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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

I will stand above that flock of pigeons and I will control them!

~Diego Brando


Scary Monsters is the Stand of Diego Brando. You can obtain Scary Monsters by using The Ribcage of the Saint's Corpse, which has a 1% chance of spawning in the map every minute. There is a 1 in 4 chance to obtain Scary Monsters from it.

This Stand is considered to be versatile with its choice of specialty. Hamon and Vampirism are the most common thanks to the attack boost that Hamon provides and Space Ripper Stingy Eyes on Vampires, but the other three still remain viable options.

While possessing a small movepool and average damage, Scary Monsters is widely thought of to be one of the best Stands in the game. Scary Monsters has two passive abilities, the first of which allows the user, in Stand form, to run slightly faster while the other one prevents the user from having their Stand Crashed. This is huge against Stands like King Crimson and C-Moon, who rely on Stand Crashing the opponent to get in barrage damage. Pounce may be blockable, but its hyper armor and low endlag make it a phenomenal mobility option. The Stand Crashing side effect it inflicts comes in hand vs Pilot Stands as well (e.g. Hierophant Green stuck using Emerald Splash). Head Charge is a frame one true block break which, like Pounce, is uncancellable while dealing more damage and still Stand Crashes. Most players follow Pounce up with it if the opponent blocks the move.

Summon Minion is an underrated, albeit an inconsistent (No longer inconsistent as of Version 1.0) part of Scary Monster's kit. Since the AI in this game never decreases its speed when performing M1s, unlike players, this means that up close, they will never miss their attacks. If you place it on top of a ragdolled opponent, it makes it almost impossible for them to get back in the game. Finally, Bite, while parriable, carries hyper armor, breaks block and inflicts both bleeding and poison.

However, even the best of Stands are not without their flaws. When active, Scary Monsters has the largest hurtbox in the game, making it a larger target for moves such as Knife Throw. Secondly, Scary Monsters is suspectable to time stop, with currently, getting ragdolled causes the user to get stuck, requiring a reset. This is only solved with desummoning it during the time stop. Finally, though it has good base speed, its base damage is average, using its bite to do the most amount of damage.

Total Skill Points: 44 Points


Passive- Raptor Legs: When in Dinosaur form, you move slightly faster. You must upgrade the skill "Raptor Legs."

Passive 2- Stand Stability: You cannot be Stand Crashed by normal means, only exception being Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero, Whitesnake's Spirit Disc, and Star Platinum: The World's beatdown. Gold Experience and Gold Experience Requiem's Life Distribution can also achieve this, but they would heal the target.

E- Stand Barrage: Scary Monsters swipes at the opponent with its claws rapidly, dealing a maximum of 1.1 damage, and 1.4 with hamon.

R- Tail Sweep Finisher: Scary Monsters slaps its opponent with its tail, doing a 360 degree spin and dealing a maximum of 22 damage.

T- Head Charge: Scary Monsters lets out a roar and charges forward at the opponent, bashing them with its head. This move does not increase speed in any way unless you are riding a horse in the Steel Ball Run gamemode. This move block breaks and stand crashes.

H- Summon Minion: Summons a small, grey dinosaur minion which will despawn after 45 seconds. They deal 5 damage per hit but CAN combo the attacks to mini-stun.

Y- Bite: Scary Monsters lunges forward and bites the opponent, inflicting bleeding, breaking their block and can be upgraded to poison them. This move can be parried.

Z- Pounce: Scary Monsters jumps into the air and comes crashing down onto the opponent, dealing AOE damage similar to that of Star Platinum: The World's Platinum Slam. This is blockable, but if it connects, it will stand-crash the opponent. It cannot be parried and has end-lag.

Combos and Tips

  • T+E
  • Y+E
  • Y+E+LMB (x5)+R+T
  • E+R+Z
  • Z+T+H+Y+R+E (Following that, spam Z+T until all cooldowns are gone.)
  • H+Z+R+T+E+Y+R
  • Z+T (Pounce + Head Charge) / T+Z, make sure to wait for the ragdoll from one attack to wear off before using the next. Following this with a barrage can be a good idea but is dodgeable.
  • Players using Scary Monsters should keep in mind that their hitbox is bigger with the stand summoned.
  • To counter this Stand, perfect block and keep your distance.
  • The opponent can block the pounce, although the charge will always block break.
  • Scary Monsters Bite is a very useful move, as it deals bleed and poison (if you put in the points in the skill tree.) It also breaks block, which makes as a good combo starter or finisher.
  • It's a good idea to use bite instead of barrage finisher after a barrage, as it allows you to deal a bit more damage and opens up some combos
  • Vampirism Combo: T+Z+G+H+Y
  • Boxing Combo: T+Z+G+Y+C
  • Spin Combo: G+B+V+T+H+Y
  • Extra Spin Combo: G (hold) + V + B + Y + LMB (x4) + T + H
  • Sword-Style Combo: H+Pierce Strike+Triple Pierce Strike+T+Y+Crescent Slash, Instant Slash
  • Hamon Combo: T+H+B+Y+C+Z+Y
  • Extra Hamon Combo: H+T+E+V+Y+R (Minion + Head Strike + Stand Barrage + Scarlet Overdrive + Bite + Barrage Finisher)
  • This Stand is very mobile. Use this to your advantage.
  • When Hamon's Scarlet Overdrive and Bite are used at the same time, the damage from the effects will stack and do great damage. These two moves can sometimes be hard to use one after the other but if given the opportunity, use it.
  • Pounce can be very useful for getting out of tight situations, like being backed into a corner, since you can jump over your enemies. Use this as soon as there is a break in their attacks to escape.
  • After successfully landing Head Charge or Pounce, your enemy's stand will be put away. Try to land a barrage or some hits while they are without their stand.
  • Use Minion to heal while your opponent is busy fighting it.
  • People sometimes barrage a minion. If they do, jump in with your own barrage as they will already have used much of theirs up. If you have Hamon, this can be a good opportunity to use the previously mentioned Scarlet Overdrive + Bite combo.
  • If playing Steel Ball Run, this stand can be very useful. At full agility and maxed out raptor legs, it can go slightly faster than a horse at 34 speed, while having better turning speed, acceleration, and you can't be knocked off. One SBR strategy is to start off with your horse at full speed, then leave it behind once its stamina runs out. This gives you a significant head start and allows you to avoid wipers at the start of the race.
  • Make good use of Head Charge and Pounce- these are some of the most useful moves in your arsenal. They are useful for damage, escaping combos, and for movement.
  • If your opponent is invisible or hiding, use Minion to snuff them out.
  • Minion is best used in 1v1 situations without any other players nearby, as it may target a random player instead of your opponent.
  • Use Minion and then run around to the opposite side of your opponent. This forces them to either be attacked by you or your minion; if they try to run from this tactic use Head Charge to knock them out and let your minion attack. This strategy works best in smaller spaces, like the 1v1s arena.
  • Vampirism maxed with Raptor Legs upgrade gives you a heavy speed boost even with the stand unsummoned.
  • Using the spin specialty, you can stunlock your opponent into a bite.
  • When dashing and pouncing at the same time you wont jump in the but will stay on the ground and after a few seconds the AOE attack will be registered. This is a good thing to keep in mind as most of the time if not used correctly the pounce will most likely miss and be used in mid-air

Skill Tree

Raptor Legs: Makes you sprint faster

  • Raptor Legs I - 2 Points
  • Raptor Legs II - 3 Points
  • Raptor Legs III - 4 Points

Destructive Power: Increases the destructive power of your stand

  • Destructive Power I - 1 Points
  • Destructive Power II - 2 Points
  • Destructive Power III - 3 Points

Stand Stability: You can no longer be knocked out while using your stand

  • Stand Stability I - 4 Points

Minions: Summon 1 little minion. After defeating their target they will despawn.

  • Minions I - 1 Point
  • Minions II - 2 Points (More health)
  • Minions III - 3 Points (Last longer)

Pounce: Jump into the air and pounce

  • Pounce - 1 Point

Head Charge: Charge at your enemies!

  • Head Charge I - 1 Point
  • Head Charge II - 3 Points (Head Charge lasts longer, also charge faster)
  • Head Charge III - 4 Points (Head Charge does more damage)

Bite: You can now bite

  • Bite I - 1 Point (You can now bite)
  • Bite II - 2 Points (Your bite now poisons)
  • Bite III - 3 Points (Your bite is more poisonous)
  • Bite IV - 4 Points (Deadly poison levels)


  • Scary Monsters was originally the Stand of a man named Dr. Ferdinand, who obtained it 2 years prior to the Steel Ball Run but died. The Stand was then passed onto Diego "Dio" Brando after he had obtained The Left Eye of the Saint's Corpse.
  • Since Scary Monsters was first gained by Dr. Ferdinand, it is not actually Diego's true Stand.
  • The Dinosaur formed by the Stand is a Utahraptor.
  • This Stand was renamed to "Horrorsaur" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • If you have Scary Monsters + Hamon and your friend has White Album + Vampirism, you are actually able to inflict all of the negative debuffs on an opponent at once (Slowed, Burning, Bleeding, Poisoned, Frozen)
  • Vampire Race Buffs Head Charge and Poison Bite damage (Not the status effects)
  • If you have this Stand activated and a person with no stand is in the game and they see you, you are invisible to them, this may result in them thinking you're hacking.
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