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Killer Queen: Bites the Dust

"Go ahead, corner me all you want! When I reach my absolute limit, I'll just activate Bites the Dust!"

-Yoshikage Kira


Killer Queen: Bites the Dust, is a Stand obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Killer Queen. This stand belonged to Yoshikage Kira, the main antagonist of JJBA Part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable. He obtained the ability "Bites the Dust" after being stabbed by The Arrow the second time. The ability gave him access to a 3rd bomb which re-winded time by an hour every time the victim exposed his identity and killed all those who learned it.

Killer Queen: Bites the Dust is a humanoid cat that emits a purple-black aura. It features a crack on its face from the damage it took in its final battle with Josuke's Crazy Diamond. It also features Stray Cat, a separate stand that controls air, stowed away in its stomach chamber. Instead of red eyes, it has glowing pink eyes with white pupils.

This Stand is most commonly paired with Hamon thanks to it's easy to use nature and damage increase. Boxing and Vampirism do make their appearances from time to time due to how bulky Boxing makes you, and Vampirism's Vaporization Freeze and Space Ripper Stingy Eyes.

Like it's pre-evolution, Killer Queen: Bites The Dust possesses a unique, offensive niche. All of it's unique abilities are unblockable while ragdolling and most Stand Crash the opponent. Sheer Heart Attack is an indestructible summon that will relentlessly pursue it's target, so long as no one else gets in the way.

However, while the Stand has many unique qualities, it has multiple flaws to compensate for it. Unlike other Stands, Killer Queen: Bites The Dust's attacks are very vulnerable to invincibility frames thanks to the fact that they need to loop in order to play the game. This is most apparent with Sheer Heart Attack, who is commonly Time Skipped or stand jumped away from, resulting in no damage. The same applies for counters and damage redirection. All of it's attacks are cancellable, making it difficult to utilized in close combat. Bites The Dust looks good on paper, but it has an overly long startup to the point where dying while using it is common. It's immense cooldown prevents it from being of much use in any regard, even if your opponent doesn't walk out of it. Speaking of which, for a move with one of the longest cooldowns in the game, Bites The Dust does not deal enough damage nor heal enough HP to warrant it's cooldown (worse yet, it can be dealt with by Return to Zero, by far having the longest cooldown of any move affected by it). Killer Queen: Bites The Dust has one of the costliest skill trees in the game, only second to The World: Over Heaven, hitting 65 skill points in all.

Total Skill Points: 63 Points


Passive - No One Will Know My Identity! - When Killer Queen's final blow to an opponent is an explosion, they will be completely incinerated and vaporized to an atomic level, leaving no trace of their corpse.

LMB - Punch: Does 7.3 damage with maxed destructive power.

RMB- Heavy Punch: Killer Queen does a punch dealing 10 damage, along with breaking guards and knocking back.

E - Stand Barrage: Killer Queen releases a flurry of slow punches each dealing 1.2 damage with max destructive power.

R - Heavy Punch: Killer Queen does a finisher punch that temporarily knocks the enemy down, dealing 14.6 damage.

T - Plant Bomb: Killer Queen plants a bomb in front on the surface in front of the user, including players and the ground. An icon will appear where the bomb is placed, and the bomb persists until detonated. Deals 7.3 damage on contact with player, and 31.9 when detonated.

Y - Bomb Detonation: Used to manually detonate bombs. On pressing Y, a menu will appear allowing you to click the bomb you wish to explode, or press the respective keybind. Pressing the key of the bomb you deployed while it is on cooldown will also manually detonate it.

H - Bomb Leap: Plants a bomb on the ground, sending you flying upwards and forwards and dealing 21.3 damage to anyone nearby. When cancelled by an attack, this move will still deal damage, but the user will not be launched.

Z - Coin Bomb: Killer Queen tosses a singular coin into the air a short distance in front of it's user. This coin explodes on contact or on manual detonation, dealing 29.3 Damage. Getting the "Coin Collector" upgrades will reduce the cooldown of this attack.

X - Scattered Coin Bombs: The user throws multiple coins which act almost as a barrage. These explode mid-air and damage people within range, dealing 3.7 for each that hits.

G - Stray Cat Bubble Bomb: Stray Cat shoots a bubble acting as a bomb forward, dealing 31.9 damage upon contact or manual detonation. This ability phases through all objects, such as buildings or props.

C - Sheer Heart Attack: Killer Queen deploys Sheer Heart Attack, an indestructible homing bomb. Sheer Heart Attack will track whatever opponent is closest, and will float to reach them. The time it stays out depends on the "Sheer Heart Attack Duration" upgrades. Deals 24 damage.

U - Bites the Dust: Killer Queen and it´s user will initiate a pose for about 4 seconds. After an initial 2 seconds, the user becomes invulnerable and everybody that's in close proximity will be frozen. The user then activates Bites the Dust, dealing 77.7 damage and rewinding time to 20 seconds. This has no upgrades and will revert anyone who was exploded back into the position they were in 20 seconds ago, along with the user, who additionally restores 20% of their max health. This move can be used in hitstun, such as barrages. Bites the Dust will not activate when nobody is in the explosion's range.

Note: All damage numbers listed are assuming the player has Destructive Power maxed.

The player goes through a breif animation where their hand glows. A large explosion launches them into the air, and then they and their victims experience a cutscene.

The Activation and colorful cutscene during the usage of Bites the Dust. Notice how players must be nearby for its activation to work.

Skill Tree

Destructive Power: 2, 3, and 4 Points

Plant Bomb: 1 Point

Detonate Bomb: 0 Points

Bomb Leap: 2 Points

Explosive Power: 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Points

Bites The Dust: 6 Points

Stray Cat Bubble Bomb: 1, 2, 3, and 4 Points

Coin Bombs: 1, 2, 3, and 4 Points

Scattered Coin Bombs: 2 Points

Sheer Heart Attack: 1, 2, 3, and 4 Points


  • Plant Bomb: 6s
  • Detonate Bomb: 2.5s
  • Bomb Leap: 30s
  • Stray Cat Bubble Bomb: 13s - 11s - 9.5s - 8s
  • Coin Bombs: 24s - 20s - 17s - 15s
  • Scattered Coin Bombs: 22s
  • Sheer Heart Attack: 32s
  • Bites The Dust: 3m 20s

Tips, Combos and Glitches

  • You can detonate Main bomb even in time stop. You can only detonate it if you placed it before the time stop, and you detonate it as it begins. This is a very useful tip to sabotage an enemy's combo.
  • This is not a melee stand. Do not get close to your opponent unless you can control the encounter. Launch bombs from afar, and stick it to your opponent if they get too close. If your opponent has the high ground, Sheer Heart Attack is a good way to get them down.
  • Use your environment. Make sure you're paying attention to what surrounds you, and constantly be thinking about how it can be of use to you. You could place your coin or primary bomb at the top of a ladder, or even circle a tree you've planted a bomb on as shelter from projectiles.
  • Given that the skill tree totals 63 points, you need to cut corners and save on skill points where you can. Don't fully upgrade certain skills. Sheer Heart Attack is on the field plenty long enough as is, so only unlocking it is recommended. Coin Bomb is also an unnecessary, as the only upgrade you would get only reduces 4 seconds of the cooldown. Fully maxing Stray Cat Bubble Bomb is highly recommended, as at max upgrade it has a very short cooldown and is essential to bomb looping.
  • Hamon is easily the best spec for BTD. From best to worst, the list is Hamon, Boxing, Vamp, Pluck, and Spin.
  • Know your opponent's invincibility frames. This comes from practice and repeated use of the stand, but without having a good concept of your opponent's invincibility, it becomes very easy for them to just armor through your loops.
  • It's generally a bad idea to approach someone in order to use Bites the Dust. You should use the move to get them off of you if they finally gain traction, or if you're being combo'ed. Bites the Dust should generally be used as a combo breaker, as it can be used in hit stun.
  • When a D4C: Love Train reflects Bites The Dust, the Love Train user will not take damage. However, with Chariot Requiem's Your Own Shadow, the Bites The Dust user WILL take damage from the move. Your Own Shadow doesn't last as long as the animation, so this requires precise timing.
  • Inputting a bomb keybind while it is on cooldown (For example, T and then T) will detonate the bomb. This lets you avoid the Y menu and is quicker. If a bomb is placed and the previous one you placed is done recharging, it will replace that bomb. Also, if you do this but don't place another bomb down, you can still use the menu to detonate it.
  • It is possible to activate Bites The Dust during a Time Stop if timed properly.
  • If you are fighting a stand with a counter, make sure you have an escape plan for if SHA hits it. You can also detonate SHA early so the opponent mistimes their counter.
  • A useful trick for fighting KC/KCR is having a plan for Time Erase. Planting a bomb on the ground and spamming detonate when they appear will work most of the time, and you can use SHA to track the user, as it still follows them through dimensions.
  • When spamming a bomb detonation, it is more consistent to use the menu. This is because it registers quicker than a repress, so make sure to have the menu prepped if you expect you will need it.
  • Dash Planting is essential to playing this stand. It extends your plant hitbox massively, and allows you to engage from much farther away.
  • There is a small animation that plays when you detonate a bomb planted in someone. You are free to act during this time, which is very useful to charge Hamon to get maximum damage if it was depleted before detonation.
  • Sheer Heart Attack is a very fickle move. If you are 1v1ing in main game I highly suggest clearing an area away from NPCs and other people.
  • If Sheer Heart Attack stops moving, it's hitbox is still active. You can utilize this as a land mine to stand your ground.
  • When facing time stop stands, make sure to hold on to your Bomb Leap. Always expect time stop, and make sure you don't waste Bomb Leap on a bait.
  • While being nearly impossible to knock SCR out of pilot, due to the nature of bomb plant always stand crashing it is extremely easy if you are able to plant on the pilot stand.
  • If someone does a beatdown on you while BTD is in play, BTD will still happen, but so will the beatdown.

Bomb Looping

If you want to use BTD, you have to know how to Bomb Loop. Without it, you might as well be fighting standless. It's difficult to teach Bomb Loops, as they're more like something you feel. Once you get used to the stand, it will become easier and easier to keep your opponents locked down. I will divide this section into the two most aspects of Bomb Looping.

Which Bomb When: Knowing when to use what bomb is necessary for an effective loop. Again, this comes in time, but a general cycle should look like Primary -> Bubble -> Coin-> Primary -> Bubble -> SHA/Scattered -> etc. Watching your cooldowns is mandatory, especially for Primary and Bubble. Usually you will only use Coin Bomb once a combo, because of the cooldown. This is not a set in stone combo, the beauty of Killer Queen is that it gives you all the tools, and you decide what to make of it. If coin is on cooldown, try a SHA barrage. Coin Barrages are useful if you can accurately predict where the opponent will be when they lose invincibility. Coin Bomb is the hardest to hit, as the invincibility can be weird at times, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Even with consistent timing, there is still the chance they just walk right on through.

Prediction: There was a time where Killer Queen was allowed to choose the direction the bombs launched their opponent, but this is long gone. This naturally made looping much easier, but that doesn't make it impossible now. Predicting where your opponent will land is a difficult task, but very rewarding. Once you get very good at this, you can even shoot the Stray Cat Bubble Bomb in the direction you estimate they will land, and set up your loop with downtime to catch up.


  • Killer Queen: Bites the Dust is a musical reference to "Another One Bites the Dust" by British rock band Queen.
  • Stray Cat's model was originally the model from Diamond Records, but as of an update it was changed to an actual model.
  • There was a period of time where Stray Cat was completely removed from KQ:BTD's chest cavity, but this was fixed in a later update.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Deadly King: Bites the Dust" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • Killer Queen was one of the first Stands added to Your Bizarre Adventure.
  • Rather than the stand being pierced by the arrow like SCR and GER, the arrow instead pierced the user, Yoshikage Kira.
  • Unlike the manga, The Hand's erasure cannot erase Stray Cat's bubble bomb.


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