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Vampirism is one of five fighting styles in the game. It is purchased at Elder Vampire Roomy for $10,000 if you have the Vampire race. Vampirism has high defensive capabilities with it's Blood Bar, and a reliable stun and a projectile. It is known as one of the best fighting styles in the game, and is commonly used by the playerbase.

Total Skill Points: 36 Points


C - Vaporization Freeze: The user launches a punch forward doing 11 damage, but instead of damaging and ragdolling, you damage and freeze them in place for a few seconds. This is a good combo Starter / Extender. Keep in mind that this move is not an actual stun, and only keeps the victim in place, unable to move or turn, which means that the enemy is still able to pull out their stand, use moves, or block/parry during the freezing. This move is un-parriable and will instantly break an opponent's guard upon contact with it.

G - Space Ripper Stingy Eyes: The user shoots two lasers from their eyes, exploding on contact with a wall or player and burning them, dealing tick damage afterwards. This move and its explosion is un-parriable and unblockable.

V - Life Drain: Grabs your opponent and drains their blood, dealing damage and restoring some of your health and some of your blood bar. This move has a very large hitbox but is blockable.


  • You will heal faster if you have a high amount of blood.
  • You can talk to the NPCs in the Vampire Bar.
  • You passively walk and run faster (depending on the blood meter.)
  • The Blood Drain heals you a considerable amount when your blood bar is empty.
  • Lost limbs regenerate twice as fast.
  • With maxed out UV Resist, vampires takes less damage against hamon than taking more damage against hamon as having no fighting style or pluck (in latest update)


  • Vampires will burn in the sun. To nullify this, an Umbrella can be used as a constant source of shade (bought from Jongic near the horse stables in the Steel Ball Run lobby or inside the Merchant's Keep)
  • Jonathan Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli and William Anthonio Zeppeli will kill you if you talk to them. Thus, you may not use hamon or spin while having the vamp race.
  • Hamon related attacks were dealing 40% more damage against Vampirism, stacked on top of the 25% damage boost from Hamon Punch before the new update/Balance changes.
  • You cannot store the vampire race with Style Storage. However, It is possible to store the fighting style. Keep in mind that you MUST be of the vampire race to use this spec. Storing the style, getting rid of vamp, and swapping back will result in the skills not working at all.
  • Time stop caps do not seem to apply if the opponent is using Hamon against you.
  • Life Drain has a relatively long end-lag.

Skill Tree

Ultraviolet Resistance: Lowers damage from burning in sunlight AND Hamon damage.

Maxing out UV Resistance does not stop the damage from the sun, it just reduces it by 8x and Hamon damage by 2x. You will need to use the umbrella to be fully protected from sunlight.

  • Ultraviolet Resist I: 1 point
  • Ultraviolet Resist II: 1 point
  • Ultraviolet Resist III: 1 points
  • Ultraviolet Resist IV: 2 points
  • Ultraviolet Resist V: 3 points

Blood Manipulation: Makes hyper regeneration from the blood meter more efficient.

  • Blood Manipulation I: 1 point
  • Blood Manipulation II: 1 point
  • Blood Manipulation III: 2 points
  • Blood Manipulation IV: 3 points
  • Blood Manipulation V: 4 points

Freezing: Increases the amount of time that Vaporization Freezing freezes enemies.

  • Freezing I: 2 points
  • Freezing II: 2 points
  • Freezing III: 3 points

Sharp Teeth: Increases the amount of blood gained from Life Drain.

  • Sharp Teeth I: 2 point
  • Sharp Teeth II: 2 points
  • Sharp Teeth IIl: 3 points

Blood Regeneration: Increases the passive increase of the blood bar.

  • Blood Regeneration I: 1 Skill Point
  • Blood Regeneration II: 1 Skill Point
  • Blood Regeneration III: 1 Skill Point

Vaporization Freeze: 1 point

Space Ripper Stingy Eyes: 1 point

Life Drain: 1 point


  • Talking to Jesus will remove you from the Vampire race.
  • Vampirism boosts Speciality damage. For example, Boxing's Jaw Breaker move does a maximum of 40 damage.
  • Vampirism is the only race in the game besides human.
  • To get Vampirism Speciality, you need to be level 10.
  • Using D4Cs Dimension Hop, you are immune to sunlight during its duration. Other moves like Cream's Dimension Dip or KC/R's Time Erase also have the same effect.
  • This and Boxing are the most tanky specs in the entire game. Vampirism regen allows a person to out heal any opponent, the only counter to this is Hamon, unless UV Resist 4/5 has been purchased, in which case, the damage boost is not nearly as effective.
  • You can get other specs while you are a Vampire except Hamon and Spin
  • If you pose while blood is still left in the bar, you will be able to save blood.
  • There is a bug where if you use a ladder, even if is night you will burn
  • You can no longer gain blood from D4C's Clones, D4C:LT's Clones, or Scary Monsters' Minions
  • There is a bug that sometimes you will still be burnt by sunlight although it was night time.
  • You are still able to hit a player even if they are being life drained by a Vampire or person with the Vampirism Spec.


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