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The requiem arrow is an item used to evolve certain stands. It gives it a "requiem" variant which is an evolution of a stand, sometimes reworked like Star Platinum: The World or stronger with new moves like Gold Experience Requiem

You must have Worthiness V in the Player Skill Tree to use this arrow successfully, otherwise, it will turn you to stone, wasting the arrow and not giving a Requiem Stand.

You also need Prestige I(1) or above to use this arrow and a Stand that is capable of turning into it's Requiem form, for example, Beach Boy cannot turn into a Requiem Stand. If one of the two conditions above are met, the arrow will simply say "The arrow senses that you are not worthy...", however does not waste the arrow.


Redeemed Requiem Arrow

How to Obtain a Requiem Arrow

There are a few ways to obtain Requiem Arrows, the first two are very simple: complete the Storyline or complete Prestige Master Rin's Steel Ball Run quest to gain the ability to buy Requiem Arrows off of Isabelle the Arrowsmith. The storyline can only be completed 4 times with one for each Prestige, but you can buy as many Requiem Arrows as you want from Isabelle. The next way to get a Requiem Arrow is by redeeming codes but new codes come out rarely. The last way to obtain a Requiem Arrow is via the Arcade though, it isn't likely to roll one (~3% chance).


  • The Requiem Arrow used to be only obtainable by completing the Master Rin SBR quest, then going to Isabelle to buy it with $7,500 and a Mysterious Arrow.
  • As of June 10th, 2020, when the Storyline is completed, the prize is receiving 1 Requiem Arrow from Giorno Giovanna.
  • Originally, only 3 Requiem stands were in the game, (GER, KCR, CR) and 2 more have since been added. (SP:TW, KQ:BtD)
  • The max capacity for Requiem Arrows in inventories used to be 1.
  • The Requiem Arrow will momentarily turn into a regular arrow as you stab yourself if you lack a second one.