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Sword-Style also known as just "Sword" or "Pluck" is one of the 5 Specialties in the game, it has many attacks, most melee and a few movement-based. All of the moves under its Skill Tree require Pluck or Anubis to use. To obtain the spec, you must be Level 10+ to talk to Uzurashi who is located on top of the buildings around ShiftPlox The Travelling Merchant. Uzurashi will ask for an Ancient Scroll and $10,000 to unlock the spec.

Total Skill Points: 32


LMB: With the Pluck equipped, the user will slice with their blade up to 5 times in rapid succession, dealing 6 damage for every hit.

X - Mortal Slash: The user dashes with their sword forward and performs a blockable slice that deals 16 damage and has a 20 second cooldown.

B - Unsealed Steel: The user dashes and then performs a block bypassing slice that deals 30 damage after a short delay. Has a 50 second cooldown.

H - Blitz Strike: The user does a block breaking downwards slice that deals 4 damage, if it lands then the user will perform a barrage of slashes in quick succession that each deal 3.1 damage and ends with a slash that deals 6.1 damage, ragdolling the enemy and sending them back. Has a 30 second cooldown.

Z - Pierce Strike: The user deals a heavy blockable strike with their sword that deals 8 damage and applies 0.59 second of stun. Has a 5 second cooldown (when fully upgraded via Sword Mastery) and long range.

C - Soaring Tempest: The user slices the air, sending a tornado that can be blocked forward that deals 20 damage. Has a 20 second cooldown.

V - Crescent Slice: The user dashes up and deals two sideways slash with their sword, doing 6 damage the first slice and 12.2 the second, knocking back the targets, the first slash can be parried and second slash breaks block. Has a 10 second cool down.

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Skill Tree

Lethal Tempo: 1 point, gain +2% damage on all sword attacks and skills for 6 seconds when you damage an enemy with a sword attack or skill. This stacks up to 7 times.

Lethal Tempo Upgrades: Increases Lethal Tempo's maximum stacks by +1

  • Lethal Tempo I: 1 point
  • Lethal Tempo II: 1 point
  • Lethal Tempo III: 2 points
  • Lethal Tempo IV: 3 points
  • Lethal Tempo V: 5 points

Sword Mastery Upgrades: Decreases the cooldown of Pierce Strike

  • Pierce Strike Upgrade I: 1 points
  • Pierce Strike Upgrade II: 2 points
  • Pierce Strike Upgrade III: 2 points
  • Pierce Strike Upgrade IV: 3 points
  • Pierce Strike Upgrade V: 5 points

Mortal Slash: 1 point

Unsealed Steel: 1 point

Blitz Strike: 1 point

Pierce Strike: 1 point

Soaring Tempest: 1 point

Crescent Slice: 1 point

Tips, Tricks & Combos

  • Unsealed Steel is both uncancelable and unblockable. You can use this move to extend your combos, but be careful, it will not be true and stands with counters can counter it.
  • You shouldn't waste Blitz Strike as it is your only true block break move.
  • Do not waste your skill points on Pierce Strike Upgrade V, as it is almost as equal as Pierce Strike Upgrade IV.
  • If you are looking for damage, feel free to put skill points in Lethal Tempo, but if you are looking for more combo extending, just ignore this as the remaining skill points can be used on more useful buffs.


  • Sword-Style's Unexpected Rework was released in August 5th of 2022.
  • The sword used with this Specialty, Pluck, belonged to the zombie knight Bruford from Part 1 of the anime. He was summoned to Dio Brando's side along with Tarkus.
  • Pierce strike used to be parriable, before v0.882.
  • Even though the sword Pluck is from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Sword-Style does not seem to reference it at all and instead references both Yone and Yasuo from the game League of Legends.
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