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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

"It's truly, truly been… a long roundabout path."

~Johnny Joestar


Tusk Act 4 is a long ranged Stand used by Johnny Joestar in Part 7 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run. To evolve Tusk Act 3 into Tusk Act 4, you must use the Pelvis of the Saint's Corpse while also having Spin and Worthiness V.

Tusk Act 4 has a couple of niches when compared to its previous incarnations. Infinite Rotation is a key ability of Tusk Act 4 as it allows the user to walk within time stop for two to four seconds. All the while, Infinite Rotation bypasses attacks that redirect, with the most notable example being Love Train. The only way other Stands can damage its redirect abilities is via status effects, such as bleed or poison. Tusk Act 4 is also the only version of Tusk that has any melee capabilities, due to its barrage and barrage finisher. Wormhole Uppercut can also be used to engage to a target as a Tusk Act 4 can use barrage or barrage finisher, which Tusk Act 3 does not have.

However, Tusk Act 4 has a couple of flaws. Firstly, it is banned from Casual Steel Ball Run as it is classified as a Requiem Stand. Some players may even consider it inferior to Tusk (Act 3). This is mainly due to Act 3's shorter cooldowns, allowing for zoning potential which Tusk Act 4 lacks. Comparing to other Requiem Stands as well, Tusk Act 4 does not offer too much from it's previous counterpart and is borderline considered weak for a Requiem tier Stand as it only offers limited movement within paused time that regular time manipulation Stands would have.

Total Skill Points: 51 Points


Passive - Infinite Rotation: Allows the user to walk for 3-5 seconds in stopped time, as well as bypassing all abilities that can reflect damage.

LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown deals 9 damage at max destructive power and can be combo'd 5 times, ultimately dealing 45 damage if all hit.

E - Stand Barrage: Tusk Act 4 comes in front of the user to release a flurry of punches. Each punch deals a maximum of 1.5 damage.

R - Barrage Finisher: A heavy punch which can break blocks and ragdolls opponents. Deals 18 damage. an "ORA" can be heard here

T - Nail Shots: Shoots 3 nails, each dealing 8 damage. These can be blocked.

Y - Golden Rectangle Nail: Shoots 1 nail, dealing 24 damage. This can not be blocked.

G - Arigato Gyro (Thank You, Gyro): Tusk throws a punch, dealing 18 damage. A long beatdown lasting 15 seconds ensues, dealing 0.2 damage each hit, then a chain of punches dealing 6.7, 13.3, 13.3; then into another beatdown dealing 0.3 damage per hit for 10 seconds. Tusk then finishes the beatdown with a punch dealing 13.3 damage, flinging the opponent. This move is perfect blockable. It's cooldown lasts 85 seconds.

H - Tea Time: The user drinks Tea, healing them by a maximum of 40.6. This is because in the manga, tea (especially chamomile,) speeds up the regrowth of Johnny's nails.

C - Wormhole Uppercut: Tusk and its user sink into the floor, coming back up to attack the nearest enemy. This deals 13.5 damage, then hits the user dealing 6.7 damage; then does a small barrage hitting 10 times dealing 1.5 damage, Tusk then finishes the short beatdown with 13.5 damage. This can be regular blocked.

X - Wormhole Nails: Tusk Act 4 uses wormholes to redirect nails that have recently been shot and missed, automatically aiming them back at a singular target. When upgraded, extra nail shots will be added to this ability, allowing you to use it without shooting other nails beforehand. You can use this ability at medium ranges by pressing X on a target while having your cursor hovered over them.

Z - Nail Glide: Glide with your nail for 7 seconds.

Skill Tree

Infinite Rotation Mastery: Allows the user to move in Time Stop for longer. 3 Points.

Acquired Taste: Gain more health from drinking tea.

  • Acquired Taste I: 2 Points
  • Acquired Taste II: 2 Points
  • Acquired Taste III: 4 Points

Glide Upgrade: Makes Nail Glide last longer.

  • Glide Upgrade I: 2 Points
  • Glide Upgrade II: 3 Points
  • Glide Upgrade III: 4 Points

Wormhole Nail Upgrade: Automatically summons +1 nail per upgrade.

  • Wormhole Nail Upgrade I: 2 Points
  • Wormhole Nail Upgrade II: 2 Points

Destructive Power: Increases the damage output of all moves.

  • Destructive Power I: 3 Points
  • Destructive Power II: 3 Points
  • Destructive Power III: 5 Points

Infinite Rotation: Allows the user to move during Time Stop. 5 Points.


  • Nail Shots: 1 Point
  • Wormhole Nails: 1 Point
  • Wormhole Uppercut: 1 Points
  • Golden Rectangle Nail: 1 Points
  • Fingernail Glide: 1 Points
  • Arigato Gyro: 1 Point
  • Tea Time: 5 Points

Tips, Combos, and Glitches

  • Gold Rectangle can be a good counter to a blocking player, as it bypasses block.
  • You can I-frame moves by drinking tea (works when the heal animation is done.)
  • Use your Nails as a range attack. Don't use this when your target is nearby. (Unless your combo'ing)
  • DON'T use Wormhole Uppercut if your opponent is blocking. Instead, use it if they are running or stunned.
    • Another good time to use Wormhole Uppercut is when your opponent is ragdolled (after Golden Rectangle Nail, Barrage Finisher, etc.). It makes it harder to block.
  • Only use your Tea if your far away from your opponent or if you're in somewhere safe.
  • A recommended way to use Tusk Act 4 is to spam your nail attacks, heal when your low (duh), and use the beatdown on block breaks or anytime your opponent is stunned. The beatdown has a very big hitbox. You can also use Nail Glide every time it's available and then to create some distance from your opponent.
  • Using Wormhole Nail Uppercut around dead bosses works but will cancel after the first "part."
  • Because of the new beatdown changes Tusk Act 4 beatdown is practically useless, the only thing on the beatdown that surpasses the regeneration are the three hits in the middle of the beatdown and the final hit, only useful if you want your cooldown to finish on moves like Tea Time.

Spin Combos

  • G (Hold)+X+T+Y+V+B+LMB (x5)+R+E (1 sec)+X+LMB (x5)
  • G (Hold)+LMB (x5)+X+Y+V+B+T+R+LMB (x5)
  • G (Hold)+E (hold after the opponent barrages you for 2 seconds.)+C+X+T+Y+B+V+R+LMB (x5)
  • G (Hold)+N+T+Y+B+V+X+E+R+LMB (x5)+C+LMB (x5)
  • G (Hold)+N+X+E+C+LMB (x5)+T+Y+B+V
  • G (Hold)+C+Y+B+T+X
  • G (Hold)+Y+T+X+V+B+C+E+R+LMB (X5)

Boxing Combos

  • T+Y+X+C+R+E+V
  • T+X+Y+C+Jaw Breaker (Medium Combo)
  • Dash+R+T+Y+X+C+Eye Gouge+E (Used for countering)
  • R+G+C
  • T+C+V

Hamon Combos

Charge Hamon

  • M1 x2+R+E (for 5 seconds)+C+Y+T+R+X
  • T+X+Y+Wormhole Uppercut+Zoom Punch+Scarlet Overdrive (You can get these skills and max Hamon passives, as well as other things by not getting Nail Glide or Tea, I recommend setting Zoom Punch to B.)
  • M1+R+B(Zoom Punch)+M1


  • Tusk was leaked on UzuKee's Patreon a day before it was added to the game.
  • In Steel Ball Run, it is very common to find Tusk users, some are Act 3 and are trying to get the Pelvis Of The Saint's Corpse, other people who have Tusk Act 4 and are playing Steel Ball Run for fun.
    • Also, for some reason, many hackers use Tusk Act 4.
  • When Mr. President's shell form is used, the beatdown will show 0 damage on its first barrage.