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Specialities (also known as Fighting Styles) are non-stand abilities where you pay a certain amount of money to an NPC to unlock it. The NPCs are scattered around the map so it might take a bit of time to find them. Each speciality has its own fighting-style, with Sword-Style and Boxing relying on items that replace Stand punching to access moves unlocked in their respective Skill Trees. Specialities all require their own items to unlock and cost $10,000 (except for Hamon which costs $15,000.)

NOTE: You can reset Specialities in 2 ways. You can either use a Rokakaka Fruit, or talk to Matheus (near ShiftPlox the Travelling Merchant) to reset your fighting-style for 3 Diamonds and $5000. Note that resetting Vampirism only removes your Speciality, not your race; you will still be a Vampire and burn in the sun. The only way to turn back into a human without a Rokakaka is by talking to the Jesus NPC.

You cannot use a Stone Mask while having Hamon or Spin.

List of Mod Specs/Stands

  • Thunder Breathing: similar to Pluck, but with different graphics and a few new abilities
  • Ope ope no Mi: room/space controlling ability. that allows the user to freely control it. Also contains unique blade abilities.
  • Emiya Shirou: Simply a copy of Pluck with no difference, but also contains a bow which deals moderate damage when used
  • Goku's Ultra Instinct: Largely influenced off of the Dragon Ball Series' MUI Goku, being able to shoot a giant Kamehameha, teleport and move fast.
  • Endeavor's Hell Flames: spec similar to Magician's Red, likes of stunned and chains.
  • Oni: similar to Boxing but with different moves.
  • Gates of Babylon: A weapon-summoning spec, able to rapidly shoot swords out and chain opponents.
  • The Incinerator: Able to shoot a continuous beams of fire.
  • The Gambler: An RNG based mod-spec revolved around giving buffs (or, if you're unlucky, debuffs) to the user.
  • Star Platinum Prime/Paragon Platinum: An immensely buffed Star Platinum, only used by Speartaro and Paragon.
  • King Crimson Prime: owned by the Diavolo NPC, with shorter cooldowns and raging demon.
  • Pika Pika no Mi: A similar Hamon, that allows you to teleport/move at extreme speeds.
  • Dragon Sage: A lightning, and fire shooting ability that allows you to also teleport basically the same as it is in Rogue Lineage.

There is an unknown amount of admin Specs/Stands, but these are the ones that are currently known.

Stand/Speciality Combinations


Stands that deal a high DPS (damage per second) and a long combo is a great match with Hamon. If the player owns Hamon Punch, the player's base damage is increased by 25%. With maxed out Hamon Defense, all incoming damage is reduced by 30%.

Stands that work well with Hamon:


Vampirism can work well with most close-ranged Stands, but it is not meant to be used as an offensive Speciality; rather, it should mainly be used for health regeneration and life drain. Freeze can be a great help, since many players don't see that coming, it can stun opponents in place for a short amount of time.

Stands that work well with Vampirism:


Boxing itself can compete with many Stands because of its insane amount of DPS and short cooldowns. Especially good if you have a Stand with high combo potential.

Stands that work well with Boxing:


Sword should be used as the primary ability, with a Stand serving to make up for its weaknesses (range and durability.) Sword is one of the hardest Specialities to use, as it requires learning combos; however, the range is unmatchable against players that don't see the combos coming.

Stands that work well with Sword-Style:


Spin is best used with Tusk, because it buffs damage for all of its moves. Spin should be used with short-distance Stands as a secondary, because of it having defense buff, long range attacks, and combo extending capabilities. The Spin attacks have a chance to hit the opponent twice, which means the damage would be doubled. The only downside to this is its move sets; it's really easy to predict the Spin balls coming and can be blocked.

Stands that work well with Spin:


  • Sword-Style is the highest damaging Speciality.
  • Hamon and Vampirism are generally interchangeable; a Stand that is good with Hamon will almost certainly work well with Vampirism too.
  • For limited time, spec item skins are available for purchase until the 7th of November, such include the Street Sign ( Bat ), Scythe ( Pluck ), and the Claws (Boxing Gloves).

Vampirism Removal

  • You can set your race back to human and remove Vampirism upon talking to Jesus (if you are a vampire) you will die and respawn as a human without the Vampirism.
  • There is no other way besides Rokakakas and Jesus to remove the Vampire race.