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Made in Heaven

“ You might think that knowing the ill fortunes of the future is despair but it's the opposite! Even if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, it is that 'resolution' that makes one happy! One's 'resolution' eradicates 'despair'! Humanity will change! This is what is strived for! This is Made in Heaven! ”

— Enrico Pucci, SO Chapter 157


Made in Heaven is the Stand of Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean and the final evolution in Whitesnake's line; which concludes The Heaven's Plan.

Made in Heaven is an extremely powerful stand if used correctly. Players can loop maxed Double Accel and Time Acceleration to make sure that their stand is never slow, meaning that you can generally get free combos, then run away easily. It is often criticized because of the low damage of its moves, but the amount of damage you do is irrelevant if you can hit your opponent, but your opponent can't hit you.

Because of its speed, it is extremely difficult to counter this stand. Although every move in MiH's moveset [excluding Universal Reset] isn't the best damage dealer in the game, players still have the stand's speed to deal with, since with Double Accel MiH can deliver M1's and other moves at an alarming rate. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use a Time Stop stand, such as Star Platinum: The World or The World Over Heaven to counter this stands immense speed and deal as much damage in Time Stop as possible. However, even this weakness can be countered with Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration, which shortens and weakens all time related abilities. These factors make Made In Heaven one of the best stands in the game by far.

How to Obtain

Step 1: Get Whitesnake.

Step 2: Be at least Prestige 1 to talk to Enrico Pucci, you need level 40+ to accept his quest.

Step 3: Find a DIO's Diary and talk to Enrico Pucci. He's at Naples Prison, near Bruno Buccellati.

Step 4: Complete his quests, this includes killing 30 Thugs, 25 Alpha thugs, 20 Corrupt Police, 15 Zombie Henchmans and 10 Vampires

Step 5: Once you completed the quests you will get Green Baby. Use the Green Baby on Whitesnake. You should have Worthiness V, otherwise, you might turn into stone. If it worked, you should get C-Moon.

Step 6: Talk to Enrico Pucci again, this time you don't need a DIO's diary. For the rest of the quests, whenever you talk to Enrico, make sure to have C-Moon equipped, or he'll just give you the Green Baby mission.

Step 7: He will tell you to defeat Heaven Ascension DIO, and get his bone, DIO's bone. To get into his dimension you need the 4 corpse parts, the Pelvis, Left Arm, Ribcage, and Heart of the Saint's Corpse. You can get them by winning SBR matches or getting them in arcade, very rarely. After you defeat Heaven Ascension DIO, there is only a 16% chance of getting DIO's bone.

Step 8: Once you defeat Heaven Ascension DIO and obtain his bone, talk to Enrico Pucci again. He'll say to defeat Jotaro Kujo, who is to the right in the water near the Enrico NPC, and obtain his Disc (Jotaro's Disc). He's the strongest boss in YBA, so you might need some help. After you defeat Jotaro Kujo, there is only a 16% chance of getting Jotaro's Disc. Once you get the Disc, talk to Enrico Pucci again. He'll tell you to go to the Tallest Peak and unsummon and resummon your stand, C-Moon. The mountain is on a path close to the normal DIO NPC, who you can fight once you reach level 30. If you still don't know where it is, search for it or ask a player for help.

Step 9: Once you're on the top of the Tallest Peak, unsummon and resummon your stand, and Made in Heaven should be yours! You'll get an Enrico Pucci hair, unless you have your cosmetic inventory full.

Total Skill Points: 70 Points


Passive: All your dashes become instant teleports when Double Acceleration is active.

LMB - Punch: A simple punch dealing 6.3 damage. The speed of your punches are doubled during Double Acceleration.

E - Stand Barrage: MIH lunges forward and barrages, doing 1 damage per hit. During Double Acceleration, the speed of this move is doubled. (Does not get speed boost in Time Acceleration.) However, even without Double Acceleration active it is still a very fast barrage. [ 1.3 Damage per hit with hamon]

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: Heavy Punch doing 12.6 damage and ragdolling the enemy, during Double acceleration this move comes out much faster. (15.6 with hamon)

T - Knife Throw: MIH throws 3 knives, each doing 7.5 damage with small stun and a total of 22.5 damage. This move has an extremely quick cooldown at max upgrade. (Can be blocked and doesn't break block.) [10.1 each with hamon]

Y - Speed Slice: MIH and the user slice the opponent's neck at high speed, dealing 10 damage and a bleed effect as well as ragdolling. (Breaks Block, cannot be Perfect Blocked) [12.5 with hamon]

G - Heaven's Judgement: MIH and the user zoom forward, to then hit the opponent multiple times at lightspeed. This move deals multiple ticks of 5.8 damage per hit, then finally hits the opponent with a punch that deals approximately 12 damage. This attack deals around 52.6 damage in total. and, like Cream's Dark Space, can be blocked the whole duration of the move Blockable but cant parry . (65.75 with hamon)

Z - Double Acceleration: MIH and the user get a speed boost, doubling walk and run speed as well as increasing barrage, heavy punch, M1 and M2 speed. Your dash also becomes instant teleportation. (Cancellable during startup)

X - Infinite Speed: MIH and the user travel at lightspeed behind the target and punches them, dealing 25 damage and stun. This move is somewhat like skull crusher. Can be parried, if not parried, bypasses block and stuns. (31.25 with hamon)

H - Time Acceleration: MIH and the user accelerate time, causing day and night to go by very fast. When it starts, all of the user's stand moves CD except Double Acceleration will go away, except for if there was a Universe Reset before you. During this, all time related moves are reduced, all of the user's stand moves CD except Double Acceleration are reduced at double the normal rate, and the user has over triple the walk speed. Unlike Double Accel, your attack and M1 speed will not increase. Also during this time, all players in a 100 stud radius will be trapped in an invisible barrier along with the user. (This move is cancellable and all music during the acceleration becomes several times faster.)

H - Time Acceleration to Universe Reset: This is not an actual move, it is something that can be upgraded, which will happen shortly after the time acceleration finishes. All players that were trapped in the invisible barrier will not be able to move, as their screen becomes more and more white. If you were barraging though, you could still continue doing so. Then there will be a lag-causing moment where everyone including NPCs will be sent into outer space and into a new universe. After everyone is sent into the new universe, the user will heal around 40 health points, and they will have a new identity, aka turning into another player in ROBLOX. Their name will stay the same, except it will say (Alternate Universe) after the name. Every other player also assumes a new identity, and lose 1 limb. If they lose an arm they will take more damage, if they lose a leg they won't be able to run. This can be upgraded so the effects of this Temporary Rename and loss of limbs lasts longer.

MIH's skin, One Above All


Combos, Tips and Glitches

  • Never use infinite speed out of nowhere unless your opponent can't block it because if you fight a good player you will most likely be parried and get punished.
  • One of the most important things about using MiH is the speed. You CANNOT just expect to run in, tank, and out damage your enemy. That will get you killed. MiH is a hit and run stand. You should do a short and safe combo before running away with your speed to avoid any combos they have.
  • It is not recommended to use stand barrage because all other moves have low cooldowns and are generally superior in damage. Only use barrage when being barraged first, when the opponent has no stand or when fighting in a team.
  • Double Accel doubles the speed of your barrage, but the length remains the same. So your barrage actually does twice the damage when in Double Accel.
  • If you time Heaven's Judgement right, you can counter Timestop.
  • When using Heaven's Judgement (G) remember not to use it right after a ragdoll, because they can buffer block to be immune and you will miss some of the hits while they are still on the ground. Heaven's Judgement has a slight windup, so it's important to know how to time it.
  • Use Speed Slice whenever you can, as it will either stand crash or block break.
  • Always use your Double Acceleration when your opponent is ragdolled from Jawbreaker, Speed Slice or Heaven's Judgment.
  • Keep in mind that most of your moves can be canceled by being hit, so try not to use them too close to your opponent.
  • When you use Time Acceleration before Time Stop, the duration of the Time Stop will be halved. This requires maxed Time Acceleration however.
  • Do not try to rely on damage when using this Stand; its strength is speed. Try to put pressure on your opponent to stop them from healing and you will be able to chip away at their health until you win.
  • One thing that most people forget about MIH is that it has knives and M1s. Knives are an excellent stun move which can help start up a combo. During Double Accel, M1s come out dangerously fast which can be used to chip the opponents health as they will have trouble M1 trading, or it can be used to help start combos or disrupt opponents as you are much faster than they are.


  • A short, no-spec combo: Click+T+G (M1, Knives, HJ)
  • A very simple combo is T (Knife Throw) + LMB + (Spec Move (JB)) and rinse and repeat
  • Another easy combo is Z (Double accel, use if not on cooldown), X (Infinite speed), G (Heaven's Judgement), T (Knife throw) M1 x3-4, Y (Speed Slice to escape or knock your opponent out to do a few spec moves)
  • Block Break Combo: Y (to block break) + X + Eyeg/Zoom/Pierce/Freeze+ G (HJ (block break),Throw Knife)


  • Hamon: Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + X (Infinite Speed) + G (Heaven's Judgement) + V (Scarlet Overdrive) + C (Zoom Punch) + B (Sunlight Yellow Overdrive).
  • Another combo for hamon: Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + X (Infinite Speed) + Zoom Punch + R (Heavy) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + G (Heaven's Judgement)
  • ~130 damage hamon combo: X (Infinite Speed) + C (Zoom Punch) + V (Scarlet Overdrive) + G (Heaven's Judgement) + (charge hamon) + Y (Speed Slice). Works better if you block break scarlet overdrive. Sometimes fails due to infinite speed not teleporting.

Pluck (Sword-style)

  • Pluck: Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + X (Infinite Speed) + G (Heavens Judgement) + (equip Pluck) + B (Instant Slash) + C (Triple Pierce Strike) + (Pierce Strike) + V (Crescent Slash) + (Thrust) + LMB (4X)
  • Pluck Opener Combo: Z (Double Acceleration) + B (Instant Slash) + (Piercing Strike) + V (Crescent Slash) + C (Triple Pierce Strike) + Y (Speed Slice) + T (Knives) + X (Infinite Speed) + G (Heaven's Judgement)


  • Vampirism: Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + X (Infinite Speed) + G (Heavens Judgement) + C (Vaporizing Freeze) + (Space Ripper Stingy Eyes) + V (Blood Drain)


  • Boxing: Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + X (Infinite Speed) + G (Heavens Judgement) + V (Eye Gouge) + C (Jaw Breaker) + (Boxing Barrage)
  • X (Infinite Speed) + V (Eye Gouge) + M1x2 + Knife T + C (Jawbreaker)


  • Spin charged: Double Accel + Throw Knives + all Steel Balls + Knives + M1s
  • Spin: Z (Double Acceleration) + N (Golden Skin) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + X (Infinite Speed) + G (Heavens Judgement) + C (Spin Punch) + V (Steel Ball) + B (Multi Steel Balls)
  • Spin: Z(Double Acceleration) T (Knife Throw) V (Steel Ball) B (Multi Steel Balls) X (Infinite Speed) Y (Speed Slice) G (Heaven's Judgement)
  • Spin: Steel Ball + Multi Steel Balls + Knife Throw + Infinite Speed + Speed Slice + Dash toward them + Heavens Judgement
  • Spin: Multi Steel Balls + Knife Throw + Steel Ball + Infinite Speed + Knife Throw + Speed Slice
  • Dont use spin with MiH.


  • Since a lot of people will block after you hit them with infinite speed, this will give you a free block break with moves like Scarlet Overdrive or Jaw Breaker along with a free combo/Heaven's Judgement.
  • The original name of this Stand was Stairway to Heaven, based on the song of the same name by Led Zeppelin. Later, in the tankōbon release, it was changed to Made in Heaven, the name of a single by Freddie Mercury and an album by Queen.
  • When you evolve shiny Whitesnake to MiH it will keep the Whitesnake skin
  • Without glitches, this is the fastest stand in the game.
  • Made in Heaven is one of the few stands with a different M1 and M2 animation.
  • Its localized name is Maiden Heaven.
  • This Stand's name was changed to The Way to Heaven in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • This stand is the fastest ingame, in both movespeed and attack speed (in double accel). Use this to your advantage to punish players for missing combos or to escape after doing a quick combo.
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