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Gold Experience Requiem
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Vento Aureo(Golden Wind)

"You will never arrive at the reality that will occur! None who stand before me shall ever do so, no matter what abilities they may wield!"

—Gold Experience Requiem to Diavolo


Gold Experience Requiem (also commonly known as GER) is the Requiem form of Gold Experience. When Giorno Giovanna used a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience. Being worthy, it achieved Requiem and became Gold Experience Requiem.

GER, in-game, has a couple of niches. It is one of five stands that can heal other players (the other four Stands being Gold Experience, The World Over Heaven, Mr. President and Crazy Diamond.) It also serves as a support stand within Steel Ball Run, while being able to do increased damage with its Awakening ability, which can also stack with Hamon Punch from the Hamon skill tree. This increases the Stand's damage to that that nearly rivals King Crimson Requiem and D4C: Love Train.

The main ability of GER however, is the Return to Zero ability. This negates various things such as Time Stop or Time Erasure, being able to avoid any potential combos. It also works to unequip the stands of people nearby, which can be extremely dangerous if used properly. Even if Return to Zero is under cooldown, GER can passively move within paused time for around three seconds.

Gold Experience Requiem was considered by many to be one of the best Stands in-game. Every move is offensive, even the healing is powerful, with its self-healing and others. Its only real weakness is its damage, which can be removed as a flaw with Awakening which can also stack with Hamon Punch from the Hamon skill tree. This has since changed due to scorpions from life beam (GER's main source for a lot of damage) having a lot more endlag, resulting in players not being able to immobilize opponents with barrage [or any one of a myriad of other moves] quick enough.

Total Skill Points: 57 Points


LMB - Punch: GER throws a basic punch, dealing 7.3 damage (10.9 in Awakening).

E - Stand Barrage: Gold Experience Requiem sends out a flurry of fast punches that deals 1.2 points of damage per hit (1.8 with awakening, 1.5 with Hamon, 2.3 with both).

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: GER throws a heavy punch. Deals 14.5 damage (21.8 with awakening, 18.1 with Hamon, 27.2 with both).

T - Self Distribution: GER heals the user for 49.5 health (54.5 with Hamon, Unaffected by awakening).

Y - Life Distribution: GER heals 49.5 health to others (54.5 with Hamon, Unaffected by awakening).

U - GER Awakening: When activated, this ability boosts your movement speed (you also hover instead of walk), and damage. You also gain 20% HP back. When you kill someone in this mode, they are put in the Infinite Death Loop Cutscene. (3 mins, 50 second cool-down.) You cannot be stand-crashed in this mode.

J - Return To Zero: Using this move, GER can cancel out any time-related move that is in effect with the user being close, and can also be used (while not being attacked) to remove nearby Stand users' stands for a bit of time, as well as gaining only a short amount of I-frames when used. When activated during time-related moves, the victim is sent into a cutscene, unable to do anything, with GER telling them "You will never reach the truth." It disables Stands and prevents action, leaving your opponent defenseless, and since the user does not enter the cutscene while everyone else does, they can heavily punish those who fell in it. The following moves that can be canceled with Return To Zero are: Time Stop, Time Erase, Dimensional Dip, and Dimension Hop. It cannot stop Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration.

H - Tree Summon: GER punches the ground, creating a tree which sends the user upwards and damages anybody nearby for 12 damage(18 with awakening, 15 with Hamon, 22.5 with both).

GER Glows in a pose as the enemy being countered is seen duplicated many times.

GER glows when Nullification Zero is active. The visuals are an iconic reference to Giorno vs. Diavolo, the climax battle of Golden Wind.

G - Nullification : Zero: GER and its user does a pose and shows off a yellow bright light. If the opponent attempts to hit them, clones will appear behind them and render them immobile, but they can use Stand Barrage. The user and GER are able to attack the opponent freely for 5 seconds while this is happening. Missing this counter results in the user being punished with end-lag.

Z - Summon Lifeform: GER barrages the ground to summon a Hawk that attacks the nearest enemy, dealing 34.9 damage.(52.3 with awakening, 43.6 with Hamon, 65.3 with both) This move doesn't work if the user is not on the ground.

X - Life Beam Of Creation: GER shoots a powerful beam using a rock at the enemy, dealing 22 damage on direct contact. (33 with awakening, 27.5 with Hamon, 41.3 with both) If the beam misses, it will summon 4 scorpions to attack the nearest enemy, with each Scorpion dealing 11.9 damage. (each scorpion deals 17.3 damage with awakening, 14.4 with Hamon, 21.6 with both)

Awakening Mode

When in Awakening Mode, Gold Experience Requiem's speed far exceeds the power of most of the stands in the game. When activated, the user temporarily gains a 50% Attack Power buff, higher base movement speed, jump height, a Defense buff as well as a 20% health regeneration boost. This also boosts your Stand's Barrage Speed. These buffs makes an Awakening GER a force to be reckoned with even when facing multiple people.

GER Awakening

It should also be noted that the damage boost of Golden Experience Requiem's awakening exceeds that of all other awakening-type moves in the game, such as Star Platinum: The World's Combat Precision mode and Rage Mode. However, due to GER's low destructive power, other Rage and Awakening stands will generally out-damage GER in a fight, because as of the v0.88 update GER has, effectively, no reliable offensive options.

When GER's Awakening is active, the climax of il vento d'oro will begin to play.

Return To Zero (RTZ)

Return to Zero (R.T.Z) is Gold Experience Requiem's signature move, costing a massive eight points; this move counters a majority of time related moves.

When watching this cutscene, players are stunned for a brief time and their Stands are not summoned, even when not negating a time-related move. Return to zero negates the following moves:

Note: For Time Erase, Dimension Hop and Dimension Dip, only people who are in the dimension or erased time will witness the cutscene. All other players nearby will simply have their Stands unsummoned.

Furthermore, Return to Zero can be used to escape combos and is sometimes used to escape barrages after GER uses its full barrage.

Infinite Death Loop


Infinite Death-YBA

The Infinite Death Loop is a cutscene activated when someone dies to a Gold Experience Requiem during its awakening state.

The target will be sent to a cutscene of a plane crash, and then a car crash. They will then see a black screen with dialogue saying "Am I.... Finally Dead Yet..?" The screen will then say "No... Not yet... Not until time itself is gone..." The player will then say "Who are you?!?! What is this?!?!?" The screen will then switch and say "This.... Is.... Requiem...." You will then see numbers rapidly increasing all the way to 500, which will cause it to read ∞. This concludes the Infinite Death Loop. You will respawn as normal after this.

Skill Tree

Enlightened: Increases duration of Awakening Mode

  • Enlightened I: 2 points
  • Enlightened II: 2 points
  • Enlightened III: 3 points
  • Enlightened IV: 4 points
  • Enlightened V: 5 points
  • NOTE: Each node roughly adds 5 seconds to the awakening. With the final node giving around 60 seconds of awakening and no upgrades giving roughly 35 seconds.
Skill points needed to max out the stand : 57

Distribution: Buffs Self-Distribution’s heal

  • Distribution I: 1 point
  • Distribution II: 2 points
  • Distribution III: 2 points
  • Distribution IV: 3 points
  • Distribution V: 4 points

Tree Manipulation: Increases the size of the tree

  • Tree Manipulation I: 2 points
  • Tree Manipulation II: 2 points
  • Tree Manipulation III: 2 points

Life Manipulation: Buffs the Life Form

  • Life Manipulation I: 2 points
  • Life Manipulation II: 2 points
  • Life Manipulation III: 3 points

Self Distribution: 1 point

Distribute Life: 2 points

Summon Life Form: 2 points

Summon Tree: 1 point

Awakening: 4 points

Return To Zero: 4 points

Life Beam Of Creation: 1 point

Nullification: Zero: 1 point

Combos, Tips, and Glitches

  • (Very close Range with Hamon) G-U-J-E-V-X-Z-LMB x 4-H-E (Charge Hamon + Awakening Mode + R.T.Z + Stand Barrage (Your opponent cannot barrage back without a stand), Beam of Life Creation (Direct hit to break block and prevent perfect blocking) + Summon Life Form + 4 Punches + Summon Tree + Stand Barrage). This combo is very deadly, either kills or heavily wounds your opponent.
  • Gold Experience Requiem, despite having lower Destructive Power than Gold Experience (1.2 and 1.3 respectively), deals more damage with its barrage since it is faster.
  • J-E (Return To Zero + Stand Barrage. Your opponent cannot barrage back as they do not have their stand out since it has been de-summoned by Return To Zero, allowing you to safely fully barrage him.)
  • Use animals sparingly: use bird when they are incapable of moving, as it has a long start up and moves in a single direction.
  • Nullification Zero can break someone's habits, and force them to think before acting. Usual people would perform a finisher after barraging, and nullification can stop them in their tracks. Once they are affected, summon an eagle, use life beam, and then barrage. Before that, make sure you have Awakened Mode ready.
  • If you are caught in a Kick Barrage, wait until the last hit, and before the last hit, use Nullification Zero, and your opponent will be stunned. Once they are affected, have Awakened Mode ready, summon an eagle, and then barrage.
  • Even if your opponent is stunned by Nullification Zero, do not stand in front of them, as they can barrage you and stop you in your tracks, wasting the move. After stunning your opponent, move beside them before summoning an eagle and using life beam so they cannot hit you with their barrage.
  • X-H (Beam of Life Creation (Miss for more damage) + Summon Tree (Breaks your opponent's block and forces them to take damage from the scorpions.))
  • Z-E (Summon Life Form + Stand Barrage) An alternative to Scorpion Barrage.
  • R-Z-E-X (Finisher + Summon Life Form + Stand Barrage + Beam of Life Creation)
  • J-E-R (R.T.Z + Stand Barrage + Finisher)
  • J-R-Z-E-X (R.T.Z + Finisher + Summon Life Form + Stand Barrage + Beam of Life Creation)
  • R-X-Z-J-E (Finisher + Beam of Life Creation + Summon Life Form + R.T.Z + Stand Barrage)
  • Z-R-X-J-E-R-X (Summon Life Form + Finisher + Beam of Life Creation + R.T.Z + Stand Barrage + Finisher + Beam of Life Creation)
  • (With Hamon) C+J+E OR C+J into any combo really. Even unmastered zoom punch provides a long enough stun to get a free barrage straight from RTZ and into anything you want. The same may work for eye gouge on boxing but that is just an assumption
  • R-X-J-Z (move away until R recharges)-R-E-X (Finisher + Beam of Life Creation + R.T.Z + Summon Life Form)
  • Z-X-E-R (Summon Life Form + Beam of Life Creation + Stand Barrage + Finisher)
  • E+J (while barrage is happening) +X+Z
  • V + B + X + Z + E (Steel Ball + Multiple Steel Balls + Beam Of Life Of Creation + Summon Life Form)
  • G + U + X + Z + LMB x4 (Nullification: Zero + Awakening + Beam of Life Creation + Summon Life Form + 4 Punches) This combo is is extremely deadly, either kill or heavily wound your opponent.
  • G + X + J + E (Nullification: Zero + Life Beam of Creation + Return to Zero + Barrage) A heavily nerfed version of the combo above, but much easier to perform and up to date with the Null nerfs.
  • U + X + Z + R + E + H + G + B + V + C (Awakening + Beam of Life Creation + Summon Life Form + Barrage Finisher + Barrage + Tree Summon + Hamon Charge + Sunlight Yellow Overdrive + Scarlet Overdrive + Zoom Punch)
  • You can barrage first and if the opponent barrages back when they finish their barrage with Stand barrage finisher, chop, clicks, etc. You can use nullification zero right before they do their barrage finisher or whatever.
  • Use Self-Distribution with Hamon on, as you will have a 25% heal increase. You will heal 54.5 Health with Hamon on compared to 49.5 Health without Hamon.
  • Never rely too much on the barrage and heavy punch unless you have the awakening move on, as of the melee power of the stand without awakening is quite weak, unlike what it has shown in the anime. Try to use more life form creating, to get an advantage on the opponent being stunned, and start your combos in order to kill the opponent.
  • The Return To Zero ability can be used to avoid attacks due to the large amount of I-Frames
  • You can use any other move/attack just after using Life Beam of Creation, this is what makes X+Z happen.
  • GER's skill tree costs 57 points.
  • X+E+Z
  • U (Optional)-J-E-R-X(Miss for extra damage)-Z
  • GER's Nullification ability has a limited range, and a small window where you could still be hit, so only use Nullification: Zero to counter a move that has a huge wind up time, a bit close to you, and can easily hit you, such as King Crimson Requiem's Dimensional Slash.
  • While the above is true if you are fighting a good player it's advisable not to attempt a counter on dimensional slash, if they do end up redirecting the slash away from you it leaves you open for an attack with the end lag Nullification has. However, a tip in general is that if RTZ is available, you are able to use it directly after the counter stopping any sort of punish on you. A good example is failing to counter a SPTW and then they try to beatdown you afterwards. If RTZ is used you will be protected from the beatdown.
  • Do not throw out life beam and summon carelessly against stands with a counter, particularly something like KC or KCR as they can still move at full speed into the scorpions if they miss. It's a good idea to play with these two relatively restrained until an opportunity arises where either A: The counter in question is on cooldown or B: You can confirm that they are not able to counter it with a combo or C: Return to Zero after throwing out Life Beam and before your opponent runs into it, as their counter moves will be disabled and they will take damage from the scorpions.
  • Do not be scared to use RTZ in combos against time stopping stands, even if time is stopped you still have movement in stopped time and for a long time at that. Even if RTZ is on cooldown a good way to escape being in a TS is to just use summon tree to escape. As due to the low gravity effect of stopped time you will be launched incredibly high up and protected from any damage.
  • After Return to Zero is used, the effect lingers for a bit before going away, and during that period can still nullify Time Stop, if somebody tries to use Time Stop.
  • Do not discredit Return to Zero if you are not fighting a time-related stand. This move can be extraordinarily useful against practically every stand in the game due to the fact that it unsummons your opponents stand. This opens up a number of possibilities for the next few seconds, including basic and advanced combos, running away or healing up, since your opponent cant attack you in this short period of time if he does not expect you to use Return to Zero.
  • H+X (You can use summon tree and then Life Beam of Creation in mid air aiming behind your enemy, so you can land and attack from both sides, with Summon Life Form or do a R.T.Z combo: H+X+J+E[or Z])
  • Doing Scorpions with hamon and awakening will do an insane amount of damage and doing a barrage and a barrage finisher(and maybe another move though unlikely) can easily kill a vitality IX player
  • Since Life Beam of Creation is a true block break, it is advised to use it to extend different combos
  • During RTZ, your horse's heat or cold will decrease.


  • There is a chance to escape the infinite death cut-scene by moving forward or performing a Stand Jump the moment you respawn, or resetting the moment you respawn.
  • GER is considered to be one of the strongest canon stands within JoJo (as contenders for strongest stand in the series are from non-canon sources such as novels or games.)
  • Return to Zero, the ability Gold Experience gained when becoming Requiem, prevents anyone that stands in its way from "reaching the truth, no matter their ability", hence why RTZ for GER causes the Stands of all nearby players to be disabled.
  • Due to the abilities of life creation and tree creation, this Stand is pretty good for long-ranged attacks.
  • While the YBA version of RTZ is more on activation, which is easier, the real RTZ is much more powerful. RTZ negates what happens when Giorno is attacked, even abilities such as Time Erase, Time Stop, and Time Acceleration. What makes it more terrifying is that GER has a mind of its own and it's passive, hence being the most powerful stand in canon of JoJo.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Golden Spirit Requiem" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • Previously, RTZ was bugged where GER could not attack during its duration: this has been fixed, GER can attack during the I-frames.
  • The song that used to play during GER's Awakening, Paradisus Paradoxum (Instrumental), is from the anime Re:Zero. On 4/25/2021 the theme was changed to Giorno Giovanna's theme from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.
  • The "Requiem" portion of GER's name is a reference to Mozart's Requiem, It is believed that, like Mozart's requiem, the "requiem" (CR) was created by Polnareff, but finished by someone else, hence why GER's name is complete yet CR's name isn't.
  • Since GER doesn't have any Destructive Power upgrades, it deals LESS damage than normal Gold Experience if the GE has max Destructive power.
  • GER's Nullification: Zero is one of two moves that are able to find the username and the avatar of an invisible exploiter, the other being D4C's Dimensional Victim Clone.
  • GER's Life Distribution can be reflected back to the user if the user decides to use Life Distribution on someone whose Your Own Shadow or Love Train is active. Keep in mind, this will only work on Chariot Requiem users and D4C: Love Train users.
  • If you jump before using tree you start to fly up higher than the cafe building
  • GER used to be one of the best stands in the game. Unfortunately, GER got nerfed.
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