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I'll engrave these words onto my Stand so I won't forget them. What is most necessary is "courage"; I must have the courage to destroy my Stand momentarily. As it disintegrates, my Stand will absorb the souls of the 36 sinners and will give birth to something utterly new.

-Dio's Diary


The Green Baby appears to be a small baby with a face similar to that of C-Moon, with its skin being green.

How to Obtain

To obtain the Green Baby, you must complete Pucci's quest (LVL 40+).

You may also buy one at the Headless Horseman. (Halloween Event)


If you have Whitesnake, you can use the Green Baby to turn your Stand into C-Moon, which is its main usage.

You can sell the Green Baby for $2500 to ShiftPlox, The Travelling Merchant.

This is best used with Worthiness V to ensure it works.

You can get the green baby multiple times.


Without Whitesnake equipped:

[The Green Baby cries.]

With Whitesnake equipped:

GOO GOO ZA GA GA WARUDO (The Green Baby wants to merge with your STAND. Accept?)!

Player: Yes (Accept) No. (Decline)

The Green Baby merges with your STAND.


  • It was added along with C-Moon and DIO's Diary.
  • The Green Baby has a chance to turn you to stone if you use it without Worthiness V.
  • If you use Nail Glide while holding a Green Baby you will fly upwards.
  • In The Hallowen Update [ver 0.885] Your can exhange 15 point to get green baby