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THE WORLD (Alternate Universe)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7 - Steel Ball Run 

"Johnny Joestar. In this dimension, for me, you are the greatest challenge!"

~Diego Brando from an Alternate Universe


THE WORLD, also known as The World (which is more commonly abbreviated as TWAU), is the Stand of Diego Brando from Another World (shortened to Alternate Diego Brando) featured in Part 7 Steel Ball Run of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It can be obtained by using the Rib Cage of the Saint's Corpse, with a 25% chance of obtaining.

TWAU focuses more on ranged combat, unlike its arrow counterpart, The World, due to its decreased knife cooldowns and access to another ranged option -- the revolver. Lack of a Stand Jump also decreases potential mobility for engaging or disengaging from combat. Despite this, TWAU has slightly more crowd control options as it can blind other players with its smoke bombs. TWAU can also combine the effects of the Smoke Bomb with the revolver to cause an explosion, which has a large hitbox and ragdolls anyone caught inside the explosion except for the user. This can allow you to hide in the cloud and detonate it at a moment's notice if anyone attempts to attack. The knives, the smoke grenade, and revolver are unique in the way that they can be used, even when the Stand is deactivated or removed via Whitesnake's Spirit Disc steal.

Usually, this Stand is paired with Spin, due to it having ranged attacks, which you can combo with this stand's ranged moves. Boxing allows the user to land combos with Time Stop, or knockback foes with its uppercut allowing them to gain distance away from other relative in distance, aiding the mobility of this system compared to The World. However, Boxing doesn't benefit the zoning of this Stand at all, seeing as TWAU is mainly a ranged fighter. Hamon can also be a good choice because of its damage and defense boosts alone, but it also comes with Zoom Punch and Scarlet Overdrive which can help with TWAU's close combat moves. However, the same issue with Boxing applies to it too.

Much like The World, and any other stand with the ability to stop time, Gold Experience Requiem can counter its Time Stop with Return to Zero. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, D4C: Love Train and other TWAU users can detonate your smoke bombs with their own revolvers. White Album's Gently Weeps ability also completely negates all your projectile moves.

Total Skill Points: 48 Points


LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown deals 8.9 damage at max destructive power and can be combo'ed 5 times, ultimately dealing 44.5 damage if all 5 hit.

E - Muda Barrage: TWAU performs a flurry of fast punches that deals about 1.5 damage per hit at maxed stats while yelling its stand cry, 'MUDA-DA-MUDA!'

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: TWAU throws a heavy punch. This move ragdolls the player hit for a short time, dealing 17.7 damage with max stats while yelling "USSHAAA!".

Y - Chop: TWAU will deliver a heavy chop, dealing 16.9 damage at max destructive power, stunning the player hit for about 1.5 seconds. This move can be blocked; however it is not perfect blockable. This also delivers bleed damage for a short time, similar to King Crimson's chop. This move is not cancellable, has little to no end-lag and low start-up, which makes it a very useful move for combo breaking or immediately after breaking someone's guard as a punish move.

T - Knife Throw: TWAU throws knives in the direction of the mouse cursor. It can be upgraded to throw 3 knives dealing 8.1 damage each at max destructive power. This move is not cancellable. You do not need to have your Stand equipped to use this move, but it does more damage with your stand out. The knives also stun the victim for a short time and have an extremely low cooldown if all the knife upgrades are applied. Though, the move can be blocked.

U - Smoke Bomb: Throws a smoke-releasing bomb that covers a large area in mist, blinding people caught inside of it. You do not have to equip your stand to use this. You can also use it then shoot it with the Pocket Revolver to cause an explosion. Note: Other TWAU/D4C's can also trigger your smoke bomb with their own Pocket Revolver.

X - Pocket Revolver: Shoots one bullet out of a revolver, using the mouse cursor to aim. Deals 24.2 damage at max destructive power and breaks block if tried to block it also cant parry. This move is cancellable. You do not have to equip your Stand to use this.

U + X - Explosion: Shooting the smoke bomb with Pocket Revolver will cause a large explosion. This move does not stack damage with other Smoke Bombs and will ragdoll players caught in the explosion, dealing 32.2 damage. Bypasses blocks. Explosion is also like KQ bomb but bigger.

H - Rage Mode: Upon activation, all of TWAU's melee moves damage will be increased by 25% and gain a 25% defense buff. The user can stop time temporarily when using Time Skip in this mode. The Time Stop length doesn't depend on your rage bar.

Z - Time Skip: Teleports the user a short distance in the direction of their mouse cursor.

J - Time Stop (Rage Mode): TWAU and the user spread their arms out while yelling "Za Warudo! Ore da no jikan daze! (It's my time!)" before TWAU stops time for 4~5 seconds at max upgrade. Only other people with Stands that can stop time and have Time Stop Resistance in their skill tree can move; the player that activates the Time Stop can move until the Time Stop ends. Damage hits the enemy all at once when time resumes. Like all other Time Stops, Time Stop can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero. This move's length can't be changed by the rage bar, as it will always be whatever length you upgraded it to. Using the Time Stop at 1/4 rage bar will still give you the full 5 seconds.

Skill Tree

Throw Knife Upgrade: Reduces the cooldown to throw knives.

  • Throw Knife: 2 points
  • Throw Knife Upgrade I: 1 point
  • Throw Knife Upgrade II: 2 points
  • Triple the Knives: 4 points (throws 3 knives instead of 1)

Pocket Revolver: Withdraws a revolver and shoots in the direction of the mouse cursor.

  • Pocket Revolver: 4 points

Smoke Grenade: Throws a smoke grenade in the direction that the player is facing.

  • Smoke Grenade: 1 point

Constant Rage: Increases the duration of rage.

  • Rage Mode: 1 point
  • Constant Rage I: 1 point
  • Constant Rage II: 1 point

Destructive Power: Increases the damage done by the Stand.

  • Destructive Power I: 1 point
  • Destructive Power II: 1 point
  • Destructive Power III: 2 points
  • Destructive Power IV: 2 points
  • Destructive Power V: 2 points

Time Stop Mastery: Increases the duration of frozen time.

  • The World: 4 points
  • Time Stop Mastery I: 2 points
  • Time Stop Mastery II: 3 points
  • Time Stop Mastery III: 4 points

Time Skip: Teleports the player where their mouse cursor is (short ranged.)

  • Time Skip: 1 point

Time Stop Resistance: Allows the player to move in other players' stopped time for a few seconds.

  • Time Stop Resistance: 3 points

Anger Issues: Fills up the rage meter faster.

  • Anger Issues I: 1 point
  • Anger Issues II: 1 point

Tips, Combos and Glitches


Specless Combos

  • E (Hold) + T (on target) + Y + U + X
  • T + Y + R + X + T. Good damage if done well.
  • E + Y + R + T
  • T + X + Z (to player) + Y + T + R + T + M1 (x2) + T + M1 (x2) + X + M1 + T + Y M1 (x2) + T + X

Vampirism Combos

  • T + X + C + dash away + T + G
  • T + V + U + X
  • C + U + X + G
  • M1(x2)+knife+M1(x2)+gun+M1(x2)+chop+M1(x2)+freeze+M1(x2)+knife+M1(x2)+gun

Spin Combos

  • T + V + B + T + X, and if you're close enough you can follow it up with Y + C or R
  • Y + T + X + V + B + T + R. Hard, but can do a lot of damage.
  • V + B + T + X. Deals a LOT of damage if you hit everything.
  • C + Y + T + X + T + M1 (x3)

Hamon Combos

  • G + C + T + X + Y + T + M1s + T

Boxing Combos

  • C + (Explosion (U + X)) 4x M1s+T(Most players will try to block after the m1s, so thats a free block break)+Y+Eye Gouge+4x M1s+Jaw Breaker(if blockbreak, then do this:)T+4x M1s+Y+Short E+Jawbreaker (You can continue stringing M1s and eye gouge and chop together, boxing cooldown upgrade may be needed)
  • Y + V + T + C + U + X + Z + 3 M1s + Knifes + 2 M1s + T + Eye gouge at voiceline + Y + T + Hold E + C. ( One Shots Full Vitality No Boxing or With only health buff.)
  • rage mode+T+X+Y+c+ts+4m1+T+4m1+eye gouge+stand barrage/boxing barrage+c+u+x(expolsion)

Tips and Glitches

  • You can still use Smoke Bomb, Knives, and Revolver even with your Stand unequipped, though it won't trigger your rage bar.
  • You can land a chop after knives.
  • Recommended Specialities for The World Alternate Universe are Boxing, Spin, Pluck or Hamon.
  • Another good spec for TWAU is either Hamon, because of the Hamon Punch passive, or Spin, which has projectiles allowing for longer combos and spam, as well as a strong punch doing 20.3 damage while Golden Spin is charged.
  • TWAU is a great stand for farming for bosses such as DIO and Jotaro, as the cooldown for long range attacks are very low. Therefore, you may combo them easily with very few steps.
  • Knives were fixed on the v0.885 Halloween update, before this update they would not work.
  • With low-cooldown projectiles, TWAU may seem a long-distance stand, but an underrated aspect of TWAU is its melee capabilities. Smoke bombs can serve to bail you out of combos as you can shoot them almost instantaneously after using the move, knocking the opponent away and dealing a good deal of damage. The knives serve as fast combo starter, as they apply stun. M1 punches deal 8.9 dmg, but with rage mode activated, they deal up to 11.1 dmg each click with barrage dmg going up to a whopping 1.8. A good strategy is to repeatedly attack the opponent close-range and stun them with M1s and knives, cancelling moves and applying extreme pressure. However, make sure to avoid getting into a close quarters fight without a plan, since if you lose your initiative, you may be punished with a combo and have no means of escaping it.
  • It's unreliable to try and use projectiles during a time stop, focus on doing regular M1 punches.
  • If you are being closed in on, Time Skip can put distance between you and your opponent. This is especially helpful for very immobile Stands such as Silver Chariot, which does not have a teleport move.
  • Knives apply a very short stun effect and can be used to chain projectiles as stated above with the V + B + T + X combo, and again can also stop players who are approaching you.
  • (HAMON ONLY) If you manage to land a Chop and then Scarlet Overdrive, the Bleed and Burn from both attacks will stack.
  • While overall, stacking projectiles with Spin is probably the best, it is possible to focus on melee with TWAU. You can take Vampire or Hamon to become a bit more tanky, but these do not provide many ranged moves. Vampire does allow you to flash freeze targets, and that can make landing your knives easier.
  • If you use Time Stop and cancel it as soon as you can, then the Rage Bar will start to decrease normally. By the time the Time Stop cooldown ends, you will still have some rage left. This will allow you to Time Stop again. If you use your gun, the enemy will then fling to you and you can get an extended combo.
  • If they are off cooldown, use the knife button. The cooldown for the knives is one of, if not the shortest cooldown in the game.
  • Knives can combo into your gun because of the knives stun.
  • Be extremely wary of Made in Heaven and White Album users. Made in Heaven can use Double/Time Accel to make landing your projectiles almost impossible, and White Album's Gently Weeps makes them outright useless.
  • There is a glitch with Knife Throw; sometimes the knives will go flying somewhere you didn't point your cursor.
  • If you use Knife throw + Rage Mode + Time Stop, players will be stuck in Time Stop (Yes, even Time Stop Resistance stands)


  • Chop was originally King Crimson Requiem's Y ability, sharing the same voice line upon activation. This ability was given to TWAU on the 7th of September, 2020.
  • The Rage Mode audio is a sped-up version of Haseldan's yell, a race in Rogue Lineage.
  • This Stand has been renamed "The Universe: Alternate Universe" in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • On February 2nd, 2021, due to the Stand's name change, a major bug happened where TWAU players couldn't join. This was quickly fixed.
  • The World: Alternate Universe was renamed to "The Universe: Alternate Dimension", before being changed back to "The Universe: Alternate Universe".
  • The World: Alternate Universe's Fourth (and current) model used to be a skin, where until developers realized it was better off as the new model. The "skin's" name used to be Gold The World: Alternate Universe

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