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Star Platinum

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders

You truly are the lowest scum in history. You can't pay back what you owe... with money!

- Jotaro Kujo


Star Platinum is a close-range stand wielded by Jotaro Kujo, who is the protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. This stand does a good job of filling up that role of a protagonist's stands due to its above-average destructive power and it's massively faster than light attack speed.

Star Platinum can be upgraded to Star Platinum: The World. Star Platinum: The World has more overall damage and has better AoE attacks, which allows it to be used more easily within fights that are not 1 on 1 combat. It also has access to Ora Beatdown, which is a team fight that can effectively force someone out of combat for some time due to it being a 10 second-cutscene where outside damage is negated. However, Star Platinum has access to Star Finger and Inhale, two powerful stun tools which allow for easier damage output and better combos.

Total Skill Points: 48


LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown deals 8.9 damage at max destructive power and can be combo'd 5 times, ultimately dealing 44.5 damage if all hit.

E - Barrage: Star Platinum performs an astoundingly fast flurry of punches that deals small damage per hit. The Steely Dan Beatdown audio can be heard while performing the move (1.5 at max Destructive Power per hit) 1.8 with rage mode.

R - Barrage Finisher: Star Platinum throws out a heavy punch that ragdolls the victim. Breaks block but CAN be perfectly blocked. (17.7 damage max.)

T - Star Finger: Star Platinum extends its finger and stabs the target in the eyes, stunning and blinding the target by making the victim's screen red and blurry. Which is good for starting combos but can get blocked. (24.2 damage max) This move is similar to Eye Gouge from Boxing, but it has more range and damage and slightly less stun. This is Star Platinum's only range option.

Y - Ora Kicks: Star Platinum performs a flurry of kicks that deal low damage per hit, then spins in place to perform a powerful elbow strike, knocking the enemy away. (The kicks deal 2.5, and the final kick deals 11.5 at max Destructive Power. Note that the final kick is a true block break, meaning it cannot be parried or blocked.) This move can be perfect blocked at the first kick of this secondary barrage.

G - Inhale: Star Platinum inhales the air so powerfully that it causes people near you to be drawn in front of the user. This move is good for extending combos or against runners. The opponent can block while being drawn in and can freely block and unblock during the move. The opponent can also barrage during this inhale, but you can still get them inside of a combo if you get anything off the second barrage.

Z - Time Skip: Teleports the user wherever their mouse cursor is with limited range. (Time Stop will have a short cooldown after this.)

H - Rage Mode: When Rage Meter is full you can activate Rage Mode which gives Star Platinum a 25% damage boost and a 20% damage reduction, similar to Spin's Golden Skin. When fully upgraded, Rage Mode lasts for 50 seconds.

J - The World (Rage Mode): Star Platinum stops time for a short amount of time. The maximum duration of Time Stop is 5 seconds. This can only be used when rage mode is active and once you use rage mode and time stop, your rage bar will fully deplete unless you cancel the Time Stop early.

X - Stand Jump: You and Star Platinum jump high into the air. The jump's height varies depending on the number of upgrades you have, and will launch you twice as far during a Time Stop. The World and Crazy Diamond can also use this move.

Skill Tree

Time Stop Resistance: Allows the player to move in another person's stopped time. 3 points

Constant Rage: Makes Rage Mode last 10 seconds longer for each upgrade

  • Constant Rage I: 1 point
  • Constant Rage II: 1 point
  • Constant Rage III: 2 points

Anger Issues: Rage Mode charges faster

  • Anger Issues I: 1 point
  • Anger Issues II: 1 point
  • Anger Issues III: 2 points

Destructive Power: Increases the damage output of Platinum Sun

  • Destructive Power I: 1 point
  • Destructive Power II: 1 point
  • Destructive Power III: 2 points
  • Destructive Power IV: 2 points
  • Destructive Power V: 2 points

Time Stop Mastery: allows the user to stop time for longer

  • Time Stop Mastery I: 2 points
  • Time Stop Mastery II: 3 points
  • Time Stop Mastery III: 4 points

Stand Jump Upgrade: Increases the height of Stand Jump

  • Stand Jump Upgrade I: 2 points
  • Stand Jump Upgrade II: 3 points
  • Stand Jump Upgrade III: 4 points

  • Inhale: 1 point
    • Star Finger: 2 points
    • Rage Mode: 1 point
    • Stand Jump: 1 point
    • Time Skip: 1 point
    • The World: 4 points

    Skill Tree diagram

    Tips, Combos, and Glitches

    • When performing combos, it is suggested to use Star Finger first, because it stuns the opponent for a short time, and it has some range. You can use it as a combo starter, to get punches in, or to make/close distance between you and the opponent.
    • Sometimes people stated that Star Platinum has the most combo potential than other stand, So there is not a best spec for it.
    • For PvP, use Star Finger, Inhale and M1s as your main damage output, as Star Finger blinds the target for a moderate amount of time, Inhale allows for free damage, and your M1 damage is set to 8.9 .
    • If the enemy is trying to run away, use Inhale or Star Finger to reach them.
    • When using LMB during inhale, you can rack up some easy damage.
    • Use Timeskip as an advantage. For example, use your timeskip to teleport to your opponent and use the above combo.
    • G+3x M1+Y (Inhale, Into 3 clicks, into ora kicks.)
    • Basic Time Stop Combo: H + Z + LMB 4x + T or Boxing V + E + Quickly press C (Rage Mode, Time Stop, Star Finger or Eye Gouge, Stand Barrage, Jaw Breaker)
    • Star Finger is one of Star Platinum's best moves. It blinds AND stuns the target, it has great range and large hitbox, and it has an insanely low cooldown, meaning you can spam it even if you're not performing a combo.
    • Note that on the move Ora Kicks, the final kick of it is a true block breaker, meaning it CANNOT be parried OR blocked, similar to Scarlet Overdrive from Hamon and Jaw Breaker from Boxing. The best way to avoid the final kick is to Time Skip away. If you do not have Time Skip, just let yourself be knocked away instead, since the 11.5 damage isn't too much to bear, considering getting block broken means you're open for other moves that are much deadlier. This mechanic also applies to The World, where its final kick cannot be blocked or parried.
    • Another combo is Y(try to land the final kick)+G+M1s+T+E(Ora kicks, Inhale, M1s, Star Finger, Barrage), use this against rather newer players since a good one will time skip out of Ora Kicks
    • To gain a successful Timestop (most of the time), a preferred combo would be to use Rage Mode into Inhale then to Timestop, as they will not be able to block or cancel your TS (unless they barrage during Inhale)
      The star tarot card.png
    • Hamon: T + Zoom Punch + Inhale + M1x3 + Ora Kicks
    • Hamon: C + T + Inhale + M1x3 + Ora Kicks + E + V + R
    • Pluck: G + T +C + V/X + Inhale + 3 LMB + Y
    • Pluck: T + X (change pierce strike to X) + C + G + 3 clicks + T (if star finger is off cooldown and if it isn't use Y) + X (pierce strike) + V (crescent slash). You can also start this combo with an instant slash.
    • You can use any move while using Inhale, allowing for some easy damage.
    • Hold the Inhale key down so it doesn't cancel.
    • Star Platinum is a VERY good stand for mobility; having both Time Skip and Stand Jump, you can essentially go anywhere in the map without much trouble.

    Boxing Combo:

    • Boxing: V + T + G + LMB + C (Star Finger + Eye Gouge + Inhale + LMB + Jaw Breaker) Not true
    • Boxing Combo: G+ 4 clicks (Without gloves) + T + (Gloves back on) V + Boxing Barrage + C(Only if block breaks)+ Y (Inhale+ Clicksx3 + Star Finger + Eye Gouge + Boxing Barrage + Jaw Breaker +(Only if block break) Ora Kicks)
    • Boxing Combo: If they are close enough for an eye gouge, T + V + Y (After the final hit, get close to their ragdolled body) G + 3x LMB (if you have low cooldowns for boxing) + C (If your opponent doesn't have a Timestop stand) + Rage Mode +Timestop + 5 left click + Star finger + 4 left click + Eye Gouge when voice line is heard
    • G(Hold)+M1s+T+Eye Gouge+Boxing Barrage+Jaw Breaker(block breakneck, use Ora Kicks or M1s.)
    • T + G (Hold + 3 m1s) + Eye Gouge + Boxing Barrage + Ora Kicks
    • rage mode+ora kicks+inhale+2 m1+barrage+jaw breaker+ts+8 m1+eye gouge+boxing barrage+star finger+jaw breaker

    Vampirism Combo:

    • Vampirism: M1 x4, G (Hold), M1 x4, Vaporization Freeze, T (if the opponent isn't blocking/block broken), Y
    • T + Freeze + m1s (block break if needed) + Life Drain
    • G (hold) + T + SRSE (Space ripper stingy eyes)
    • H + Y + Z + m1s + Freeze + m1s + Life Drain + SRSE
    • Freeze + T + Y + SRSE
    • G + Freeze + Y


    • The Inhale move was based on an episode in which Jotaro used Star Platinum to inhale Enyaba's stand, Justice.
    • Star Finger was only used twice in the Manga (three times within the Anime) due to it not being strong enough and used as a last resort.
    • This Stand has been renamed "Platinum Sun" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
    • Star Platinum's SFX for Rage Mode is a sped up version of Haseldan's Bloodline ability from Rogue Lineage.
    • Star Platinum's Summon voiceline is "Ore wa sabaku" which roughly translates to "I'll be the judge."
    • Star Platinum's Summon voice line used to be just "Star Platinum."
    • Star Platinum's skin, Mustard Platinum, is taken from when Star Platinum fought Hierophant Green.
    • Star Platinum's skin, Charmy Green, is taken from Jota Kujo's Stand with the same name from a series that has been cancelled
    • Star Platinum's skin, Jaguar Platinum, is taken from the fight between Jotaro and his Star Platinum and Telence T. D'Arby and his Atum.
    • Star Platinum so far has 8 skins, 2 of them being limited
    • Star Platinum, The World, Crazy Diamond, and The World (Alternate Universe) all share similar skill tree diagrams, likely due to the way they all have a Rage Mode, and 3 of them have time stop.
    • Star Platinum is the same type of stand as The World.
    • The idle position for Star Platinum remains the same even when having it evolved into Star Platinum: The World, unlike the User position which is changed.
    • There is a custom Admin Stand of this stand named Paragon Platinum.
    • Star Platinum's Kicks weirdly deals lower damage then The World's Kick Barrage.


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