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Gold Experience

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 5 - Golden Wind

Arise, new life. Be born.. a new existence.

~Giorno Giovanna


Gold Experience is the Stand of Giorno Giovanna, the main protagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo. The Stand is known for its ability to give life to inanimate objects. It can be obtained by a Stand Arrow. There is a 2.5% chance of obtaining Gold Experience.

Using a Requiem Arrow, Gold Experience can be turned into the much more powerful Gold Experience Requiem when Prestige One or higher. Worthiness 5 is also recommended as there is a chance you can fail the Requiem Arrow. This Stand has been renamed "Golden Spirit" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.

Thanks to some recent buffs, Gold Experience has become a foe to be reckoned with and even in some parts outshines it's Requiem form. It's three biggest upsides are "Summon Frog Life Form" which not only does a truckload of damage but also has enough stun to combo, "Self Distribution" which makes gold experience one of the most tanky stands in the entire game and "Seven Page Beatdown" which can not only be an effective finishing blow, but also lasts long enough to string two "Self Distributions" into each other turning what would be a close game on it's head. Overall the Requiem form is still better, but Gold Experience is no laughing matter.

Total Skill Points: 46 Points


E - Stand Barrage: A fast Stand Barrage dealing 1.3 damage each punch (Maxed Destructive Power)

R - Barrage Finisher: A heavy punch that does around 15-16 damage (Maxed Destructive Power)

T - Kick Barrage: Gold Experience throws a flurry of kicks forth at his target which finishes with a strong kick that is very fast and powerful. This ability can be perfect blocked at the start, but if you're late it will be a guaranteed barrage. (1.3 barrage at the kicks, 10.1 damage at the last kick.)

Y - Self Distribution: You use Gold Experience to heal yourself. The amount healed can be increased via Distribution upgrades. This move can heal 59.9 health with Distribution maxed. This also replaces limbs that have been erased or cut off.

U - Distribute Life: Gold Experience heals another player by punching. If the player does not have Sturdiness, they will also be immobilized for a short amount of time. Heals 59.9 health with Distribution maxed.

G - Seven Page Beatdown (7 Page Muda): Gold Experience throws a punch. This first hit can be parried. When it lands, the target gets dealt 15.1 damage. Following that, they get punched repeatedly for 25 seconds at a speed similar to SP:TW's beatdown. Each punch deals 0.3 damage. The final hit deals more damage the lower the victim's HP is. This move has an 80 second cooldown. Il vento d'oro will also play during the beatdown. This move is an Execute move.

H- Tree Summon: Gold Experience summons a tree underneath you, damaging and flinging your opponent upwards. This can also be used to climb buildings. The tree size can be upgraded by putting skill points into Tree Manipulation. If you are lagging a lot then you will often just fall off. This move is a true block break.

Z - Summon Life Form: Gold Experience breaks rocks and transforms them into an eagle which flies towards the nearest opponent. The damage of this move can be upgraded by putting skill points into Life Manipulation. This move is blockable and is very easily avoidable.

X - Summon Frog Life Form: Gold Experience delivers a heavy punch that turns a random limb into a frog. You will deal more damage to them if it takes their arm. The increased damage will last until your opponent is defeated or their arm comes back. Also inflicts a 15 damage poison effect. You can hit the frog and the damage will be transferred to the victim that had one of their limbs turned into the frog. The victim can block and parry attacks from the frog, but they can also have their block broken.

Skill Tree

Distribution: Increases the amount of health healed.

  • Distribution I: 2 Points
  • Distribution II: 2 Points
  • Distribution III: 2 Points
  • Distribution IV: 2 Points
  • Distribution V: 2 Points

Tree Manipulation: Increases the size of the tree summoned.

  • Tree Manipulation I: 2 points
  • Tree Manipulation II: 2 points
  • Tree Manipulation III: 2 points

Life Manipulation: Buffs the life form.

  • Life Manipulation I: 2 points
  • Life Manipulation II: 2 points
  • Life Manipulation III: 2 points

"Self Distribution": 1 point, heals the player.

"Distribute Life": 2 points, heals players in the vicinity that are hit by the punch.

"Summon Tree": 1 point, summons a tree from under the player to be used as an escape route or offensively.

"Summon Life Form": 2 points, summons a bird which attacks the enemy.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use Tree Summon when your opponent use Time Stop to launch yourself upwards making it harder for your opponent to hit you in Time Stop.
  • You can heal your missing limbs by using Self Distribution.
  • Victims of Summon Frog Life Form can use counters like Epitaph to counter attacks that comes from the frog, so beware if your opponent has a counter move.
  • You can barrage at the frog without the victim barraging back if you're far enough from the victim.


Boxing Combos


C+tree+life form+ T (if you can land T then do it)

Eye Gouge, Frog, Fist Barrage, a single m1, tree. If their guard is broken by the tree, then beatdown.

Jaw Breaker, Life Form. (Depending on how it's performed and the enemy doesn't pull their stand out in time, you can get a free barrage)

Pluck Combos

Pierce strike+ kicks

Crescent blade, life form, (dash), pierce strike, Kicks (not so sure if this one works)

Hamon Combos


X+4 m1+Beatdown/T (Dash behind when using the BD)

Vampirism Combos


freeze+life form+ kicks

Spin Combos

(only use if you're decently close to the person) steel balls, multi steel balls, Kicks.

Specless Combos

Life form +kicks


  • The name to this Stand is a reference to the album "The Gold Experience" by Prince.
  • This is the only Stand from the Joestar bloodline that has achieved Requiem.
  • This stand (with max Destructive Power) deals MORE damage than its upgraded version, Gold Experience Requiem. However, in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure GER is canonically much stronger than Gold Experience in destructive power.
  • You can barrage back while in a GE beatdown. It wont damage the user but, it will damage anybody outside of the beatdown. You can also block the last hit of the beatdown and be block broken, this lets you take much less damage from it.
  • Tree Creation's move was actually completely reworked. It used to summon a tall tree, without leaves, that was possible to stand on. It was usually used for getting into a safe spot for healing, or for climbing to the top of the certain buildings/structures
  • Its skin is a reference to the Ichiban Kuji Second anniversary figure of Gold Experience.
  • The Kick Barrage move is a reference to when Giorno killed Ghiaccio with a similar attack.
  • Golden Experiences Visual Traits Refer to that of DIO's, as we can see his Pant straps are seen DIO, and the Gold Look also goes with DIO's stand "The World"


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