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Pure Rokakaka
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 8 - : JoJoLion


The Pure Rokakaka Fruit resembles the Rokakaka Fruit, except slightly transparent. It can be won in the Arcade rarely or found around the map.

  • Pure Rokakaka Fruit can be used to reset your skill points.
  • Pure Rokakakas are quite sought after, so they can be sold to other players for a hefty price.
  • It is great to use after using a Requiem Arrow or Ribcage Of The Saint's Corpse etc, so you can get the skill points you spent on Worthiness V back. This is the main reason they are used. The other 2 routes are buying the pass which resets your skill points or Rokakakaing one of your other stands.
  • The maximum amount of Pure Rokakakas you can hold in your inventory is 10.


  • The Pure Rokakaka is now 5x more common than it was previously.
  • Even if Pure Rokakaka have a strong light is anyway hard to spot due to its transparency.
  • Commonly shortened to "Pure" or "Pure Roka."
  • The Pure Rokakaka fruit is not a canonical item in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It was likely added to give players an easier time resetting skill points, not worrying about canonicity.
  • Can be paralleled to part 8's "New Rokakaka".
  • The Consuming dialogue is "You eat it. Delicious.".