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"My heart resonates... Heat enough to burn... My blood's beat is razor sharp! SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!"

~Jonathan Joestar


Jonathan Joestar

Hamon (or the Ripple) is a Martial Art based on unknown origins. It is where the user controls their breathing to manifest their life energy and body heat into a weapon. It is noted to be hard to learn, and not many people have the talent and requirements for it. This art requires proper training. Hamon is used throughout Part 1–3, then it is no longer mentioned. A similar power appears in Part 7 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Spin.

Hamon is noted for dealing more damage to Vampires, as the energy produced from Hamon breathing is the same as the Sun's rays and is the opposite of the energy that Undead have.

To obtain the Hamon Speciality, you must go to the mountains where Doppio is, then walk to the left side of the Mountains. Then, make your way to the top left corner of the cliffs at the Naples Train Station area and drop down to the platform where Jonathan Joemama is. Hamon's skill tree gives a 25% increase in damage and a 25% increase in your defense when charged, making it better for high damage Stands. It costs $15,000 and you must have a Zeppeli's Headband, as well as being level 10.

Total Skill Points: 36


  • G - Hamon Charge: Charges the user's Hamon meter. Once the meter is full, there will be a slight cooldown for charging again. When the Hamon bar reaches it's fullest level, the user will brightly blink yellow, and will stay glowing yellow until the Hamon bar is empty.
  • V - Scarlet Overdrive: A heavy punch that sets the victim on fire for a bit. This move cannot be perfect blocked. This move deals 21.3 damage without the burn damage.
  • B - Sunlight Yellow Overdrive: A slow barrage that deals massive damage compared to the stand barrage and makes for a good attack when used in self-defense. This move deals 1.9 damage per punch, 2.6 to Vampires.
  • C - Zoom Punch: Extends the user's fist to reach their target. It pulls your enemies closer, dealing good damage and slowing the enemy for a short time period. This move deals 21.9 damage, and stuns the enemy.

Skill Tree

Typical in-game upgrade tree showing all of the hexagons for each upgrade and their paths.

Visual skill tree of Hamon and its upgrade paths, as it would appear in-game.

Hamon Duration: Affects how long your Hamon meter lasts for.

  • Hamon Duration I: 1 point
  • Hamon Duration II: 1 point
  • Hamon Duration III: 1 point
  • Hamon Duration IV: 2 points
  • Hamon Duration V: 2 points

Hamon Defense: Makes the user take 30% less damage when Hamon is charged.

  • Hamon Defense I: 1 point
  • Hamon Defense II: 1 point
  • Hamon Defense III: 1 point

Hamon Punch: 1 point, buffs overall damage when Hamon meter is charged by 25%, does 60% more damage against the Undead.

Hamon Charge: Allows the user to fill up their Hamon meter much faster.

  • Hamon Charge I: 1 point
  • Hamon Charge II: 1 point
  • Hamon Charge III: 1 point
  • Hamon Charge IV: 2 points
  • Hamon Charge V: 2 points

Scarlet Overdrive:

  • Scarlet Overdrive: 2 points
  • Mastered Scarlet Overdrive: 4 points

Sunlight Yellow Overdrive:

  • Sunlight Yellow Overdrive: 2 points
  • Mastered Sunlight Yellow Overdrive: 4 points

Zoom Punch:

  • Zoom Punch: 2 points
  • Mastered Zoom Punch: 4 points,

"Charge Hamon:"

  • Charge Hamon: 0 points

Tips, Combos and Glitches


  • Hamon as a whole in Your Bizarre Adventure is mainly based on Jonathan Joestar's Hamon. His Hamon was based on using Sendo (a Martial Art) and amplifying his strength with Hamon. This is seen with techniques such as Zoom Punch.
  • Hamon may be inspired upon a Chinese fighting art known as Qi.
  • There is talk of adding in advanced specialties that only non-requiem stand users can use, this will include things such as Joseph's Hamon with Clacker Volleys and Caesar's bubbles.
  • When you have the Hamon fighting style and you use a vampire mask, you simply die and catch on fire. This is due to the Hamon fighting the Vampirism. Within JoJo Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, it is implied that DIO was physically weaker due to Jonathan's Hamon.
  • In a test with Magician's Red with Hamon, damage was increased by 25%. Cross Fire Hurricane went up from 20 damage to 25 instead of 27 (if it was a 35% increase in damage). Also timing how long it takes for the security guard to die from it:
    • It took 9.13 seconds for the security guard to die without Hamon
    • It took 7.42 seconds for the security guard to die with Hamon
    • It took 8.06 seconds for the security guard to die without Hamon on impact but Hamon was active after impact
  • Hamon no longer boosts the damage of The World Over Heaven, as it was too overpowered.
  • Hamon's Sunlight yellow overdrive used to do 3.1 Damage
  • Hamon used to cost only $3000, but has since been changed to $15000 and a Zeppeli's Headband.
  • Hamon is the most expensive Spec, which is why most people don't reset it.
  • Hamon is also jokingly called "Sunshine Kung Fu" by some people.