damage -nerfed rod throw damage -reduced smoke grenade CD and range -increased smoke grenade explosion range -smoke grenade explosion now affects stands (especially pilot stands) -added small chain reaction for smoke grenade explosions -fixed auto limb regeneration after losing a limb -TW and TWAU knives now stun -you can no longer barrage when block broken or parried/perfect blocked

7 July 2020

-fixed kcr scythe being invisible in 1v1s -mr presidents now automatically leave their cocojumbo after 4 seconds in 1v1s -fixed bites the dust tping you back to morioh in 1v1s -tree leaves in 1v1s are no longer collide-able -other minor fixes/changes

5 July 2020

-1v1 Gamemode and Leaderboard ADDED -increased darius the executioner quest rewards

4 July 2020

-"The Arcade" has been added! -love train can be used while stunned now -love train now lasts longer when u attack -drastically reduced d4c's self clones CD -buffed SBR's zone poison damage -reduced the 2nd and 3rd barrier timer for SBR -increased heart corpse chances at winning sbr -increased max money to 30,000

2 July 2020

shutdown fixed SBR servers not appearing on server list

30 June 2020

shutdown for SBR fixes

June 29 2020

-fixed love train bug -fixed time stop bug with the user not being unfrozen (not shutting down til tmrw so it'll only be fixed in new servers. if u abuse love train bug then you will be banned ingame for 3 days minimum)

June 29 2020

-fixed stand swapping (wont shutdown for this for the next couple hours so it'll only work in new/fresh servers)

June 29 2020

-Star platinum, the world, twau, and sptw can now all press the time stop key again to resume time earlier

-sticky fingers can now attack to cancel their glide early or let go of the key -sticky fingers gliding is way smoother now -re added SBR teleporters on the map -fixed time stop bugs -other minor changes/fixes i forgot to list v_v