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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

“Allowing neighboring worlds to exist simultaneously in the same location. That is my Stand ability, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap."

~ Funny Valentine


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or D4C is the Stand of President Funny Valentine, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. This Stand has a 25% chance of being obtained in-game from a Rib Cage of The Saints Corpse.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is great at zoning. Its pocket revolver can detonate smoke clouds from The World (Alternate Universe), allowing it to utilize the crowd control effect of the explosion. The gun itself, when upgraded, is also quicker than TWAU's Revolver. Aside from the gun, a D4C user also relies on Dimensional Victim Clone for damage at longer ranges and Dimensional Clones to overwhelm their opponent with M1s and M2s. This can be used in tandem with Clone Swap to punish opponents barraging or to give some (albeit unreliable) mobility.

D4C's main advantage is Dimensional Hop, which can be compared to Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero, as it has the possibility to nullify time related attacks when timed properly. This is harder to utilize in a serious fight, however, due to it being rather slow and not easily done in the short windup of Time Stop.

This stand has only 2 melee attacks, the standard barrage and barrage finisher. Despite this, it has rather high Destructive Power and can be used at close range without too much trouble. However, using a barrage to stun, then a finisher to knock down opponents in order to dash away and maintain distance is more effective than engaging in a melee fight. D4C also lacks any sort of attack that inflicts a Status Effect, which gives it no way to stall out its enemy.

This stand can be evolved into D4C: Love Train with the use of Heart of The Saints Corpse.

Total Skill Points: 50 Points


LMB - Punch: D4C does a punch that deals 9.9 damage at max Destructive Power.

E - Stand Barrage: D4C does a flurry of punches that deals 1 base damage per punch; 1.6 damage with max destructive power and 2.1 if charged with Hamon.

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: D4C throws a strong punch, dealing 13.5 dmg (19.8 dmg when destructive power is maxed out).

T - Pocket Revolver: The user brings out a pistol, and shoots wherever their cursor is located (in front of you if you're Mobile) dealing 22 damage with max Destructive Power. The speed of this move can be determined by the upgrades of Quick Draw. This move can be used when D4C isn't out

Z - Dimension Hop: D4C waves an American flag at the user for a few seconds, then the user gets transported to a different dimension where they can move around freely. You can also bring other players in the dimension by having the other player stand next to you while D4C is waving the American flag. Other players in the radius of the dimension cannot interact with the player inside of the dimension. While another player is inside of the dimension, moves such as Timestop, Reality Marble, and Conqueror's Will do not work. Gold Experience Requiem's Return To Zero can cancel D4C's dimension hop. Like all its other Dimension moves, the speed of this can be determined/upgraded by getting Quick Draw upgrades.

U - Dimensional Clones: D4C waves an American flag towards the direction the user is facing for a few seconds and then a clone NPC that looks just like the player's avatar will spawn and fight the nearest NPC/Player. The number of clones spawned depends on how much Dimension Traveler is upgraded, the number of clones is increased by up to 3 when maxed out and the damage that the clones inflict is scaled with destructive power.

Y - Dimension Victim Clone: The user will raise their flag, summoning a clone of another person which follows them where ever they go until coming in contact with the Target. When it touches the target, it detonates, dealing 32.2 damage.

X - Clone Swap: Swap places with one of your clones (requires your cursor to be on one) you can swap places with another D4C's victim clone of yourself.

Skill Tree

Quick Draw: increases how fast the Pocket Revolver and Flag are drawn

  • Quick Draw I: 2 points
  • Quick Draw II: 2 points
  • Quick Draw III: 3 points
  • Quick Draw IV: 3 points
  • Quick Draw V: 4 points

Dimensional Traveler: Spawns one more clone to fight for you

  • Dimensional Traveler I: 2 points
  • Dimensional Traveler II: 3 points
Dimensional Searcher: 1 point, increases the health and strength of your clones.

Destructive Power: increases Stand damage

  • Destructive Power I: 2 points
  • Destructive Power II: 2 points
  • Destructive Power III: 3 points
  • Destructive Power IV: 3 points

Dimension Control: extends how long a player can stay in the dimension

  • Dimension Control I: 2 points
  • Dimension Control II: 2 points
  • Dimension Control III: 3 points
  • Dimension Control IV: 3 points
  • Dimension Control V (Allows you to enter the dimension uninterrupted. If someone ragdolls you, the move will still be cancelled): 4 points

  • Pocket Revolver: 1 point
  • Dimensional Clones: 2 points
  • Dimensional Victim Clone: 1 point
  • Dimension Hop: 1 point

  • Tips, Tricks & Combos

    • If a self clone is hit by any projectile or is damaged by a player or NPC, the clone will instead go after the person it was attacked by.
    • When you are at low health, summon Self Clones and Dimension Hop, this way your clones can attack your opponent so they are unable to heal themselves while you are recovering inside the dimension.
    • After summoning self clones, do not immediately summon a victim clone, while the self clones may act like a stun-lock to make way for the victim clone, once it blows up, the self clones die too which wastes all of the clones for 30 damage when the self clones could have inflicted more.
    • If you victim clone someone and they go into Dimension Hop, the victim clone will explode when it gets to the spot where the victim used Dimension Hop.
    • If you summon self clones inside your dimension then exit, you can still use clone swap to teleport the clones' position, wherever they may be in the dimension.
    • Using Dimension Hop will reset your horse's temperature to normal in Steel Ball Run, this is extremely useful during the Tundra section.
    • If a King Crimson or King Crimson Requiem uses Time Erase and you use Dimension Hop, you can see them.
    • Dimension Hop is always used in 1v1s, and opponents using D4C can hide in the dimension, then get out of the dimension and hide in a tree to heal. However, there is a bug where you can be aware of when they hop out or not as you will see them in their original position for a split second before they're gone again
    • if you Dimension Hop and someone stops time, you can get out of the dimension and move freely in the Time Stop.
    • If you want to win Casual SBR for money or Requiem Arrows, you and a friend with D4C can continuously Dimension Hop during the game for an easy way to bypass people fighting.
    • T+R (Pocket Revolver + Barrage Finisher)
    • R + E + T + Y + LMB x2 + R + T + LMB x2 (Barrage Finisher + Stand Barrage + Pocket Revolver + Dimension Victim Clone + 2 clicks + Barrage Finisher + Pocket Revolver + 2 clicks)
    • T + E + R + T (Pocket Revolver + Stand Barrage + Barrage Finisher + Pocket Revolver)
    • M1 x3 + T (block break or the combo is harder to land) + M1 x4 + Y/U/spec stun (spec stun move to continue the combo) (this entire combo is easily landed if you are counter barraging or you land the first m1) (easy/difficult combo depending on your practice with D4C/D4C: love train)
    • Boxing Combo:
      • T+G+C (+V if block break) +Y (wait for explosive clone to hit) +U, if they barrage to kill the clones, X+E+C
      • U + Y + T + X (If the clones are still alive) + G + C (Dimensional Clones + Dimensional Victim Clone + Pocket Revolver + Clone Swap + Fist Barrage + Jawbreaker)


    • It was one of the first Part 7 Stands to be added to the game, along with Scary Monsters.
    • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, when it first came out, had a more bulky model that was changed to be more modest due to the lag it gave off.
    • This Stand has been renamed "Criminal Tasks Done Cunningly" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
    • You used to be able to kill your own clones for blood with the vampire race.
    • D4C's user is able to trigger TWAU's smoke bomb explosion by shooting it with D4C's T move (Pocket Revolver).
    • According to Stand stats in Part 7, D4C's strength is an A, meaning that the raw physical power of D4C is on the same level as The World (Alternate Universe). Both have been shown to easily tear off limbs with a simple chop. It would also mean that the physical power of D4C is on par with that of Star Platinum from the main universe.
    • Both D4C and D4C:LT can use Dimension Victim Clone to see invisible player's avatars and usernames by aiming the move at the invisible player's stand. This is one of two stand moves that can see an invisible player's avatar and username, the other being GER's counter Nullification: Zero


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