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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Vento Aureo

"To complete my mission, and protect my men. Having to do both at once is what makes being a capo so tough. Are you ready for this? I know I am!"

-Bruno Bucciarati


Sticky Fingers is the Stand of Bruno Bucciarati, the leader of the sub-group of Stand users that assist Giorno Giovanna in taking down the Boss in Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Its appearance consists of blue, white, gray, and yellow colors, with zippers on its arms and torso, as well as two on its face. Sticky Fingers the most common stand to obtain, with an 11% chance.

Sticky Fingers is generally considered to be a weak Stand. However, it has a couple of good aspects. For example, Sticky Fingers has a fast barrage like other close-range power types (such as Star Platinum) so that it can get good barrage damage despite its low power. Zipper Punch is also a really good ability, allowing to remove a limb, which would increase the damage taken or slow down the target. With a low cooldown and the ability to stack, the ability is powerful enough to carry the entire stand.

However, due to Sticky Finger's poor damage and being an old Stand it is quite limited. Extend Arm is good to pull or start combos (with the pull even bypassing blocks) but with no way to keep victims stunned (as barrages can be traded) the move cannot be used to its fullest potential. Floor Zipper Uppercut breaks block but it cannot be aimed specifically, running the risk of it targeting someone else as well as being able to be blocked. Zipper Glide is also easily cancelled and is inferior to the Tusk's Fingernail glide as they can be used in midair and can attack during the glide.

This Stand is usually paired with Boxing for it to extend combos and for Jaw Breaker being a good way to finish combos. It also allows the Stand to be a tanky front lining support which can pull victims to teams or detach their limbs quickly.

Total Skill Points: 41 Points


E - Stand Barrage: Sticky Fingers throws a flurry of fast punches dealing around 0.9 damage per punch. (1.2 at max Destructive Power.)

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: Sticky Fingers throws a heavy punch that deals 11 damage. (14.6 at max Destructive Power.) This move ragdolls the opponent, disabling their Stand if they do not have sturdiness.

X - Zipper Punch: This move is similar to the heavy punch, however, it covers the opponent in Zippers and only deals 11 damage. With Zippers on your body, the following debuffs happen: On hit, Zipper Punch will cause a slowness effect (Can stack) and the victim will take 1.25x more damage (Cannot Stack). The duration of the Zippers can be upgraded in Sticky Finger's Skill Tree. This move can be cancelled if hit during the wind-up.

Z - Zipper Glide: A mobility move that allows the user to travel along a zipper. The speed of Zipper Glide increases alongside your character's own level of agility.

T - Extend Arm: Detaches your arm with a zipper, allowing you to throw it for extra range, dealing 6.6 damage (8.8 with max Destructive Power.) It grabs and pulls in enemies that are hit. This has a good hit-box, being able to pull in enemies that don't even touch the arm.

Y - Floor Zipper Uppercut: Sticky Fingers opens the floor with a zipper, disappearing into the ground. They reappear opening a zipper underneath the nearest person, throwing a heavy punch at them. This move deals 11 damage with max Destructive Power. This move can be interrupted if the user takes damage during the startup.

Outdated Skill Tree diagram

Tips, Tricks, and Glitches

This is the taste of a liar!

-Bruno Bucciarati
  • A specless combo you can use with Sticky Fingers is Extend Arm and Zipper Punch. Just keep spamming it.
  • Sticky Fingers is a very modular stand, meaning you can build it depending on your play style.
  • The combo potential of this Stand is astronomical, with the Arm Extend having great range and a short cool-down.
  • The moves on this Stand, although not very high damage, can be deadly in combos that can be repeated with little to no punishment. This can be improved even more by having the Boxing Specialty which adds a secondary barrage and more moves that deal incredible damage.
  • Zipper Punch bypasses block and can't be parried.
  • Don't worry about getting in close range combat, as the moves Zipper Punch and Floor Uppercut can easily get you out of barrage locks.
  • This stand doesn't really have combos however stacking zipper punch makes it easy to get off more damage as your opponent cannot move.
  • Barraging into zipper punch is usually useful for getting off the early stacks.
  • The Zipper Glide can be used to easily escape close ranged Stands. It has a good duration and excellent speed along with it.
  • Sticky Fingers’ moves have extremely low cool-downs compared to most Stands.
  • Sticky Fingers' Floor Zipper Uppercut does not ragdoll you on land, using this trick you can lengthen your combo.
  • Sticky Fingers is more a close-range Stand. Best thing to get out of this Stand is playing aggressive and less passive.
  • Sticky Fingers is also the most common stand you can get from the Mysterious Arrow
  • When you Zipper Floor Uppercut the right time, you can save yourself from Time Stop since you would stop under the floor, not allowing the Time Stop Stand to hit you.
  • When you are being hit with Made in Heaven's Heaven's Judgement, before the last hit, use Floor Zipper Uppercut.


  • Sticky Fingers' main ability is Zippers, hence the arm extend, glide, and zipper punch.
  • Its ability is inspired by the cover of the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers, which featured a functional zipper on the record version.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Zipper Fingers" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • This is the only stand in the game to have an 11% chance to be gotten from a mysterious arrow, making it the easiest stand to get in the game. This will likely be the stand you get when using your first stand arrow.
  • Sticky Fingers will say, "Your words are full of lies," when summoning.

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