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Star Platinum: The World
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable

"Upon closer inspection.. Good grief, what an ugly watch. But you won't have to worry about that anymore.. because your face is about to end up even uglier.

~Jotaro Kujo to Yoshikage Kira


Star Platinum: The World is an evolved Stand that takes on the appearance of its former evolution: Star Platinum. From the anime adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, SP:TW's design is that of Star Platinum but swapped with brighter colors to fit the style of Part 4. (The gloves changed from black to white, while a big part of the skin is changed from purple to cyan.) SP:TW also has a noticeable increase in size compared to the non-requiem version. This stand is still considered to be very viable and is usually paired with Boxing and Hamon.

Total Skill Points: 70 Points


LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown which deals 10.1 damage at max destructive power and can combo 5 times, ultimately dealing 50.5 damage if all punches hit.

E - Stand Barrage: SP:TW comes in front of the user to release a flurry of fast punches while saying, "Ora." (1.7 damage per punch at max Destructive Power.)

R - Barrage Finisher: SP:TW comes in front of the user and throws a heavy ORA punch. (20.1 damage at max Destructive Power.)

T - Platinum Slam: SP:TW smashes the ground, dealing AoE damage and incredible knockback, stand-crashing anyone hit. This does around 24.4 damage and has a 25-second cooldown. This move breaks block but can be parried.

Y - Skull Crusher: If your mouse cursor is on somebody, SP:TW will Time Stop behind them and aim a punch towards their head, crushing their skull. Any person who's hit with this move can be damaged while they're ragdolled. This has a 30-second cooldown and can be blocked. (22.5 damage at max Destructive Power.)

H - The World: SP:TW stops time for a short span of time, and unlike its unevolved form, Star Platinum, it doesn't require a rage-meter. This has a 1-minute and 10-second cooldown. Every upgrade adds about 1 second to the time stop, and the max is 8 seconds. It also has a 50% damage cap.

J - Combat Precision: Similar to Rage Mode, Combat Precision is a self-buff, except it doesn't require a rage-bar. This move is similar to Gold Experience Requiem's Awakening. SP:TW yells, "ORAAA!" and his eyes start glowing light-blue while Jotaro's Theme/Stardust Crusaders plays. During this state, you're unable to be stand-crashed, and all perfect-blockable attacks will automatically be perfect-blocked. If you're blocking while it activates, your walkspeed increases and your damage is buffed by 15%. Upon activation, the user will heal up for about 25 HP. At max upgrade, this move lasts for around 52 seconds, which is 30.2 seconds with no upgrades. This has a 3-minute and 40-second cooldown.

C - Ora Beatdown: SP:TW will throw a punch, similar to a heavy punch, dealing 20.1 dmg. Upon which, he will perform another punch for 20.1 and then grab the opponent by the neck. The player then says Jotaro's signature line, "Yare Yare Daze" (translating to Good Grief), and then SP:TW will punch twice, each dealing 10.1 dmg each. Lastly, he will barrage the opponent for 1.3 dmg per punch and finish it off with a punch that scales with how much health your opponent has left (Deals more damage against lower HP players). Jotaro's theme plays through the whole beatdown, which lasts about 10 seconds and deals around 105 damage in total (scales with buffs such as Combat Precision and Hamon), which drains a significant portion of your health bar. This is an Execute move.

X - Ora Kicks: Star Platinum: The World sends out a flurry of high-damage kicks which can be upgraded to have higher damage and speed. This move is also shared with SP:TW's original form: Star Platinum. Ora Kicks deals 2.9 damage (per kick), 13.4 damage (final kick) at max Destructive Power. With max stand speed, this move almost comes out instantly and is hard to parry so it's a very reliable damage option.

Z - Time Skip: SP:TW uses their time-stopping ability to teleport you and them a good distance to wherever your mouse is pointing. This has a 10-second cooldown.

Note: Star Platinum: The World is genuinely a great stand with fantastic offensive moves and above-average Destructive Power. The majority of its moveset, the T, X (while not upgraded), and C move, is perfect-blockable, which is an Achilles heel for when Star Platinum: The World while fighting against more competitive players or people who know when and how to appropriately perfect block.

Skill Tree

Destructive Power: Increases the damage of SP:TW

  • Destructive Power I: 1 point
  • Destructive Power II: 2 points
  • Destructive Power III: 3 points
  • Destructive Power IV: 5 points
  • Destructive Power V: 7 points

Time Stop Mastery: Allows the user to stop time for longer and move longer in stopped time.

  • Time Stop Mastery I: 6 points
  • Time Stop Mastery II: 8 points

Time Stop Resistance: Allows the player to move in another person's stopped time.

  • Time Stop Resistance: 4 points

Stand Speed: Increases the overall speed of Ora Kicks.

  • Stand Speed I: 1 point
  • Stand Speed II: 2 points
  • Stand Speed III: 3 points

Precision: Increases damage, take less damage, Perfect Blocks any Perfect Blockable move by using regular Blocking.

  • Precision I: 4 points
  • Precision II: 5 points
  • Precision: III: 6 points

  • Combat Precision: 4 points
  • Time Skip: 1 point
  • Time Stop: 4 points
  • Ora Kicks: 1 point
  • Ora Beatdown: 1 point
  • Skull Crusher: 1 point
  • Platinum Slam: 1 point

  • Tips, Combos and Glitches

    • Try your best to Use M1s in TS to do a good amount of damage. Remember you can only do 50% damage in TS so if this myth is true try to just get as much damage as you can, as well as M1s, Ora kicks are good and Spin could also be a good thing for TS as you can use multiple projectiles while M1ing and Ora Kicking.
    • While the previous tip above is true, arguably boxing is the meta specialty for SPTW. You want to use Eye Gouge as soon as you hear the voice line for time has resumed. This can actually confirm your BD and get you a combo. This works with Zoom Punch, although Zoom Punch will not stun long enough for BD, Pierce Strike also works with the combo as it stuns and barely have any endlags.
    • Skull Crusher and Platinum Slam are NOT reliable options, as if you run into a good opponent it's most likely to be parried. That being said though, Platinum Slam received a buff which decreases its windup speed, so against decent players it could work as a potential combo breaker or get-off-me tool.
    • After perfect blocking someone's move, use 2 M1s then Ora Beatdown as they will be stunned by the perfect block and cannot perfect block your Ora Beatdown.
    • After Time Stop, try to use Ora Beatdown.
    • Using Ora Beatdown on Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Love Train with his love train activated would result in the D4C using your Ora beatdown on you or a random player in a 50 stud range, so it is best to use Time Stop and afterwards damage the D4C:LT in the Time Stop using M1s, or you can wait for the Love Train to run out and then beatdown. This same thing happens against Chariot Requiem's Your Own Shadow.
    • When fighting this stand, parrying is the best defense.
    • Do not barrage in timestop, as it is wasting damage and is only useful for catching Time Resistance Stands as they cannot barrage back. Using M1s are more optimal for damage. If you want to catch a Time Resistance stand, use Skull Crusher instead, as it ragdolls them and gives you free M1s.
    • You may not be able to use Ora Beatdown in your own Time Stop, but you can use Ora Beatdown in another player's Time Stop, making SP:TW good to be paired with another SP:TW or another Time Stopping stand.
    • Use time skip after spin balls to get close to use beatdown or any other close range move.
    • Only use Skull Crusher to close the gap in Time Stop. Seriously, don't use it outside of Time Stop.
    • Boxing or Hamon are both preferred specs due to Hamon giving extra damage and Boxing making you "tanky".
    • Time Stop Mastery could be a waste of points, due to the damage cap being easily achieved with M1's.
    • If you get hit by a long stunning move like zoom punch, then barrage, if you stop barraging you won't be able to block because you are still stunned by the zoom punch. This gives the opponent free damage so be careful when you barrage. Also be weary because skilled players will block break you if they see you block after you barrage.
    • While the previous tip is somewhat true, and that will work, against experienced players it will not. This is because if you hold F during a barrage you will block coming out of it and be able to parry.
    • If a SPTW user barrages first, do not immediately barrage back as if they are a good player they will probably just withdraw instantly after they begin their barrage and use Ora kicks on you, putting your stand away, dealing a good amount of damage and wasting your barrage. If they are not a good player or not as experienced they will most likely try to do the full barrage so if this is the case with them then wait until they're near the end of their barrage before barraging back. Or, y'know, use a counter against the Ora kicks.

    SP:TW Combos


    • C + H + M1s until voice line + Slam. This is probably your best specless SPTW TS combo.
    • Y + E (Immediately, only if stand crashed) + X + Any TS combo.
    • E + C (Barrage + Ora Beatdown) Don't wait for your barrage to end! make sure just hold it for 0.1s - 1s just make sure your enemy wouldn't barrage back. (See tips above).
    • You can't really combo with SPTW as most of his moves ragdoll and will be parried.
    • NOTE: IF YOU USE AWAKENING, YOU CAN KILL THEM DURING BD. OTHERWISE CONTINUE THE COMBO. SPTW BD has a pretty large hitbox, so a good combo is X (Ora Kicks - REQUIRES MAX SPEED SO THEY CANNOT TIME SKIP OR COUNTER THE LAST KICK ) + H (Timestop) while they're ragdolled + M1's until voiceline + T (Platinum Slam) + Dash Backwards + Y (Skullcrusher) + C (Beatdown) (Skull Crusher's ragdoll does not grant i-frames, giving you the perfect opportunity to land a beatdown. If they're not dead, use timestop(if its off CD)after BD finishes and spam M1's and Ora Kicks.
    • T + Y + (Platinum Slam + Skull Crusher) R + X + (Barrage Finisher + Ora Kicks) C (Ora Beatdown) A combo good for Bosses/NPCs, and if used right can be very effective against an actual player.
    • Y + T + X ( Skull Crusher and wait for them to get up Then use T, You can use R or X in this one but i recommend use X)


    • TS Combo - Ora Kicks + Timestop + Skull Crusher + M1s until voice line + (Mastered) Eye Gouge + Dash + Barrage/BD.
    • (Mastered) Eye Gouge + Beatdown
    • M1 + Eye Gouge + Skull Crusher + Ora Kicks
    • M1 + Boxing Barrage (Hold for .2s) + Jaw Breaker + BD (If block break)
    • Jawbreaker (if blockbreak use platinum slam) + 2 m1s + E + X + H + 2 to 3 m1 combos + Eye Gouge or E + C (True if block break + no ts resist stand.)


    TS Combo - Ora Kicks + Timestop +M1S+Zoom Punch+Barrage

    4 x m1's + Ora kicks + Timestop + M1's (as many as you can) + Zoom Punch + 4x M1's + Scarlet Overdrive


    Space Ripper + Time Stop + Skull Crusher + M1s until voice + Vapor Freeze

    This same combo works with the Ora Kicks + Time Stop + M1s until voice + Vaporization Freezing


    Pierce Strike + Crescent Slash + Skull Crusher + Platinum Slam + Timestop + Awakening + M1 Until Voice + Pierce Strike + Ora Beatdown

    This combo should theoretically do 75 - 100% of your health, making SP:TW Pluck a glass cannon like MIH.

    • awakening+ora kicks+ts+8-9m1s+pierce strike at voiceline+barrage+triple pierce strike+bd


    • SP:TW is also known for causing major lag, one cause was the beetle symbol which has since been removed.
    • Stand Jump was removed and replaced with the Ora Kicks on December 9, 2020.
    • Ora Beatdown was one of, if not the most braindead moves in the game when it was first released, dealing almost enough damage to instantly kill an X Vitality fully maxed out Boxing player.
    • Star Platinum: The World Requiem was renamed to Star Platinum: The World on January 29, 2021.
    • The old Combat Precision theme is Fate/Zero - The Battle Is To The Strong.. But as of 4/25/2021, the theme now has changed to Jotaro's Theme/Stardust Crusaders
    • Star Platinum: The World has a skin named Star Platinum: Stone Ocean skin based off of Shueisha's Part 6 Manga color pallete, that is achieved via 1-5% chance through a requiem arrow.
    • Skull Crusher is most likely based on Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable when Jotaro Kujo was in his first encounter with Yoshikage Kira when Kira tries to kill Jotaro while he stands in his wounds. To counter act this Jotaro Kujo stops time and "crushes" Yoshikage Kira's skull.
      • Ora Beatdown is based on Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable when Jotaro Kujo beats Yoshikage Kira right before Kira changes his identity.
    • In-game, Star Platinum The World is slightly bigger than all the other stands.
    • Star Platinum: The World's summoning voiceline is "さっさと 終わら せろ (Sassato owara sero)" which can be translated to "Let's finish it quickly".
      • D4C: Love Train's summoning voiceline also has the same quote, albeit from Funny Valentine.


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