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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 6 - Stone Ocean

You said everything has a name, right? Then I'll give my power a name too. Stone Free. I'm going to free myself from this stone ocean...

-Jolyne Cujoh


Stone Free is the Stand of Jolyne Kujo, the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. Stone Free's main ability is to turn the user to strings and freely manipulate them. It can be obtained by a Stand Arrow with a 1% chance.

Total Skill Points: 62


LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown deals 8.9 damage at max destructive power and can be combo'd 5 times, ultimately dealing 44.5 damage if all hit.

E - Stand Barrage: Stone Free unleashes a flurry of fast punches, each dealing 1.5 damage per hit at max destructive power.

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: Stone Free unleashes a heavy punch dealing 17.7 damage at max destructive power.

Y - Home Run: The user throws a baseball. If it hits, it will deal 3.2 damage and then trigger a cutscene, where the victim is repeatedly hit with numerous baseballs, 3 of which dealing 2.8 damage and then followed up by 9 hits dealing 1 damage and by a finishing blow that deals 14.5 damage, which is 35.1 damage in total (at max destructive power).

T - Ora Kicks: The user and the stand start releasing a flurry of kicks in sync, dealing 2.7 damage per hit with a finishing hit dealing 16.1 damage (at max destructive power). The barrage can be blocked and parried (albeit extremely hard to parry), but the last hit block breaks.

U - String Beatdown: The user throws a punch, dealing 8.1 damage. If hit, the user will wrap the opponent in string. Once in string, the user will barrage the opponent for 0.3 damage per hit. Once this barrage is done, it will be finished with a punch dealing 6.4 damage. After this, it will be followed up by another punch dealing 6.4 damage and then another barrage, this time dealing 0.9 damage per hit. It will be finished by a punch dealing damage proportionate to how much HP the target has left. (All damage assumes you have max destructive power.) This can be parried, but goes through block. This is an Execute move.

G - String Barrier: The user’s strings form a pyramid in front of the user dealing 19.3 damage and makes victims unable to move or turn while being blinded by various strings covering the screen. This move breaks block and has an absurd duration where it is active.

H - String Slam: Stone Free throws a punch, dealing 8.1 damage. Stone Free then swings the target in the air using a string lasso before slamming the target down, dealing 32.2 damage. This move can be blocked.

J - String Bandage: The user quickly patches up their wrist, healing themselves of 25 HP (when fully upgraded via Precision).

Z - String Lasso: The stand launches a lasso, then the user and stand get launched to the cursor if in the range and the Z key is held. If the cursor is over an enemy, the move will instead do 19.3 damage and pull the victim in.

X - String Pilot: Stone Free charges towards a victim if they are in range (Can be increased by upgrading it in the skill tree). Stone Free then performs a flurry or kicks, the first hit deals 12.9 dmg and is followed up by a barrage of weak kicks each dealing 1.6 dmg. This is blockable if you block before Stone Free approaches you. This move has quite a lot of stun at the end, which can be used to combo.

Skill Tree

Precision: Increases healing from String Bandage

  • Precision I: 2 points
  • Precision II: 3 points
  • Precision III: 3 points

Persistence: Increases the duration of String Barrier

  • Persistence I: 2 points
  • Persistence II: 3 points
  • Persistence III: 3 points

Range: Increases the range of String Pilot and String Lasso

  • Range I: 2 points
  • Range II: 2 points
  • Range III: 3 points
  • Range IV: 4 points
  • Range V: 4 points

  • Home Run: 1 point
    • String Bandage: 1 point
    • String Beatdown: 1 point
    • Ora Kicks: 1 point
    • String Slam: 1 point
    • String Pilot: 1 point
    • String Barrier: 1 point
    • String Lasso: 1 point

    Stone Free's Skill Tree

    Tips & Tricks

    • You can still hit anyone with the Home Run move even if the target is in Pilot mode.
    • Home Run is a slow projectile move and is blockable, so you should use it when your target is stunned.
    • String Barrier is a true block break. Use this to your advantage when your specialty true block break move is on cooldown.
    • You should use String Slam instead of String Beatdown when your opponent is still at high HP because String Beatdown will do more damage when your target has lower HP.
    • It is not recommended to fully upgrade Precision as it is expensive.
    • Depending on timing, you can hit String Pilot as the opponent gets up, allowing you to further extend combos



    • String Barrier > Ora Kicks > Eye Gouge > String Slam > Dash Forward > Jaw Breaker > Heavy > M1 x3 > Beatdown > Dash Back > Home Run > String Pilot


    • Ora Kicks > String Kicks (time it to when your target is about to get up) > M1 > Stand Barrage > String Barrier > Pierce Strike (assuming block break) > 2M1s > String Slam / String Beatdown
    • M1, Crescent Slash, Home Run/String Slam (up to you really), String Pilot (same use as the combo above), M1, Stand Barrage, M1, String Barrier (hope the opponent gets guard broken), M1, Home Run/String Slam/String Beatdown (If you did go for Home Run/String Slam, it is possible to get Pierce Strike on get up if timed correctly, allowing you to M1, Barrage (if its back))



    • During the Halloween Update, Uzu (The owner of YBA) leaked Stone Free at the end of a video he posted.
    • On June 23rd, UzuKee posted a video on his youtube channel, showcasing Stone Free's full model and a teaser of what seems to be the new map. The new update released the 1st of July.
    • Months before its release, anyone with the Select Pose Gamepass would be able to use the Stone Free user idle pose, despite the stand itself being unobtainable.
    • This stand (for some reason) along with Tusk (Act 4) cannot have its beatdowns reflected by D4C: Love Train.
    • This is one of the stands in the game that doesn't match it's aura when summoned.