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Levels are an important aspect of YBA. Since YBA is an RPG game, Levels help the player get stronger and receive more skill points. You need skill points in order to get faster, more durable, and the ability to gain a Stand.

How to Level Up

You can level up by doing Quests (recommended). There are also Side-Quests which can be done when you have completed all of Storyline. The Max Level for Prestige 0 is 35. The max level increases by 5 each time you prestige. There are a total of 3 Prestige levels:

NOTE: The amount of EXP from quests gets increased based on your Prestige:

Prestige 1 = +20%

Prestige 2 = +40%

Prestige 3 = +60%

Prestige Guide

For more information on Prestige, see Prestige or Prestige Master Rin.

Prestige Master Rin is the NPC that helps the player reach new heights with Prestige. Prestige allows the player to surpass Level 35. It also resets their level and skill points. It is mostly known as a Rebirth. It costs $5,000 to Prestige (each time); the max Prestige level is 3.


  1. Prestige Master Rin wasn't the first prestige master, it was Prestige Master Will, he was replaced with Rin because Will tryed (or did) to take Uzukee's money and he betrayed Uzukee.

The Old Prestige Master before he was removed and replaced with Rin