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Silver Chariot
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders

My stand, Silver Chariot symbolizes "Invasion" and "Victory".

Jean Pierre Polnareff


Silver Chariot is a close-ranged Stand based off The Chariot, a Tarot card. Silver Chariot is used by Jean Pierre Polnareff in Stardust Crusaders. The Stand also appears later on in the series in Golden Wind. At first glance, Silver Chariot appears to be similar to a medieval knight. Its pupils are blue and its irises are yellow. Silver Chariot has 2 rapiers (1 is used to attack and the other is for "Last Shot").

Total Skill Points: 39 Points


LMB: Chariot uses its rapier to hit its victim, dealing 6.7 damage. Max combo of 5. Deals a total of 33.5 damage if all hit.

RMB: Same as R, but is cancelable and weaker, dealing 9.3 damage. It is recommended to use it for breaking the opponent's block instead of R due to the very fast windup with armor off.

E - Stand Barrage: This is one of the more unique barrages in the game. Chariot rapidly stabs the victim multiple times with its rapier, dealing 1.1 damage per hit. With its armor off, this is one of the fastest barrages in the game. However, it has a smaller range than other stands' barrage.

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: A unique finisher- Chariot stabs the opponent with good strength and deals 13.3 damage.

Z - Last Shot: Chariot launches its rapier, using it as a projectile and dealing good damage to the opponent. The projectile can ricochet off of walls dealing 12 damage on contact. This move redirects to the nearest player when it ricochets off of something. This also applies a slight stun and is good for starting combos or applying pressure if the opponent runs to pose.

H - Toggle Armor This toggles Chariot's armor. With Chariot's armor off, its barrage, LMB, and RMB is a lot faster and has less end-lag and startup. Unlike the anime/manga, it does not lower your defense.

T - Million Pricks: Strikes the opponent with a lot of low damage strikes dealing 0.7 damage each prick; in total, this deals 35 damage. This lasts for a long time, and the opponent cannot strike back during the attack, but is able to barrage. This move also renders counters ineffective, as the chain of cuts will continue even when the initial hit is countered. The strikes are blockable, but will still continue even when they are blocked.

Y - Cycle Slash: A defensive 360-degree slash that hits 6 times and deals 5.3 each hit. Has hyper-armor and can be upgraded to have increased reach. This move is blockable.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always have armor off as it doesn’t give any downside but makes your stand faster
  • Cycle Slash can reveal the location of a King Crimson or a King Crimson Requiem during Time Erase.
  • If Million Pricks is used right before a time stop, the rapier will still move even in stopped time.
  • Shooting Last Shot at the ground when your opponent is at close/medium range can be effective.
  • When your target blocks your Million Pricks, use Last Shot to cancel their block.
  • Use Cycle Slash as a get-off-me move or to apply pressure.
  • Last Shot can also be used to chase your opponents as it stuns for quite a while.



This stand is actually really good with Spin due to Million Pricks guaranteeing Multi Ball and Steel Ball.

  • Million Pricks > Multi Ball > Steel Ball > Dash > Last Shot (at ground) > Spin Punch
  • Million Pricks > Steel Ball > Multi Ball > Dash > Last Shot (at ground) > Spin Punch

This combo deals a boat load of damage, especially with Golden Spin charged, dealing about 100 damage. (These combos are the same though)






  • This Stand has a requiem form obtained by using a Requiem Arrow, which will give you Chariot Requiem.
  • Silver Chariot is seen holding 2 rapiers in the opening, JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD~. This is likely a reference to its possession by Anubis. Alternatively, this could be a reference to Silver Chariot having a short sword replacing its right hand in Golden Wind.
  • Silver Chariot's rapier closely resembles an épée, a smaller and flimsier sword that is used in modern fencing.
  • Silver Chariot's head resembles the mask worn by Jagi in Fist of the North Star.
  • Silver Chariot’s skill tree resembles a rapier.
  • Its Million Pricks move is heavily based on Whisperer from Rogue Lineage.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Grey Rapier" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • This Stand has been shown in two parts: Part 3 and Part 5.
  • In Part 5, Silver Chariot had only a minor appearance, with it turning into Chariot Requiem quickly after its return.
  • If you use either R or RMB and hit someone it will make a unique "stabbing" sound and have a blood effect, this is just for cosmetic purposes as neither of these serves any purpose and the blood does not make the opponent bleed.
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