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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

"This ability has far surpassed a simple nail… it’s a Tusk. From now on I will call this Tusk. "

- Johnny Joestar


Tusk Act 1 is a long ranged Stand used by Johnny Joestar in the Steel Ball Run manga. It is obtained from a Ribcage of the Saint's Corpse with a 25% chance.

Tusk Act 1 is considered to be one of the worst Stands in the game due to it being the first act in an evolution tree and not giving it any chances before evolving. When used properly with a spec, it has good combo potential and usability. Its self heal is not worth the points it takes to get it, due to it not healing for very much HP and stunning you while you use it. Its nail glide is a versatile mobility move that allows it to easily maneuver around the opponent and bait barrages. Its nails have low cooldown and are very good for chip damage. Its nail slash and focused nail bypass block and have good stun, allowing for combos with a spec. Despite its potential in PvP, it is lackluster when fighting bosses, thus making it very difficult to use it to beat the main story, especially without a Speciality. This is not recommended.

The Stand usually is paired with Spin when people aim to evolve it, and it is usually paired with Vampirism or Pluck in PvP.

Total Skill Points: 27
Act 1 Tree.png


E - Nail Shots: Shoots 5 nails, each dealing 6 damage with an approximately 5 second long cooldown. This move is blockable.

R - Nail Slash: Slashes opponent with a golden spiral around your fist, dealing 11 damage and stuns the opponent. This move has an approximately 5 second long cooldown. This move is unblockable but can be perfect blocked.

T - Focused Nail Shot: Shoots a nail that bypasses block, dealing 15 damage and stunning the target. This move cannot be parried.

H - Tea Time: You drink tea that heals you by 11.5, 16.5 at max upgrade, with an approximately 20 second long cooldown.

Z - Nail Glide: Glide with your nail for 5 seconds, with a 20 second long cooldown.

Tips, Combos, and Glitches

  • Use your nail glide to close distance between you and your opponent.
  • You can shoot nails during nail glide, which is very useful to attack while still being on the move.
  • Due to not having a barrage, you should always barrage bait before going in for close-range combos.
  • Nail shot is kind of buggy, and it is less likely to bug when shift lock is off.
  • Use your normal nail shots for chip damage.
  • Focused nail can true combo into Vampirism's bloodsuck, which is extremely useful for survivability.
  • Use nail slash at close range.
  • Try to predict your enemy's barrages so you can avoid them so you can combo them.


Basic Combo: E - R - T

Spin - C - E - T - V - B

Spin - E - T - V - B - R - C

Boxing: E - T - dash towards opponent and use R - C


E + T + H + B + Z + C + V ( Nail Shots + Focused Nail Shot + Aerial Ace + Instant Slash + Pierce Strike + Triple Pierce Strike + Crescent Slash )

B + C + X + E + T ( Instant Slash + Triple Pierce Strike + Thrust + Nail Shots + Focused Nail Shots )

T + B + Z + X + E ( Focused Nail Shot + Instant Slash + Pierce Strike + Thrust + Nail Shots )


E + R + T + V + E + R + C + S + G + E + R + T + V

Z + E + T + V + E + R + C + S + G + E + R + T + V

R + C + S + G


  • Tusk was leaked on UzuKee's Patreon a day before it was added to the game.
  • In Steel Ball Run, it is very common to find Tusk users, some are Act 1 and are trying to get Spin, some are Act 3 and are trying to get the Pelvis Of The Saints Corpse, other people who have Tusk Act 4 and are playing Steel Ball Run for fun. Occasionally, you may see an Act 1 who has a spec and is playing for fun.
  • Tusk is the only Stand to evolve in acts currently in YBA.
  • Vampirism is good with Tusk Act 1 as most attacks are true into life drain.