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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders 

Do not underestimate my Hermit Purple.

-Joseph Joestar


Hermit Purple is a Stand that is displayed as purple vines with thorns surrounding both hands. In the anime and manga, Hermit Purple is owned by Joseph Joestar. It can be used to find the location of people or things, as well as working as a grappling hook for faster travelling. The ability to find things or people is most commonly used on electronics, but can also be used on pretty much everything.

Hermit Purple alone isn't the strongest Stand, but gets a massive buff when combined with Hamon.

Total Skill Points: 40 points


E - Grapple: Grapples onto buildings or people with Hermit Purple's vines. This attack will then pull you towards that object rapidly, allowing for quick getaways. This, used on players, will launch you towards each other, making it easier for you to attack them. There is a strange glitch that makes you unable to do anything if your opponent stops you from using the move.

E+R - Vine Trap: When someone is grappled by the vines, they will become trapped in it. They will be unable to move, leaving you able to attack them without being damaged yourself. Can no longer be parried in mid-air.

R- Vine Trap 2: This is a variation of the original vine trap, but instead of using it when you grapple someone, you use it just like a regular old move. When this hits it does 18 damage. This also stuns the victim for a short amount of time. This can be blocked, but not parried.

T - Stand Barrage Finisher: This is just like any other finisher, which is a big punch that knocks the opponent, dealing some damage and can break blocks or get parried. When using this move, Joseph Joestar's "OH MY GOD" voiceline will play.

Z - The Joestar Technique: Runs away using the secret Joestar Technique. This attack simply gives you a speed boost, which is great for running away or closing distance.

Y - Double Vine Slap: This attack extends Hermit Purple's vines to whip twice in the direction you are facing. This deals decent damage and has a high range. You can upgrade the vines so they deal more damage.

U - Spirit Photo (Divining Information): Every NPC and player in the map becomes highlighted with a camera icon to locate them.

Hamon Combination: If the user has Hamon, every attack has a chance of setting the opponent on fire, dealing tick damage. You can upgrade to increase the chances of the burn.

Skill Tree

Hamon Efficiency: increases the chance of Hamon Combination activating, as well as increasing burn duration.

  • Hamon Efficiency I: 2 points
  • Hamon Efficiency 2: 3 points
  • Hamon Efficiency 3: 6 points

Joestar Technique: increases length of The Joestar Technique

  • The Joestar Technique: 1 point
  • Joestar Technique I: 1 point
  • Joestar Technique II: 1 point
  • Joestar Technique III: 2 points

Vine Mastery: increases length of Grapple and damage of Vine Slap

  • Vine Mastery I: 2 points
  • Vine Mastery II: 2 points
  • Vine Mastery III: 3 points
  • Vine Mastery IV: 4 points
  • Vine Mastery V: 5 points
Double Vine Slap: 1 point, slaps twice, dealing moderate damage and stunning the enemy.

  • Grapple: Uses Hermit Purple's vines to grapple onto buildings and players
  • Hamon Combination: 3 points, if the player has Hamon then they will be able to have a chance of their attacks doing burning damage
  • Vine Trap: 1 point, allows the user to ensnare targets after grappling them.


  • Seen early on in Stardust Crusaders, DIO has access to a similar Stand which he got with The World due to having Jonathan's body. This Stand is sometimes referred to as 'The Passion' due to the light novel JORGE JOESTAR.
  • The ability of Jonathan's Stand seems to be identical to Hermit Purple, allowing him to view others from afar (minus the requirement to destroy a camera).
  • The Stand has a vine-like appearance due to Joseph's Hamon.
  • Araki confirmed in an interview that if the Stardust Crusaders went back in time to Part 2: Battle Tendency and saw Young Joseph, they would see Hermit Purple's vines wrapped around him.
  • The E and R combination is a reference to the Grapple and Owl Slash from Shinobi in Rogue Lineage.


  • Hamon: E + R + Y + B + V
  • Hamon: R + E + R + (When falling down) Y + T (Optional)
  • Hamon: R + E + R + C + Y + (Optional) Dash + V
    • Vine Trap 2 + (E + R) Vine Trap 1 + Vine Slap + Barrage Finisher (Optional)
  • Hamon: R+C+LMBx3+Y+V
  • Hamon: E+R+C+V+R+T+Y
  • Vampire: R + E + R + C + Y + V + G (Optional) = Vine Trap 2 + Grapple + Vine Trap 1 + Freeze + Vine Slap + Life Drain + Stingy Eyes (Optional)
  • Sword-Style: E + R + T/Y(optional if you know your opponent is going to barrage)+ Z + C + V + R + X/G(thrust or aerial ace)
  • Spin: E + V + B + C
  • Spin: R + V + B +Y
  • Boxing: G + Y + E + R
  • It is recommended to not use R when the opponent looks as if they are about to parry or block.
  • This Stand is great in the Steel Ball Run gamemode, due to its stun-locking capabilities and because of its ability to detect exploiters with Divining Information.
  • The trick in using Hermit Purple Hamon is to bait them into getting close and using Vine Slap. The burn effect will eventually scrape away at the opponents health and you can eventually win. Try not to get barraged when doing so, as barrages can be used no matter what the opponents situation is (stunned, burned, poisoned, barraged back.)

Hermit Purple's first and only skin, Holly's Sickness