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The Rokakaka Fruit is an item that allows the player to reset their Stand, Speciality, and Character skill points. It also reverts your race back to Human. They can be found around the map and rolled in the Arcade. These can be sold to ShiftPlox, The Traveling Merchant for $600.


  • The Rokakaka Fruit's name is shortened down to "Roka" or "Fruit" by the player base.
  • This item has a chance to spawn every 3 minutes with a common chance, and despawns after 16 minutes.
  • The Rokakaka Fruit is the only item within this game that keeps its Japanese name, as its translated name is Locacaca.
  • There's an alternative to the Rokakaka if you don't want to lose your stand- the Pure Rokakaka, which resets your skill points without taking away your stand and fighting style.
  • The maximum number of Rokakakas you can have in your inventory at any time is 25.
  • In the manga, Rokakakas weren't used for resetting stands, but for giving "something" in exchange for "something else"- an Eye for an Eye. One such example of this is that if you desired to recover a lost limb whilst eating the fruit, it would do so in turn for another equally valued body part, such as your eyes or your ears.


  • Rokakakas are considered "rare" and very valuable to most players; it is advised to keep and store Rokakakas rather than sell them to ShiftPlox.
  • Rokakaka beggars, otherwise known as "Roka Beggars" are players that are most likely too lazy or too unlucky to find Rokakakas around the map, in which case they ask other players to hand them Rokakakas for free. Ignore them(As you can ignore them you can also help them and do a good deed), but if they are dangerously close to someone you are trading with, drive them away.
  • Rokakaka beggars are very common in the Main Game and many may ask you for Rokakakas. People like to "Stand Grind", meaning that they constantly use Mysterious Arrows and Rokakakas in order to get the stand that they want- this, of course, consumes many quantities of said items very quickly.
  • Rokakakas are some of the most demanded items in the entire game. Use this to sway deals to your advantage.
  • Every "big" update in YBA that includes a new stand makes increases the demand for Rokakakas by an extremely large margin, temporarily inflating their value.
  • This item has multiple counterparts: the Pure Rokakaka Fruit, Redeemed Pure Rokakaka, and the Redeemed Rokakaka.
  • If you are looking to buy Rokakakas from other players, the recommended price to pay is at least $1-$1.5K.