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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Vento Aureo

There is nothing that can move in the cryogenic world. I can freeze anything in the universe!



White Album is the Stand of Ghiaccio, a side antagonist from Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, who is a member of La Squadra Esecuzioni. White Album appears as a suit of armor the user wears, it does this by freezing the moisture around the user, forming an armor of ice. White Album has a very potent power called Cryokinesis that is able to freeze things in a matter of seconds and drop temperatures to -100°C with ease.

At first glance, White Album seems to be quite weak, aside from a barrage and barrage finisher, White Album has two attacks; Flash Freeze and Gently Weeps with another ability to increase its mobility. Due to that, White Album is generally ignored for what people consider to be better Stands but White Album when used correctly and under the right circumstances is quite powerful.

White Album has a passive, Ice Armor which reduces damage taken by 12.5%, this immediately allows White Album to be used offensively at the front line, being able to take more damage. The passive, however, is ignored by Beatdowns and The World Over Heaven.

Flash Freeze summons icicles in front of the user, this can trap the targets, forcing them to stay in a location to allow the start of either team combos. The range is also fairly large.

Gently Weeps is the main reason why White Album is used. It passively slows down everyone nearby the user, allowing for an easier time catching a target. Furthermore, an overlooked ability of Gently Weeps is that it will automatically redirect ranged attacks to whoever casted it. This makes Pesci a much easier boss while also being able to trivialise zoning dependent stands such as The World (Alternate Universe) or Six Pistols as it requires the Stand to engage in melee combat, which is what it is weaker at.

Ice Skating gives the Stand some mobility, it allows the user to outrun other players with maxed out agility and makes it the third fastest Stand in the game, with only Scary Monsters and Made in Heaven being able to out speed it. Even then, White Album rivals Scary Monster's speed and can slow down others with Gently Weeps. The user can also use moves while skating, allowing spec moves to be used while the user moves at high speed.

Typically, Boxing is used with White Album mainly for its barrage and the extra health and defense being able to make White Album into even more of a tank. It also helps with one of White Album's combo of T + G as a boxing barrage would do more damage than White Album's normal barrage.

However, without a fighting style, White Album is quite weak independently, it only has two attacking moves and a barrage finisher which can be perfect blocked. Its main appeal is mainly for the Steel Ball Run or to tank attacks in fights.

It is one of the single best stands in the Steel Ball Run as it is able to deflect projectiles, incredibly useful for the last phase. It also has good mobility and a great defense passive, especially stacked with Boxing, and a large AOE stun or knockback with a fairly small cooldown allowing you to escape from being teamed on in situations without having to worry about dying if used right.

Total Skill Points: 46 Points


Ice Armor (Passive): The user's armor cushions any damage they may take, reduces damage by approximately 15% when Ice Armor is maxed.

E - Stand Barrage: White Album's user will throw a flurry of slow punches at the enemy dealing 1.2 damage on max, 1.5 Hamon charged

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: A punch to mainly be used to break blocks or to ragdoll someone, it does good damage either way.

T - Flash Freeze: The user slams the ground in front of them, unleashing a line of ice that will deal damage and disable the Stand of whoever is hit. This move deals 32.2 with max destructive power. It may also trap the opponent within the ice. If hit, a freeze proc will be placed on the enemy, slowing them deal considerably.

Y - Gently Weeps: White Album freezes the air around the user, slowing and blinding anyone nearby. The purpose of this ability is to automatically reflect any projectiles that the user is hit by, dealing half the damage to the attacker. (Tusk ACT 4 nail shots can bypass this with infinite rotation), You will not take any damage.

Z - Ice Skating: The user freezes the ground beneath them and uses White Album's skates to Ice skate across the ground, granting a speed buff for about 12 seconds. You are free to attack during the duration of this move.

Skill Tree

Ice Armor: Reduces all damage taken.

  • Ice Armor I: 2 points
  • Ice Armor II: 3 points
  • Ice Armor III: 4 points

Cold Heart: Increases duration of Gently Weeps

  • Cold heart I: 2 points
  • Cold heart II: 2 points
  • Cold heart III: 3 points
  • Cold heart IV: 4 points

Mastered Skating: Increases duration of Ice Skating

  • Mastered Skating I: 2 points
  • Mastered Skating II: 2 points
  • Mastered Skating III: 4 points

Destructive Power: Improves damage output of all Stand attacks. Does not apply to fighting styles.

  • Destructive Power I: 2 points
  • Destructive Power II: 3 points
  • Destructive Power III: 5 points

  • Gently Weeps: 1 point
  • Flash Freeze: 4 points
  • Ice Skating: 1 points

Tips, Tricks & Combos

  • Boxing is a recommended Speciality for White Album, as it already has a defence boost and combined with Boxing, it's one of the best tanks in-game.
  • Aerosmith's Vola Barrage is completely deflected using Gently Weeps.
  • Use your Flash Freeze as many times as possible due to its good damage output, stunning, and large hitbox.
  • Flash Freeze can also be used as a bridge to cross in between gaps in certain areas.
  • If you're fighting a Stand that has multiple projectiles such as TWAU, it's best to use Gently Weeps to counter their projectiles.
  • Spin balls also get redirected back towards the user as they are projectiles.
  • Flash Freeze is very strong, since it can trap opponents and knock them away. You can also walk on Flash Freeze, which can be used for traveling, or escaping the opponent.
  • Boxing Combo: T + C + V (if possible) + E + 4 M1's + Repeat (Infinite Combo)
  • Hamon Combo: T + C + B + LMB x 3 (Flash Freeze + Zoom Punch + Sunlight Yellow Overdrive + LMBx3)
  • Pluck Combos: Z + T + V + Z + C + T ( Pierce Strike + Flash Freeze + Crescent Slash + Pierce Strike + Triple Pierce Strike + Flash Freeze)
  • Vamp Combo: T + G + E + V + C (Flash Freeze + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes + Stand Barrage + Life Drain + Vaporization Freeze) (100% not true combo)
  • Spin Combo: T + B + LMB x3 + V + C (Flash Freeze + Multiple Steel Balls + LMB x3 + Steel Ball + Spin Punch)
    • (It should be noted that while all of these are combos there is chance they will not work as to continue these, Flash Freeze needs to trap the enemy. This isn't 100% though, as it can always have a chance to knockback the enemy and ruin your combo)
  • You can use flash freeze as a ramp to give absolutely no breathing room to stands such as SP and TW as it gives a suprising amount of foward and upward mobility, with the added bonus of not allowing them to heal when they stand jump to a building.
  • Keep Y active as much as possible, especially in the Bridge segment of the Steel Ball Run or fighting projectile stands or teams. Even when outside of these fights, it can be useful though, as the slowing passive exists.


  • If you equip White Album while being slowed down, you will completely ignore the effect.
  • This Stand used to be able to float in the air using Ice Skate.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Ice Album" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • White Album's old model was based on the manga.
  • Currently, White Album is the one of three stands without a skin, the other ones being Scary Monsters and Cream.