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“The World's true power, as its name suggests, is to reign supreme over the entire world!”



The World is a close-range power type of Stand like Star Platinum. Its power far exceeds most Stands and is equal to the previously mentioned Star Platinum. The World is the Stand of the main antagonist of Stardust Crusaders, DIO. The World is capable of stopping time itself for a limit of 5 seconds. The World is obtainable from an arrow with a 1.5% chance, making it one of the rarest Stands in-game. The World is called “The Universe” in-game, in order to avoid copyright issues.

Compared to its Alternate Universe counterpart, The World focuses on close range combat, having two barrages and a Stand Jump for extra mobility with some slight range capabilities with its knife throw. The World's main ability - to stop time - is a major advantage of The World as there are only a limited amount of stands that can move within stopped time.

However, Gold Experience Requiem can cancel out the Time Stop with its Return to Zero ability. Furthermore, Road Roller is a heavily punishable attack when used incorrectly, allowing to put the user in a bad position if it misses.

Total Skill Points: 53 Points


LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown deals 8.9 damage at max destructive power and can be combo up to 5 times, ultimately dealing 44.5 damage if all hit.

E - Stand Barrage: The World unleashes a powerful and fast barrage. (1.5 at max Destructive Power, 1.8 Hamon charged.)

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: The World releases a very powerful punch that is able to break through blocks and ragdoll your victims. (11, 17.7 at max Destructive Power.)

T - Throw Knives: The World throws a single knife in the direction of its user's cursor. At the final upgrade of this move, three knives are thrown. This move can be blocked, but only 4 times before the block is broken (at Max Sturdiness.). This stuns enemies. (5.1, 8.1 at max Destructive Power, you can use it without TW out but it won't have the destructive power upgrades.)

G - Road Roller: TW's user jumps high into the sky, bringing a steamroller down with them, slamming it down where they were previously standing. This move used to deal close to 70 damage. After the update on 1st July 2022, it now deals 0-200% of the opponent’s health depending on how health they have lost.This move bypass block and ragdolls opponents (13 on impact, 0.5 during barrage phase, and the final hit depends on how much health the victim has lost.) [You can avoid this move fairly easily even if you only have dash and not any mobility moves] also can't be parried and breaks block. This move can attack multiple players at once as long as they are under the steamroller.

Y - Kick Barrage: The World throws a flurry of kicks forth at his target which finishes with a strong kick that is very fast and powerful. This ability can be perfect blocked at the start, but if you're late it will be a guaranteed barrage. (1.5 barrage at the kicks, 11 damage at the last kick.)

X - Stand Jump: The World does a huge leap forward, allowing you to climb buildings, as well as run away. Launches you twice as far during Time Stop.

Z - Time Skip: The World quickly stops time and you teleport in the direction of your cursor. It can be used to scale buildings at ease, due to its short cool down and you cant use in TS.

H - Rage Mode: The user screams and enters a state in which their Stand emits a red effect. This gives a 20% damage boost to all moves and allows use of Time Stop. This also allows you to take less damage.

J - The World (Rage Mode): The user does a quick start-up animation and yells "Za Warudo! Toki Wo Tomare!" before stopping time for 5 seconds, allowing you to land attacks on your opponent while they cannot move. During Stopped Time, you are unable to run and your Rage Bar rapidly gets consumed. You and others with time stop resistance can also jump higher during this time. When attacking your opponent in stopped time, all projectiles stay in place until time resumes, and you can constantly punch and use knockback moves on your opponent without knocking them back. During this time your opponent cannot counter barrage, leaving you a free barrage. Note that stands with the Time Stop Resistance skill will be able to temporarily fight back, depending on how many times they have upgraded the resistance, and as written above, they will also get this jump boost, allowing them to be able to jump high, and consequently avoid your attacks in the time stop, or achieve a height where you are unable to use your M1 attacks)

New Model

Skill Tree

Constant Rage: Increases the amount of time Rage Mode lasts for.

  • Constant Rage I: 1 Point
  • Constant Rage II: 1 Point
  • Constant Rage III: 2 Points

Throw Knife: Lowers the cooldown of knife throw.

  • Throw Knife I: 1 point
  • Triple the Knives: 4 points, throw 2 more knives, making 3 knives in total
Time Stop Resistance: 3 points, allows you to move in other people's stopped time for 3 seconds

Time Stop Mastery: Increases how long The World can stop time for.

  • Time Stop Mastery I: 2 points
  • Time Stop Mastery II: 2 points
  • Time Stop Mastery III: 2 points

Anger Issues: Rage meter fills up faster.

  • Anger Issues I: 1 point
  • Anger Issues II: 1 point
  • Anger Issues III: 2 point

Destructive Power: Increases stand damage.

  • Destructive Power I: 1 point
  • Destructive Power II: 1 point
  • Destructive Power III: 2 points
  • Destructive Power IV: 2 points
  • Destructive Power V: 2 points

Stand Jump Upgrade: Increases how high you can stand jump.

  • Stand Jump Upgrade I: 2 points
  • Stand Jump Upgrade II: 2 points
  • Stand Jump Upgrade III: 3 points

Tips, Combos and Glitches


Specless Combos

  • H + Z + G + E + Y
  • H + Z + T + M1 + when TS is almost over, E (hold)
  • M1 (3) + T + Y + G + R

Vampirism Combos

  • M1 (x3) + Y + E + T + V + dash backwards + G + U
  • M1 (x3) + V + dash backwards + U + C + run to opponent + G + Y
  • C + G (Space Ripper Stingy Eyes) + G (Road Roller)

Boxing Combos

  • T + Z (towards player) + G + T + C
  • T + Y + G + R + E + M1 (3x)

Pluck Combos

  • H + Y + Z + T + M1 (x4) + T + M1 (x4) + Pierce Strike + Triple Pierce Strike + Dash + G. Possible a one-shot combo.
  • Triple Pierce Strike + Pierce Strike + Y + Thrust + T (towards player)
  • (Enable Rage) T + Y + Timestop + M1 X3 + Triple Pierce Strike + M1 X3 + Pierce Strike + M1 X3 + T + E + Dash + G

Tips and Glitches

  • You can de-summon your stand while kick barraging to cancel it, letting you use moves like jawbreaker, blood drain, etc. This is not recommended for combo'ing, since if you do this you're left open to a barrage. Instead, you should use a combo finisher. Note that this trick is simply not worth using if your enemy tends to barrage back against a kick barrage.
  • The best speciality for The World is Vamp-Boxing for good combos and big health and huge regains. The World can also benefit from Spin, making strong TS combos and added range along with the knives.
  • The easiest combo for Vampirism and The World is the Vaporization Freeze and Road Roller. It's unpunishable, and does good damage
  • After the buff, it is possible to connect E + Y without getting perfect blocked.
  • If you break block, you can get a road roller off of it, and there is no punishment.
  • You can cancel Kick Barrage by disabling your stand or aiming away from your opponent on the last hit.
  • Road Roller is usually used during time stop, but you can use it to gain rage easily.
  • Many people use triple barrages with Hamon and this stand with E+Y+B
  • Knives are a bit glitchy during Time Stop, so they may go through the person you are trying to kill.
  • Only C-Moon, Anubis, Gold Experience Requiem and King Crimson Requiem can fully counter road roller with their counters.
  • Road Roller can be used during other stands time stops, so you can use road roller to damage your opponent in their time stops and avoid taking damage.
  • A common mistake people make is they think you can perfect block the last kick of kick barrage (same goes for SPTW and normal SP). Don't do that as it is a true block break. Instead try and use a counter if you have one or just tank it.
  • Do not use time-stop or Road Roller out of the blue. They are not easily punishable, but are difficult to land when randomly using and it is usually a waste of the cooldowns.
  • Dashing Makes road roller come down faster


  • The World has 2 oxygen tanks on its back because its user, DIO had been trapped under the sea inside a small coffin for 100 years.
  • The World's design may have been inspired by the large figure on the album cover of Holy Diver, also by Ronnie James Dio.
  • Coincidentally, the tarot card of The World was at one point referred to as "Time" in the Court de Gébelin deck.
  • The World got a model upgrade on June 9th, 2020. It is now gold and light grey.
  • On December 9th, The World's kick barrage got a new effect and was made to be more accurate to the anime.
  • On 1/29/21, The World has received an evolution, The World Over Heaven.
  • The World's eye color in the anime is actually hazel, rather than red.
  • This is the first Stand in the Evolution of the Heaven's Plan.
  • This Stand was one of 6 Stands to get a R63 Skin from the Stand Skin update. The other 5 being King Crimson, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, The Hand, Star Platinum, and The World (Alternate Universe)
  • It's the same type of stand as Star Platinum.
  • Road Roller has been fixed so players will not be able to get out of its range. It is also harder to dash back. It was also made to bypass block. It was changed once more in Version 1.0 to have very little knockback, meaning victims will no longer be freed if hit at farther distances.
  • Using Vampire on The World used to slightly buff damage.
  • Like every other TS and TE stand on mobile, The World's time skip can only go forward of where the user is facing.


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