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Once you receive an item, your screen will say "+[item name]"

If you want to find items that spawn, click here to redirect you to the Item Spawn Location page.

Obtainable (Found around map)
Item Name Rarity (refers to how hard is it to obtain) Sell Price Image
Mysterious Arrow Easy $200
Arrow image.png
Rokakaka Normal $600
Rokakaka image.png
Pure Rokakaka Hard $1500
Pure Rokakaka image.png
Lucky Arrow Insane Cannot be sold
Lucky arrow close.png
Ribcage Of The Saint's Corpse Normal $1200
Ribcage image.png
Steel Ball Normal $1000
Steel Ball image.png
Zeppeli's Headband Normal $1000
Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 14.40.16.png
Ancient Scroll Normal $1000
Ancient Scroll image.png
Quinton's Glove Normal $1000
Stone Mask Hard $1000
Stone Mask image.png
Gold Coin Easy $120
Coin image.png
Diamond Normal $500
Diamond image.png
Dio's Diary Hard $1000
Dio Diary image.png

Item Name Buy Price Location Image
Tea $50 Obtainable from Paragon's Cafe

(Purely cosmetic, has no PVP function.)

Pizza $50 Obtainable from Eli's Pizzeria

(Same as Tea, purely cosmetic, has no PVP or PVE function.)

Bat $150 Obtainable from Brad, does 5 base damage per hit.
Bat image.png
Mysterious Bow(unobtainable now) $500 Obtainable from Jedediah, used to give another player a stand,

functions by the same rules as a regular mysterious arrow. It does not give higher chances for stands and still has a chance to turn a player to stone if they have low worthiness, wasting the arrow and the bow.

Bow image.png
Umbrella $100 Obtainable from Jongic at the Steel Ball Run stables, protects vampires from

sunlight damage but disables M1 attacks.

Bottle of Blood $50 Restores a vampires blood level by 50% of the entire blood bar
Bottle of blood image.png
Boxing Gloves $1000 Weapon for the boxing style, requires boxing style to be purchased


Pluck $1000 Weapon for the sword style, again requires the style to be purchased


Pluck image.png
Requiem Arrow $7500 +



Post the Prestige Master Will quest, Requiem Arrows can be purchased

from Isabelle the Arrowsmith for a hefty fee, however this allows the

player to have a virtually endless supply of Requiem Arrows.

(Again, to reiterate this is post finishing 1 SBR round and winning it.)

Requiem Arrow Image.png

Obtainable(Quest item or reward)
Item name Quest Use Image
Stand Arrow Giorno Quest 1 Identical to a Mysterious Arrow except in name, used to obtain a Stand. Obtained at the end of quest 1.
Stand arrow image.png
Koichi's Suitcase Giorno Quest 2 Obtainable at the start of quest 2, it disappears at the end of the quest once

handed over to Koichi.

Suitcase image.png
Lighter Bruno Quest 1 Obtainable at the start of Bruno's second quest. Like the suitcase, it's a simple delivery and disappears at the end of the quest.
Lighter image.png
Green Baby C-Moon quest Obtainable at the end of the Pucci's chain of quests, used to evolve Whitesnake into C-Moon.
DIO's Bone Heaven Ascension DIO quest Obtainable through a rare drop from defeating Heaven Ascension DIO.
DIO Bone.png
Jotaro's Disc Defeating Jotaro Kujo Part 6 Obtainable through a rare drop from defeating Jotaro Kujo Part 6.

Joe's Disc

SBR Money Bags Winning SBR in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Casual or Comp Can be sold to the Merchant for the money which it describes.

Item Name Rarity Sell Price Use(s) Image
Ribcage of the Saint's Corpse Hard $1200 Used to obtain The World: Alternate Universe, D4C, Scary Monsters or Tusk.
Ribcage In Hand.png
Left Arm of the Saint's Corpse Insane $2500 Used to evolve Tusk Act 1 to Tusk Act 2. The player must have Spin and Worthiness V to use it.
Left Arm In Hand.png
Heart of the Saint's Corpse Insane (cannot be dropped) $2500 Used to evolve D4C to D4C: Love Train. Worthiness V is needed.
Heart In Hand.png
Pelvis of the Saint's Corpse Insane (cannot be dropped) $2500 Used to evolve Tusk Act 3 to Tusk Act 4. The player must have Spin and Worthiness V to use it.
Pelvis In Hand.png
Code Items (Redeemed Items) Cannot be dropped Can be sold for their normal price When using any current active codes, you will receive a "Redeemed [Item name]" Such as Redeemed Rokakaka, Redeemed Pure Rokakaka, and Redeemed Mysterious Arrow.

Robux/Unobtainable Items. All of the items below cannot be dropped.
Item Name (by infering) Robux Location Use(s) Image
Leaky Eye Luca's Shovel N/A Naples Park A shovel that deals 6 damage when swung. The shovel makes the same noise as Leaky Eye Luca's.
Leaking Eye Luca Shovel.png
Item Notifier 1999 Gamepass Page Used to locate items when they first spawn.

This item has 3 different modes, those being Disabled, Only Specific Item, and All Items.

Disabled doesn't alert the player at all when an item spawns. Only Specific Item only alerts players to a specific item of their choice. All Items alerts the player when any item spawns.

The player can choose one item to get hints for whenever it spawns. The chosen item is the one used when the player selects Only Specific Item.

All items in the spawn-able category can be tracked with the item notifier.

Select Pose 99 Gamepass Page Select a Pose or Idle Animation

The following poses can be selected:

Deo (Dio), Deo 2, Deovolo (Diavolo), Edgelord Status, Giorno, Giorno 2, Indian Guy, Joe (Jotaro), Joe 2, Joseph, Koechee (Koichi), Liza (Lisa Lisa), Pose 5, Shining Sapphire (Crazy Diamond), T-Pose, Turtle Guy (Polnareff)

The following idles can be selected:

Criminal Tasks Done Cunningly/CTDC (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap/D4C)

CTDC Love Train (D4C: Love Train)

Deadly King (Killer Queen)

Deadly King: Bites the Dust (Killer Queen: Bites the Dust)

G-Moon (C-Moon)

Golden Nail IV (Tusk Act 4)

Golden Spirit (Gold Experience)

Golden Spirit Requiem (Gold Experience Requiem)

Grey Rapier (Silver Chariot)

Grey Rapier Requiem (Silver) + (Chariot Requiem)

Magician's Ember (Magician's Red)

Ms. Vice President (Mr. President)

Platinum Sun (Star Platinum)

Platinum Sun: The Universe Requiem (Star Platinum: The World) + (Requiem)

Scarlet King (King Crimson)

Scarlet King Requiem (King Crimson) + (Requiem)

Shining Sapphire (Crazy Diamond)

Six Pistols

Tentacle Green (Hierophant Green)

That Hand (The Hand)

The Universe (The World)

The Universe: Alternate Dimension (The World: Alternate Universe)

Violet Fog (Purple Haze)

Void (Cream)

White Poison (Whitesnake)

Zipper Fingers (Sticky Fingers)

The Way To Heaven (Made In Heaven)

Voicelines 149 Gamepass Page Select a Voiceline

The following voicelines can be selected:

But, I refuse! (Rohan Kishibe)

Go Ahead, Mr. Joestar! (Daniel D'Arby)

Hey hey hey hey! (Guido Mista)

Oh no! (Joseph Joestar)

OH NOO! (Old Joseph Joestar)

This is... King Crimson's ability! (Diavolo)

Yare Yare Daze... (Jotaro)

You fell for it, Fool! Thunder Cross Split Attack! (Dire)

Dio's Laugh (Dio)

Goodbye, Jojo! (Dio)

Muda Muda! (Dio)

Weak! (Dio)

Voicelines image.png