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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Vento Aureo

"It seems we're inside the turtle."

-Bruno Bucciarati


Mr. President is a non-humanoid stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind. It is an object which takes the form of a key. It has its own pocket dimension inside of it, which serves as the gang's safe room throughout Golden Wind. It is the stand of the turtle "Coco Jumbo". There is a 10.5% chance you will obtain this stand with an arrow, making it one of the few common stand that exist within the game.

Overall, the Stand is mainly used to troll or within Steel Ball Run due to its limited combat capabilities, requiring a Speciality for serious combat scenarios or for the main story.

Total Skill Points: 36 Points


E - Kidnap: Swiping anyone in front of it, victims hit are sent into Mr. President's room. Kidnap's duration depends on how much it is upgraded. Deals 22.5 damage when you kidnap them using the ability. Does not work on enemy NPCs.

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: A heavy swing is done doing 9 damage.

T - Shake Key: The user shakes the key, causing anyone trapped in Mr. President, dealing 40 damage.

Z - Empty Room: Makes all players within Mr. President leave the room including yourself.

H - Enter Room: Allows you to enter Mr. President. Great for hiding or preventing others from healing while in the room. If used in SBR, you will only be able to remain in the room for one second before you are dragged out.

Y - Restock Supplies: Heals everybody in the room for 33 health.

G - Turtle Form: You turn into a turtle and can move around at slower than average walking speed. Damage taken will be reduced by 50%. You are forced to move at the slow walking speed. Being in this state for too long (around 3 minutes) will cause you to revert to human.

X - Shell Form: You go into your shell and hide, reducing 75% damage taken. Your walking speed is decreased more, as you appear to hardly even move. Being in this state for too long (around 1 minute) will cause you to revert to human. This move is good for surviving Beatdowns or Time Stop.

Skill Tree

Kidnapping I to V - Increases time you can trap a player in Coco Jumbo for - Costs 2, 2, 2, 3, and 4 skill points for each level respectively.(at max gives the option to exit at about 17 to 19 seconds if you want to inf trap)

Shake Key - Unlocks Shake - Costs 1 skill point.

Restock Supplies - 1 skill point to unlock.

Enter Room - 1 skill point to unlock.

Empty Room - 1 skill point to unlock.

Shaker I to V - Increases damage of Shake Key - Costs 2, 2, 3, 4, and 5 skill points for each level respectively.

Tips and Glitches

  • There is a glitch in SBR where if someone is kidnapped by Mr. President and they leave without a horse, the horse will go under the map.
  • There is also a glitch in the SBR and 1v1 game modes as Mr. President where if the user is hit as they are forced out of your turtle they will be stuck. Some moves like Star Platinum: The World's beatdown can free them
  • Boxing can make it so the user is a tank with Eye Gouge and Jawbreaker to help secure a kidnap.
  • Vampirism's vaporization freeze gives the ability to freeze and kidnap as the enemy leaves the turtle. This also makes Mr. President a damage sponge.
  • Pluck provides the user with a move set that Mr. President otherwise doesn't have. Pluck makes it possible to defend without a kidnap.
  • Spin will take away the opponents ability to PB if any of the balls land. Multi will combo into a kidnap.
  • If fighting inside main game, take the opponent to a corner after they are kidnapped. This gives the them less wiggle room to escape your kidnap loop.
  • Sometimes, your opponent will fall under the map if you hit them with a specialty move.
  • Learn to change playstyle if the opponent begins to parry the kidnap as they leave. You can do this by hitting them with M1s, changing the timing of the moves, and changing the moves opened up with as they leave.
  • Eye gouge has the same animation and sound as kidnap. Use this to shake up opponents.
  • The heal is greater than the damage dealt when kidnapping. Its still better to pose, as the heal is delayed and cancels your pose.
  • There is a bug where upgrading boxer dash to the max prevents the Mr. President from forcing users to leave the room.
  • The turtle form allows the user to soak up damage from beatdowns and various moves.



  • Kidnap + Shake key + Empty Room + Eye gouge + Jawbreaker. Keep in mind that when using Empty Room the players will notice this and may block, so you can shorten this combo if you don't want to be punished by the end lag of Eye gouge by replacing Eye gouge with Jawbreaker. Players with a stand that has a barrage can also barrage you during the Eye Gouge stun.


  • Kidnap +Shake Key + Enter Room + Blood Suck (the victim) + Exit Room+ Shake Key + (by this time the victim should fall to the void and die but if not) Empty Room + Vamp Freeze + M2 (in case they block) + Repeat the combo.


  • This doesn't trap NPCs, but instead deals more damage to them, along with knockback.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Ms. Vice President" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • This is the second most common Stand to obtain from an arrow, with a 10.5% chance.
  • When you enter the room during a 1v1, it is advised to block to regen safely.
  • When you release someone from inside the key in SBR and 1V1s they will respawn in the place you caught them.
  • Mr. President's skill tree is in the shape of a key.
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