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This page is an overview of NPCs and Quests, for more in depth information, visit these pages.

On the map, there are 4 main locations:

  • The main city (Naples)
  • The Naples Train Station
  • the Mountains
  • The Sewers

All of them have a variety of enemies, here is a list of all the enemies in each location:



Naples Train Station


Naples Castle

There are also a handful of NPCs scattered around the map, listed in the table below.

Name Location Level Quest
ShiftPlox, The Travelling Merchant City 0+ Buys your items off of you and gives you money in exchange
Officer Sam City 1+ Kill 5 Thugs (60 XP) ($15)
Deputy Bertrude City 10+ Kill 5 Corrupt Police Officers (105 XP) ($35)
Abbacchio's Partner City 15+ Kill 5 Alpha Thugs (182 XP) ($55)
Brad City 0+ Sells you bat for $150
Uzurashi City 5+ Sells you Pluck and teaches Sword-Style for $10000
Quinton City 10+ Sells you Spec Item and teaches Boxing
Isabelle the Arrowsmith City 0+ Gives you the Requiem Arrow for $7500 & An Arrow (You need to win SBR First)
Bruno Bucciarati City 0+ Tells you to give a lighter to Giorno (150 XP) [Storyline]
Fugo City 0+ Meet and talk to him, he'll tell you to see Mista (50 XP) [Storyline]
Mista City 0+ Talk to him and answer his question (If you answer 4 he kills you) (55 XP)


Narancia City 0+ Talk to him and he'll tell you to meet with Abbachio [Storyline]
Abbachio City Bridge 0+ Talk to him and he'll you to speak with Bruno No. 2 [Storyline]
Trish City 0+ Defeat Fugo and his Purple Haze at the train station then fight Pesci [Storyline] (1000 XP) then to fight Ghiaccio (2400 XP)
Giorno NO. 3 City 0+ Give him the lighter and he would tell you to meet the rest of the gang


Giorno NO. 2 City Park 0+ Kill Leaky Eye Luka and Bruno at the train station (775 XP in total)


Bruno NO.2 City 0+ Talk to him and he'll tell you to meet with Trish [Storyline]
Koichi Hirose City 0+ Give Koichi his suitcase back [Storyline]
Prestige Master Will Outskirts Max Prestiges you at every max level
Chad Mountains 0+ Grants Oni Gloves to any Mods that own the Oni Spec
DIO Naples Train Station 35+ Kill Jotaro (840 XP) ($200)
Giorno NO. 1 Naples Train Station 0+ Kill 5 Security Guards (125 XP + Stand Arrow) [Storyline]
Darius, The Executioner Mountains 20+ Kill 5 Stand users (600 XP) [2-Hourly Quest]
Doppio Mountains 30+

Kill DIO (630 XP) ($150)

Zeppeli Sewers 25+ Kill 3 Vampires (Zeppeli kills you if you're a Vampire) (560 XP) ($120)
Dracula Sewers 20+ Kill 3 Zombie Henchman (300 XP) ($100)
Kars Sewers 30+ Kill 2 Hamon users (500 XP)
Homeless Man Jill Sewers 15+

Give him 10 gold coins (600 XP) [Daily Quest]

Jonathan Joestar Mountains 0+ Teaches you Hamon for $15000 & a Zeppeli's Headband (Jonathan kills you if you're a Vampire)
Elder Vampire Roomy Sewers, Vampiric Bar 0+ Gives you the Vampirism speciality for $10000 if you're a Vampire
Mista NO. 2 2nd Train Station 0+ Defeat Ghiaccio [Storyline] (3000 XP)
Bruno NO. 3 Castle 0+ Talk to Giorno NO. 4 [Storyline]
Giorno NO. 4 Castle 0+ Kill Diavolo [Storyline] (4000 XP + Requiem Arrow)
Enrico Pucci Castle 40+ Kill 100 sinners (4000 XP) (7.5k over 5 quests) (Green Baby)