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King Crimson
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Vento Aureo AKA Golden Wind

You from a few seconds from the past witnessed yourself in the future. This is my King Crimson's ability. I erased time and leapt past it!"

~ Diavolo


King Crimson is the Stand of Diavolo, the main antagonist of JJBA Part 5: Vento Aureo. King Crimson is a melee-based short-ranged Stand that has a 2.5% chance of getting obtained from a Mysterious Arrow, making it one of the rarer Stands in-game. This Stand has been renamed Scarlet King, in order to avoid copyright issues.

King Crimson's main advantage is its damage output. It has access to Impale, which induces bleed, and is an Execute move. It also has Epitaph to teleport behind whoever hits the user (or guarantees a chop if you get the Chop Passive, though not recommended as it ragdolls and doesn't allow combos.) - this can shut down piloting Stands, though Epitaph has a fairly short range limit. King Crimson can also use Time Skip to engage or disengage from combat, and traverse in SBR. It's key ability, Time Erase, makes the user immune to damage and invisible for around 9 seconds.

Despite all this, King Crimson's main flaw is that Epitaph and Time Erasure can be baited out, and more skilled players can respond to Time Erase if it is used offensively. When on cooldown, King Crimson lacks any major abilities to help it. Gold Experience Requiem can also cancel out Time Erase via Return to Zero.

Using a Requiem Arrow, King Crimson can be evolved into King Crimson Requiem.

Total Skill Points: 50 Points


M1 - Punch: King Crimson does a fast punch for 8.9 damage. This can be chained up to 5 times, doing 44.5 damage if they all hit.

E - Stand Barrage: King Crimson does a fast barrage that deals 1.5 damage per hit at max Destructive Power.

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: King Crimson throws a heavy punch which can break blocks and ragdolls the opponent. This move deals 17.7 damage at max Destructive Power and has decent end lag.

T - Epitaph: The user's screen and King Crimson's head glow red. If you are hit during this time, you will negate the incoming damage and teleport behind the attacker. Keep in mind that the attacker will receive little to no stun. (Counter)

T (If upgrade is unlocked) - Chop Passive: If the user is hit by an opponent while Epitaph is active and the chop passive is unlocked in the skill tree, the user will teleport behind them and deliver a chop, dealing damage and inflicting bleed to the attacker. The attacker will also get ragdolled and get their stand crashed.

Y - Chop: King Crimson delivers a heavy chop which deals 16.9 damage at max Destructive Power, applying bleed and stuns the opponent for approximately a second and a half, making it a great combo starter/extender. Cannot be canceled upon being interrupted during startup sequence unless ragdolled.

G - Impale: King Crimson thrusts its arm forward, donutting any target in front of the user, dealing damage and applying bleed to the victim. Impale has a large hitbox, and can be canceled on startup, can be parried but bypasses block. The victim of Impale will lie on the ground for around 3 seconds before getting up with iFrames. This move is an Execute move.

Z (hold) - Time Erase: King Crimson and its user erase time with it being unable to be cancelled unless a Golden Experience Requiem uses their "Return to Zero" Move.

X - Time Skip: Teleports the user in the direction of their cursor. It has a similar range to Star Platinum and The World's Time Skip.

Skill Tree

Destructive Power: Increases the damage of King Crimson.

  • Destructive Power I - 1 point
  • Destructive Power II - 1 point
  • Destructive Power III - 2 points
  • Destructive Power IV - 2 points
  • Destructive Power V - 2 points

Future Sight: Buffs Epitaph.

  • Future Sight I - 1 point
  • Future Sight II - 1 point
  • Future Sight III - 1 point
  • Future Sight IV - 2 points
  • Future Sight V - 4 points

Chop Passive: Chops after epitaph

  • Chop Passive: 4 points

Erase Time Mastery: Increases the duration of Time Erasure.

  • Erase Time Mastery I - 3 points
  • Erase Time Mastery II - 3 points
  • Erase Time Mastery III - 4 points
  • Erase Time Mastery IV - 4 points
  • Erase Time Mastery V - 4 points


Specless Combos

(Base) Epitaph + Impale

Immediately use Impale after epitaph, not after teleporting behind the attacker.

Boxing Combo

(Base) Epitaph + Chop + Eye Gouge + Impale

Immediately use Impale after epitaph, not after teleporting behind the attacker.

Pluck Combos

(Base) Epitaph + Chop + M1 + Pierce Strike + Triple Pierce Strike + Crescent Slash

Time Erase + Crescent Slash + Impale

Hamon combos

Spin combos

Vampire combos

Tips, Tricks and Glitches

  1. Epitaph is a frame 1 counter move, meaning you'll be able to escape all non-true combos with just using this move.
  2. Epitaph can not completely nullify multi-hit moves like Knives as all 3 knives are thrown at the same time and Epitaph can only nullify one. Meaning you will also take stun from the other 2 knives.
  3. Since base Epitaph has little to no stun, the attackers can parry your Impale even after triggering Epitaph.
  4. Chop Passive Epitaph and Time Erase allows you to escape combos by Stand Barraging first and immediately using Epitaph or Time Erase. (If the opponent barrages back, they will be hit by the chop from Epitaph.)
  5. Never impale after time erase as it's a free parry for the opponent unless they are off-guard.
  6. If you time your Time Erase you can negate the effects of Time Stop and Conqueror's Will by become invisible and invincible during it, it is recommended to have Erase Time Mastery IV or V for a guarantee that the Time Erase won't run out during the Time Stop. However, keep in mind that King Crimson can be a cheap skill point stand if you don't get too much Time Mastery.


  • Time Erasure is quite easy to counter. When you see a KC use Time Erase, un-shiftlock and spam m1s. It will make you face them at the end and this will cancel all KC damaging moves with the M1, (Impale and Chop,) and maybe allow you to make your own combo off of their mistake.
  • NEVER attack a King Crimson user while they are using Epitaph [the player will briefly glow red]. Attacking an experienced opponent while they are using this move will most likely subject you to either a random combo, like the "Impale Cheese Combo" or a Chop into it's own combo, which can be very deadly unless the opponent you are facing has the "Chop Passive" skill node.
  • King Crimson's main weakness is its lack of long-ranged attacks. Using stands such as Tusk or Six Pistols will put you at an advantage if you use them well and frequently bait epitaph, as they both can deliver large amounts of damage and keep your opponent at bay for some time.


  • Within the fanbase of Jojo, King Crimson's ability was infamous for being confusing due to the poorer translations at the time. This coined the term "it just works" when talking about King Crimson's ability.
  • The final boss of the YBA Storyline, Diavolo, uses this stand, except the Time Skip has infinite range and his Chop Passive for Epitaph is replaced by Raging Demon, the upgraded Epitaph move of King Crimson Requiem. Raging Demon deals a lot more damage, stand crashes, and ragdolls you in place, similar to Impale. In exchange, Diavolo cannot use Impale or Time Erase in game.
  • This Stand can also be used by Diavolo's Split Identity, Vinegar Doppio. The drawback with this is that Diavolo must communicate with Doppio and allow Doppio to use certain parts of KC. Doppio is not aware of King Crimsons full potential.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Scarlet King" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues. The name "Scarlet King" is a reference to the antagonistic SCP deity of the same name
  • The sound effect when summoning King Crimson is King Crimson yelling "It's over!"
  • During Time Erase, Diavolo's theme is played, This theme will be sped up if MIH uses time acceleration.