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"Yes, you may drive my Hierophant Green mad...mad from joy, that is. For you see, my Stand loves nothing more...than to rip things to shreds!"

~Noriaki Kakyoin


Hierophant Green is the Stand of Noriaki Kakyoin, one of the Stardust Crusaders within JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3. Hierophant Green is a long-ranged Stand. It is best known for its ability to use the Emerald Splash and remains one of the most recognizable Stands in the series. You can get this Stand from a Mysterious Arrow with a 4% chance to obtain it. This Stand has been renamed "Tentacle Green" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.

This Stand is commonly paired with Boxing for the consistent defense boost or Hamon thanks to its ease of use, damage boost and, like Boxing, damage reduction. It could also be paired with Spin for its stuns, though Spin being a very unreliable spec is likely not viable. It is also commonly paired with Vampirism with the amount of stuns, healing and range it has when paired with the spec.

On paper, Hierophant Green is a weak Stand. Its base power and speed are among the worst in the game and its moveset is incredibly small, consisting of a barren three attacks, not including Pilot. However, Hierophant Green's moves are powerful enough to give it serious tournament play, despite the fact that it isn't bluntly overpowered.

Emerald Splash is Hierophant Green's most consistent and it deals 3 damage. It breaks block, can be charged to allow the player to properly aim and has infinite range, though is best used up close. Emerald Barrier is an invisible hitbox where the user can stand in it without consequence, and if any one player touches the barrier, they will be stunned as they take damage. Marionette Control prevents the opponent from moving, in addition to blinding them. It's best used when the opponent is in the Emerald Barrier, when they are stunned by the move. Pilot is the last of Hierophant Green's attacks and is where players will be spending the most time using it thanks to its long ranged, versatile Pilot. Finally, Hierophant Green is a low cost Stand, usually leaving the player with 30+ Skill Points to put into either their character or their specialty of choice.

Hierophant Green is not without its flaws, however. As stated before, Hierophant Green is a slow, weak Stand, meaning that it's M1s and barrage are almost useless offensively. In Pilot, if it is ragdolled, its attacks will be cancelled (a common reality when you realize Emerald Splash has small moments where stun doesn't apply), meaning that it relies on long combos and Emerald Splash chip damage to get things done. Finally, outside of small moments of Emerald Barrier stun, Hierophant Green is almost useless in the face of Time Stop.

To sum it up, Hierophant Green is a defensive Stand that requires a slightly adept hand to get the most out of. Its low cost, Pilot capabilities and chipping ability give it a genuine niche, but its flaws hold it back from being a truly dominant Stand.

Total Skill Points: 45 Points


LMB - Punch: Hierophant Green throws a regular punch that deals 5.5 damage, comboing for 27.5 per 5 hits.

E - Stand Barrage: Hierophant Green performs a weak and slow stand barrage dealing 0.9 damage per hit. During the barrage, you will hear Kakyoin's famous cherry liking sound (rero).

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: Hierophant Green throws a heavy punch dealing 11 damage.

T - Marionette Control: Hierophant Green throws a heavy punch, attaching its tentacles to the opponent. You can still attack while your strings are attached to the opponent. When your tentacles are attached, the target can't attack nor move and is forced to follow you. NPC's however, are forced to stay in place and do nothing, not move or attack. As of Version 1.0, victims can not have their stands forced away while under control.

Y - Emerald Splash: Hierophant Green charges a barrage of emerald projectiles to fire at opponents, dealing 3 damage per hit. This move has an 8-second cooldown and cannot be blocked. The button can be held down, but this does not change the move. It's basically a ranged barrage but it breaks block, and does not take up a barrage cooldown. When the attack ends, there is a great amount of endlag. If the user is knocked down at all, Emerald Splash will be cancelled.

H - Pilot: Allows you to manually control Hierophant Green's position. Unlike most other piloted Stands, Hierophant Green can fly around freely while being piloted, and, as opposed to Aerosmith, is not unsummoned when colliding with terrain.

Z - Emerald Barrier: Hierophant Green places a large amount of its tentacles around a medium area to stun and shoot 1.5 damage emeralds at those who touch them. When the barrier is not touched, it remains invisible, however when touched is shown to everyone. This move also works in Time Stop being a reliable counter to TS stands, though the projectiles only move at the Time Stop's end.

Tips, Combos, and Glitches

  • Make sure that you constantly make use of the ultra-short Emerald Splash cooldown. If you aren't spamming emerald splash, you're playing Hierophant Green wrong.
  • Hierophant Green and elevation pair together like peanut butter and chocolate. When playing in the main game, make full use of rooftops, where there is little room to avoid Emerald Barrier and opponents can be pulled down with Marionette Control. If Pilot is utilized often, it is nearly impossible to climb a ladder to reach Hierophant's user without some type of damage reflection, or a great mobility move, such as Time Skip.
  • Emerald Splash is a close range move, so closing in with pilot will deal more damage to the opponent. If they attempt to barrage during your Emerald Splash, finish the move and counter barrage, or just step back.
  • A good Hierophant Green strategy is charging up Emerald Splash, activating it, and then piloting right in front of your opponent, maximizing your Emerald Splash damage while still being relatively safe.
  • To counter this Stand, ragdolling and projectiles are the names of the game. If you ragdoll Hierophant Green during Emerald Splash, the move will stop. Since the opponent will most likely be bullying you with Pilot, throwing projectiles will never be easier.
  • Emerald Barrier is active during time stop. It is the best way to counter time stop with Hierophant Green. If Emerald Barrier is off cooldown during time stop, use Emerald Barrier and save yourself. However, similarly to time stop, taking damage during the short wind-up when creating an Emerald Barrier will cancel the move. Make sure to get a little bit of distance before using it, as attempting to cast it in the middle of melee combat will put your best defensive move on cooldown.
  • Hierophant Green's pilot speed is tied to the user's FPS. This means that if you have very high FPS your pilot speed is increased dramatically.

Specless Combos

  • T+Z+Drag towards barrier+Y
  • Z+T+5x Clicks+R+5x Clicks+T+5x Clicks+Y+H (if they don't die from that, place another barrier and rinse and repeat, if they escape, just spam Emerald Splash.)

Boxing Combos

  • Z+V+G+T+C+Y
  • G+T+V+Dash backwards+Y+H+Z+H (cancel pilot)+Dash forward+C

Hamon Combos

Note: all of these combos require Hamon charged before the combo starts.

  • Z+C+B+Dash backwards+Y
  • C+V+Dash forward+Z+Dash backwards+Y+H
  • C+B+E+T+Z+Dash backwards+Y+H+R
  • Z+C+B+V+Y+H
  • T+C+V+Z+Y

Spin Combos

  • T+V+B+Y+H+LMB 5x+Z+B
  • T+C+B+R+V+RMB+LMB 3x
  • Y+T+C+B+Z+V+LMB

Vampirism Combos

  • G+C+Z+T+V+Dash+H+Y
  • H+Y+G+C+V+Z
  • Inf Combo: Z+T+C+V+E+4xLMB+V+C+H+Y+Z+T+C+V

Sword-Style Combos

  • T+Pierce+C+V+Z+4xLMB+H+Y
  • X+Z+H+Y+H+N+V+C+T+B+H+Y (Thrust + Barrier + Pilot + Splash + Pilot mode off + Instant Slash + Pierce + Triple Pierce + Marionette Control + Crescent Slash + Pilot + Emerald Splash.)


  • Mobile users are able to control their character during marionette control, but they can’t use moves.
  • The voice line that plays during Hierophant Green's barrage is the sound Kakyoin makes when eating cherries. It is the Japanese onomatopoeia for licking.
  • Hierophant Green was one of the first Stands introduced in the entire JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.
  • It was stated that Noriaki Kakyoin had his Stand from birth.
  • Within the dub of Stardust Crusaders, Noriaki Kakyoin states that "No one can deflect the Emerald Splash", which became a meme within the Jojo community due to its ineffectiveness against Jotaro Kujo. This is referenced in YBA with how Emerald Splash is unblockable and unparriable.


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