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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Vento Aureo

Savage! It attacks like an explosion... and disappears like a storm.

-Leone Abbacchio


Purple Haze is the stand used by Pannacotta Fugo, in Part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Golden Wind. It is obtainable from using an arrow with a 4% chance. This stand gets its damage off of others through poison damage, which can be upgraded to extremely poisonous levels. The poison damage cannot stack, but can be stacked with other effects such as Bleed, Burn and Freeze.

Total Skill Points: 45 Points


Left Click (LMB) - Basic Punch: Purple Haze uses his fist to attack the enemy, dealing 6.3 damage per punch (7.8 when in Rage Mode.)

2x Right Click - Heavy Punch: Purple Haze does a strong punch, dealing 8.3 knocking your opponent back (10.3 damage when in Rage Mode.)

E - Stand Barrage: Purple Haze screams and unleashes a barrage of punches, each dealing 1 damage (1.3 damage when in Rage Mode.)

R - Barrage Finisher: Purple Haze unleashes a powerful blow that knocks down the target and deals 12.5 damage (15.6 when in Rage Mode.)

T - Bulb Breaker Punch: Purple Haze does a quick punch, if it successfully hits anything it will release a virus, creating a large cloud of toxic air damaging any in the vicinity and dealing serious poison damage. The punch can activate on both player and non player structures. For example, using T on a wall will activate the cloud.

Y - Bulb Breaker Ground Punch: Purple Haze punches the ground and a maximum of 4 bulbs break, creating a large area covered in the deadly virus and also dealing damage to the user.

Z - Bulb Throw: Purple Haze throws a maximum of 3 bulbs at once which deal 6.3 damage each, when the bulbs break they release a cloud of the virus. This goes further than Bulb Breaker Ground Punch and does more damage, with a bigger cloud of virus. This move also deals damage to the user.

H - Rage Mode: Purple Haze enters rage mode, giving its torso a fire effect. This gives a 30% damage buff and a 20% defense buff, as well as making the user immune to the virus. This can only be activated when the rage bar is full. This stand charges rage the fastest out of all other Rage Bar stand users.

Tips, Combos & Glitches

  • Remember that you can die to your own virus, HOWEVER if you get Virus to max upgrades, everybody who gets infected takes more damage than you do.
  • Bulb Breaker Ground Punch and Bulb Throw are able to ragdoll and Stand-Crash opponents with sturdiness up to 2, so spamming these moves on most opponents can be very beneficial.
  • PH combos are not true however with a combination of mix-ups and if your opponent does the same thing over and over again you can get a win.
  • When using Bulb Breaker Punch, use your Barrage right after to ensure they are stuck in the poisonous cloud and dealt massive damage. Barraging back also won't help them either as they will still be stuck in the cloud.
  • Purple Haze's Poison Damage is able to bypass counters and reflect moves, such as Gravitational Negation, Your Own Shadow, and Epitaph.
  • Purple Haze's Virus damage cannot be buffed through using Hamon, so it is not recommended to get Hamon with this stand. You are better off choosing another spec.
  • Depending on the way you fight, you might want to get poison damage in skill tree.
  • Bulb Breaker Punch is like a bomb, and can be planted anywhere, releasing lots of smoke.
  • When using Purple Haze, break your virus capsule, and if your enemy pursues you, barrage them into the virus. This will stun lock them, giving them no choice but to take more damage.
  • Simple Vampire Combo: C + T + V (Not true but it works well).
  • Boxing Combo: V + T + Y + Back Up + Z + E (This combo keeps your enemy in the poison).
  • If your opponent doesn't chase you through or into the virus, then use this as a time to regenerate your health with rage mode or get moves off of cooldown.
  • There is no "best fit" in terms of Specialties, it all depends on your play style.
  • If you like running and planting the virus, then Vampire would work for the increased regen, as well as being able to get blood from NPCs, you can also freeze enemies to prevent them from escaping the virus.
  • Boxing is also a good choice because of the damage reduction that applies to your own virus, making you take significantly less damage while also having more health.
  • Pluck works as a great foil to almost any stand, providing necessary mobility and utility; however may lack the explosive power that other specialties may provide.
  • Spin is a decent ranged option, allowing you to combo off of ranged projectiles into additional bulbs and gain a damage resistance that may come in helpful for various reasons.
  • If you use bloodsuck while inside the virus, you won't get damaged, but the enemy will.
  • When grinding, look for a group of NPCs, such as in the Dracula quest. Place a virus punch plant in the middle on the water. Punch each zombie henchman to get credit for the kill, and when they are all grouped up, use your stand barrage. You will take damage from your virus, but it works very well.
  • If the opponent blocks they will not get ragdolled by the bulbs, however, the poison will still apply.
  • In rage mode, you may pose inside of your own poison.
  • The poison cloud from Bulb Breaker Punch damages NPCs and does not trigger the aggro. Use a friend to stand next to Joe P6, or TWOH to slowly kill them. You cannot see the health with this method until the first hit.


  • In Bunko Volume 10, Araki explains that the plot originally had Fugo working as a spy for Diavolo that Giorno would have eventually been forced to kill. Having gone through grim feelings at the time, Araki couldn't handle the thought of betrayal of a dear friend and felt that the readers would have been disappointed had he followed through, thus the goodbye scene at the quay of San Giorgio Maggiore happened.
  • In the light novel, "Purple Haze Feedback", Fugo evolves his stand into Purple Haze Distortion, though it doesn't quite count as a requiem stand, it has its strengths, as it can eat up viruses, cancelling them out.
  • Purple Haze is one of the most powerful Stands in Golden Wind, having its poison be able to kill anyone within 30 seconds
  • Poison Stacking is rumored to have been nerfed or removed, however this has never been stated in the patch notes.


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