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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

"Even if my spin falters, I won't die!"

~Johnny Joestar


Tusk Act 2 is a long ranged Stand used by Johnny Joestar in the Steel Ball Run manga. It is upgraded from Tusk Act 1 to Tusk Act 2 by having Spin and Left Arm of The Saints Corpse.

Tusk Act 2 adds a couple of abilities on top of Tusk Act 1, with the main one being an upgraded version of the Focused Nail Shot called Golden Rectangle Nail and Wormhole Nails. This allows the user to redirect any missed nail shots to a target, allowing the use of some mind games or less precise aiming.

Like Act 1, Act 2 is limited in terms of attacks, if its shots are on cooldown, it cannot do much without a Speciality. Wormhole nails can be cancelled upon getting hit, putting the ability instantly in cooldown. Aside from Nail Slash, Tusk Act 2 lacks any sort of physical abilities or any way to engage or disengage from combat aside from Nail Glide (Which isn't as good as a Stand Leap or Time Skip).

Usually, this Stand is used with Spin if the user wants to evolve Tusk again to Act 3, which is one of the requirements for it being upgraded.

Total Skill Points: 42 Points


E - Nail Shots: Shoots 5 nails each dealing 6 damage (around 5-second cooldown & blockable)

R - Nail Slash: Punches opponent with a golden spiral around your fist dealing 11 damage and knocking the opponent down (around 5-second cooldown & bypasses blocks)

T - Golden Rectangle Nail: Shoots 1 nail dealing 18 damage and ragdolling the opponent. (around 7-second cooldown & bypasses blocks)

H - Tea Time: You drink tea that heals you by 17.4 (30.4 by max) (around 20-second cooldown)

Z - Nail Glide: Glide with your nail for 3 seconds (around 10-second cooldown)

X - Wormhole Nails: Tusk ACT 2 uses wormholes to redirect nails that have recently been shot and missed, automatically aiming them back at a singular target. When upgraded, extra nail shots will be added to this ability. You can use this ability at medium ranges by pressing X on a target while having your cursor hovered over them.

Tips, Combos, and Glitches

  • Golden Rectangle Nail can be a useful tool to counter a blocking player.
  • You can I frame moves by drinking tea (works when the heal animation is done.)

Basic Combo: E - T - X

Spin Combo: E - V - T - X - B

Another Spin Combo: G (Charge Spin) - E - V - B - C ( You can use the R move or the Spin Punch but i prefer Spin Punch Because of it's damage) - G - X - E - R (Go near) - C


  • Tusk was leaked on UzuKee's Patreon a day before it was added to the game.
  • In Steel Ball Run, it is very common to find Tusk users, some are Act 1 and are trying to get Spin, some are Act 3 and are trying to get the Pelvis Of The Saints Corpse, other people who have Tusk Act 4 and are playing Steel Ball Run for fun.
    To turn into Tusk Act 3, you need maximum worthiness, spin, and Tusk Act 2 itself. After you do that you talk to Jesus and he would make your stand into Tusk Act 3.