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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Vento Aureo

"We'll end it right here, right now. Time to bust a cap in his mouth!"

~Guido Mista


Sex Pistols is the Stand of Guido Mista, a core ally in Part 5: Golden Wind and a part of Bruno Bucciarati's gang. Six Pistols consists of a purple revolver, with 6 bullet slots in its cylinder. When equipped, the user's arm that holds Six Pistols has a purple/blue aura. Six Pistols in Golden Wind is shown to be 6 numbered bullet-like entities with numbers labeled on them (skipping no. 4.) In-game, Six Pistols is shown to be merely a gun with omnidirectional bullets, similar to The Emperor. However, in some of its moves (Multi Shot, Redirection Barrage) if you look closely you may see some of the Pistols appear and redirect bullets.

Total Skill Points: 55 Points


Ammo Bound (Passive): The user has 6 shots in the cylinder. When all 6 shots are fired, the user cannot use Six Pistols until they reload.

Improved Dashes (Passive): The user can dash out of stuns, allowing them to get out of combos easily.

E - Single Shot: The user shoots a bullet at the cursor, which bounces around, and deals 12 damage. This takes up one bullet and bypasses block. (0.9 Second cooldown)

R - Reload: The user reloads Six Pistols until either all 6 shots are loaded or you perform an action/press R again. The time it takes to put the bullet in the chamber can be reduced via skill tree upgrades. ( You can buy an upgrade in the skill tree that makes you load 3 bullets at once if you have less than 3 in the gun.) (3 second cooldown)

Z- Stand Barrage Finisher: Six Pistols user does a heavy attack with their right arm, doing 9 damage and ragdolling the opponent with little to no knockback. Like a normal Barrage Finisher, this will break block but can be parried.

T - Redirection Barrage: The user fires a bullet that redirects multiple times in front of them, acting like a barrage. Does 3 damage per hit, and can last longer depending on the upgrades. Despite acting like a barrage, the user cannot use this when they are stunned, unlike most Stand Barrages. This is blockable, and using it will consume one bullet.

G - Multi Shot: The user shoots a bullet. On contact with a person, it redirects around them multiple times, dealing a lot of damage and stunning them in place for some good time. Can be blocked, and takes one bullet to use. This is mainly used as a combo starter. Deals 0.8 damage per hit. Multi Shot Upgrade increases the duration of Multi shot. Hit targets can only be further hit by the user of Multi Shot while the move is redirecting.

X - Prone Shot: The user lays down on their stomach and fires three unique bullets which do not have a bullet speed, because it is instant, similar to Space Ripper Stingy Eyes from Vampirism. Inflicting bleeding and doing great damage, with the first shot breaking block.

Tips, Combos and Glitches

  • Good Specialities: Boxing for an improved dash, or Sword-Style for more movement options. Spin allows for more combos and Hamon for damage boosts.
  • G + T + X + Z
  • If you are playing in Steel Ball Run, and managed to survive, use your G move to the player behind you or surpassing you. This was they will be stunned and you have a chance to win
  • With Boxing, it makes it easier to fight out of a corner when being forced into close-range combat and the improved dash makes it easy to get away from a sticky situation, covering up the disadvantage of close combat.
  • Using Sword-Style makes the close-range disadvantage of Six Pistols irrelevant, similar to Boxing, due to the array of skills that Sword-Style has unlockable in its skill tree.
  • Using T against people and NPCs helps to stun them. This lets you attack them further or run.
  • Sometimes when you press and hold T, it will not activate. You will have to press again and then hold for it to actually work.
  • A good tip for Pluck is to run and do the (B+C+V+H) combo every once in a while.
  • To counter this Stand, use Stands with far projectiles such as The World (Alternate Universe) and Tusk. If you find yourself with a Stand that has no projectiles, try and bait their dash and using aggressive tactics.
  • There's a 1 shot combo with 6P Spin. You must have your Spin meter charged, and your opponent must not have any sort of defense. X+H+V+B+T+C
  • Another one shot combo with Spin is: V+G+X+B+T+C. You must have the spin meter charged, its a one shot combo for people who have no defense buffs like Boxing's Tough skin and Meat shield buffs and Hamon's defense buff. (please remember that multi steel balls count as entities that multishot can bounce off of, so never try V+B+G, because most of the time the multishot will bounce)
  • X+T+G. A simple combo with high damage if hit
  • G+T+X. Another simple combo that deals high damage if hit
  • Boxing Combo: G + T + Boxing Barrage (Will need to Remap) + M1x4 + V + C + G. If the last G lands, you will also have enough time to reload.
  • If an enemy barrages you, dash out and use your multi-shot immediately.
  • A one shot combo with hamon is H (or whatever you bind Multi Shot to) + T + C + V + X + Z + E, Z and E are only if you miss prone shot.
  • It's best if you fight in an enclosed space like a the arcade due to the bullets' rebound on the walls. While the opponent is getting hit, you can reload and keep shooting. Do not use multishot as it's not guaranteed to hit the opponent and you'll be wasting a cooldown. If your opponent has a damaging counter or a damage redirection type counter (like Anubis' Cursed Blade and D4C LT's Love Train), Its better to bait the counter by dashing in front of the opponent and immediately run past him. They will use their counter and you get a free hit (Boxing's Jawbreaker or Eye Gouge, Hamon's Zoom Punch or Scarlet Overdrive, etc.) and then shoot all your bullets and run away.
  • The best part about Six Pistols is the fact that, if it's in a good combo, it shreds health.
  • Multi Shot+Prone Shot+Pierce Strike+Triple Pierce Strike+Redirection Barrage+Instant Slash+M1s (with sword, this makes up for the lag caused by Instant Slash)+Crescent Slash+Aerial Ace (Can be used to attack enemy or to run away to reload). This combo shreds health. Around 75% health will be taken from Hamon users, 90% from Boxing users (Max Tough Skin) and it will easily kill people with Vitality I-VI.


  • Six Pistols was the most portrayed Stand in the manga series spanning the parts adapted to anime, (appearing in 385 panels), beating both Silver Chariot (367 panels) and Star Platinum (351 panels, up to Part 5.)
  • Six Pistols was the first Stand renamed within Your Bizarre Adventure. Within the series of Jojo, it was called Sex Pistols after the band but due to Roblox censoring the word sex, it was named to Six Pistols. This was done before any of the other YBA Renames.
  • Mista hates the number "4" due to it having bad luck, which is why his Stand does not have a bullet labeled with the number 4.
  • When you use Redirection Barrage, you can see 1 of the Six Pistols before it gets redirected. This also applies to the Multi Shot move.
  • Multi Shot used to deal 1.2 damage per punch, but was nerfed to 0.8 damage.


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