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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 4 - Diamond Is Unbreakable

Josuke Higashikata! I, Okuyasu Nijimura, will make you disappear with my The Hand!

~Okuyasu Nijimura


The Hand is a blue Stand with yellow eyes and black stripes. It has gold rings on it's arms and the yen sign on it's torso. The Hand's main ability is to erase things from existence, but it has other abilities as well, such as pulling things to Okuyasu, The Hand's user. In YBA, it can also use its erasures to accelerate. You have a 4% chance of getting it from an arrow.

The Hand can be a very annoying Stand if you're fighting it. Its erasures deal a ton of damage and remove a limb. The erasures also have a short cooldown.

Although, The Hand does have some flaws. The erasures are really its only source for damage. That is, unless you combine it with a spec.

The Hand’s main weaknesses are its kit in general. The Hand only has two main damage moves both of them being able to parried. The Erasure Pull can be considered useless by some people as the enemy can punish you if they parry an erasure that was thrown right after.

Total Skill Points: 42 Points


LMB - Punch: The Hand throws out a basic punch dealing 5.5 damage per hit, comboing for up to 27.5 damage per 5 hits.

E - Stand Barrage: The Hand unleashes a barrage of slow punches, dealing 0.9 damage per punch. This move has little to no end lag.

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: The Hand throws a heavy punch, dealing 11 damage and ragdolling the opponent. This move has a somewhat high end lag.

T - Erasure: The Hand swipes its opponent, dealing a maximum of 61.2 damage (76.5 with hamon). This move also erases one of the opponent's limbs. If the opponent's leg is erased, they will lose the ability to run. If the opponent's arm is removed, more damage will be inflicted on the target. If the opponent loses both arms, they cannot block. This move has a ~7 second cooldown.

Y - Secondary Erasure: The Hand does a second swipe, dealing a maximum of 48.6 damage (60.8 with hamon). This swipe comes out slower than the first erasure. This also erases one of the opponent's limbs, and has a longer cooldown than the first erasure. This move has a ~15 second cooldown, and ragdolls opponents.

X - Erasure Pull: Erases the space between the user and the opponent, pulling them into The Hand's attack range. This move has an end lag of about half a second. Although this move does not deal damage, it stuns the opponent the same way if you were to use LMB on the opponent.

Z - Erasure Acceleration: The Hand erases the space in front of the user to leap forwards. This move does not deal damage.

Skill Tree

Erasure: upgrades the damage on Erasure.

  • Erasure I: 2 points
  • Erasure II: 2 points
  • Erasure III: 3 points
  • Erasure IV: 4 points
  • Erasure V: 4 points

Accelerate: buffs the distance covered by Erasure Acceleration.

  • Accelerate I: 2 points
  • Accelerate II: 3 points
  • Accelerate III: 4 points

Pull: increases the range of Erase Pull.

  • Pull I: 2 points
  • Pull II: 3 points
  • Pull III: 4 points

Erasure: 1 point, The Hand swipes its hand, erasing one of the opponent's limbs and dealing great damage.

Erase Pull: 4 points, The Hand swipes its hand in order to erase the space between the user and the opponent, pulling them closer.

Erasure Acceleration: 4 points, The Hand swipes its hand in order to erase the space in front of the user, propelling them forward.

Tips, Combos, and Glitches

Skill Tree diagram

  • Although Erasure Acceleration and Erasure Pull are seen as near useless, be sure to unlock the moves at the very least. For whatever reason, unlocking these attacks increases the damage of your Erasures.
  • Erasure pull into erasure is a very bad combo as it is still possible to parry the erasures and you will most likely get punished due to erasure pulls end lag
  • Erasures are the only unique offensive skills The Hand can use, so try to cover this flaw with Specialities.
  • Before Version 1.0, if you used Erasure Acceleration near a wall you would get flung across the map or get stuck in the wall.
  • Erasures deal massive damage and when you use it once, the opponent is stunned. This allows you to use it again, dealing approximately 100 damage.
  • Using Erasure while dashing can be a useful way to hit enemies at medium range, but can be predictable.
  • Stun-locking enemies with a barrage is a good way to stall for time until your Erasures are off cooldown.
  • This Stand can be paired with Sword-Style. When paired, it can do a combo with a guaranteed 200+ damage.
  • With Hamon fully charged, this stand can do a 180+ damage combo. (C+T+V)
  • A Vampire combo is: Erasure, Vaporization Freeze, Life Drain. (T+C+V)
  • Because of the limb removal status effect buff in the heaven update, users of this stand often use Y + T for maximum damage output.
  • Usually, people use Hamon with this because it's regarded as best spec to use, however other specs can cover up flaws of The Hand that Hamon can't.
  • Never just throw out Erasure’s randomly. Any competent player will parry and can punish usually leading to a combo. The best way is to use erasures when the opponent is in stun or if they have no way to parry the erasures.

Hamon Combos:

  • Zoom Punch -> Erasure -> Scarlet Overdrive.
  • Zoom Punch -> Erasure -> Secondary Erasure.

(UNTRUE ONE SHOT) Erasure -> Zoom Punch -> Secondary Erasure -> Scarlet Overdrive (If Block Break) Barrage -> Erasure

Boxing Combos:

  • Eye Gouge -> Erasure -> Jawbreaker
  • Eye Gouge -> Erasure -> Secondary Erasure

Pluck Combos:

  • Pierce Strike > Erasure > Second Erasure
  • Erasure > Pierce Strike > Triple Pierce Strike > Thrust
  • Erasure > Pierce Strike > Triple Pierce Strike > Crescent Slash
  • Crescent Slash > Erasure > Second Erasure
  • Crescent Slash > Erasure > M1 > Pierce Strike > Triple Pierce Strike > Thrust

Vamp Combos

  • Vaporization Freezing + Erasure + Second Erasure + Life Drain + Erasure Pull + Stand Barrage

Non Spec Combos;

  • Erasure -> Second Erasure -> (if opponent runs) Erasure Pull -> Erasure
  • Erasure -> Second Erasure -> Stand Barrage Finisher -> Erasure Pull -> Erasure


  • Unlike most Stands, The Hand isn't directly named after a band. The reference to The Band only makes sense in katakana, as they look almost identical.
  • The blinder on each side of The Hand's face is a reference to Okuyasu being narrow-minded.
  • The Hand's Stand Summon voiceline used to be "I, Okuyasu Nijimura, will make you dissapear with my The Hand!"
  • This Stand has been renamed "That Hand" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.