Your Bizarre Adventure Wiki

What is it?

The Poopverse is an alternate path through the desert in the Steel Ball Run map. It is an obstacle course that allows you to skip the Devil's Palm, although you run the risk of dying from falling. It is recommended to do this with either a slow horse speed, or not using a horse. This is often chosen if the user wishes to avoid wipers in an aggressive server or to conserve blood if the user has the Vampire race. It has the advantage of almost never being chosen due to the falls that instantly kill, but if the user is skilled enough to time their jumps, it is very effective if the user is wiping and wishes to arrive at full health.

Where is it?

Poopverse can be found if you keep heading left of the desert (as opposed to the right side as usual.) There is 4 platforms, but you can skip a few jumps by jumping from the first one to the third. You need momentum in order to do this.