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D4C: Love Train
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

"Humanity is all equal, isn't it? Good things... and harmful things balance out to zero. But not for this place of good fortune where I am."

~ Funny Valentine


Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Love Train or D4C:LT for short is the evolved version of D4C. It is the Stand used by Funny Valentine, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7. It is obtained through using the Heart of the Saint's Corpse- which is obtainable by completing the Steel Ball Run or from rolling it in the Arcade- on D4C. This version of D4C gains an extra Destructive Power node and receives higher base damage, along with an extremely fast barrage speed, making it one of the highest DPS Stands in the game. This Stand also has the highest base Destructive Power in the game, making it extremely powerful along with its speed.

D4C: Love Train is considered to be one of the most powerful Stands in the entire game, mainly due to its immense destructive power and access to long range attacks such as its revolver (which can explode smoke bombs created by The World (Alternate Universe) and its dimensional clones. D4C: Love Train's Love Train ability also redirects any damage away from its user, with only Tusk (Act 4) being able to directly bypass it with Infinite Rotation. This makes it a good stand when fighting multiple people as the damage reflection makes their attack useless while serving as a deterrent to target the player.

However, every Damage over Time related Status Effects can bypass Love Train if they were applied before Love Train was activated. Due to the Damage over Time, it might delay the activation of Love Train, especially at low health if the damage is too much to recover from.

Total Skill Points: 70 Points


LMB - Punch: D4C:LT throws a punch, dealing 11.7 damage with max Destructive Power. With max Destructive Power and hamon 14.6 in total it does 58.5 at max destructive power and 73 damage with hamon. This move is blockable

E - Stand Barrage: D4C:LT throws a flurry of fast punches, dealing 1.2 damage per hit. With max Destructive Power, this move deals 1.9 damage. If charged with Hamon, it deals 2.4 each punch at max Destructive Power. If charged with Hamon and a Zipper Punch from Sticky Fingers it will deal 3.4 to a vampire at max Destructive Power. This is the highest damage barrage in the game. This move is blockable

R - Barrage Finisher: D4C:LT throws a heavy punch, dealing 14.5 damage. With max Destructive Power, this move deals 23.4 damage. With max Destructive Power and Hamon charged, this move deals 29.2 damage. This move breaks block but can be parried.

T - Pocket Revolver: D4C:LT pulls out a gun and shoots at wherever their cursor is aimed, dealing 15 damage per shot and with hamon it deals 18.8. With max Destructive Power, this move deals 24.2 damage. With max Destructive Power and Hamon charged, this move deals 30.2 damage. The revolver can be drawn faster by upgrading Quick Draw. This move also breaks blocks, and can't be parried. When D4C:LT is not summoned, it deals a set amount of 15 damage regardless of Destructive Power.

Y - Dimensional Victim Clone: D4C:LT waves the American flag, creating a clone of the player their cursor is hovering over. The clone runs toward said player, exploding once they touch, dealing 22 damage. With max Destructive Power, this move deals 35.4 damage. With max Destructive Power and Hamon charged, this move deals 44.3 damage. These clones can be defeated before explosion. This move will work on mobile devices, though you have to place your dynamic joystick over the player you’re targeting like a mouse.

U - Dimensional Clones: D4C:LT waves the American flag in whichever direction the user is facing, spawning clone NPCs that look identical to the user's avatar. These clones will fight the nearest opponent. Clones deal 6.4 damage with a normal blow, and with a strong blow they deal 9.7 damage. With Hamon charged, this move deals 8.1 damage with a normal blow, and with a heavy blow 12.1 damage. With Hamon charged, this move against a vampire deals 10.9 with a normal blow and 16.3 with a heavy blow. The number of clones spawned can be increased up to 3 by maxing out Dimensional Traveler. The damage that the clones inflict is scaled with Destructive Power. Note: that Chariot Requiem's Your Own Shadow will reflect the damage dealt from your clones back at you, not your clone. This move can be cancelled if the user is ragdolled.

X - Clone Swap: D4C:LT waves the American flag at the user, swapping places with the clone the user's cursor is hovering over. This move requires you to have at least one of your own clones present on the map to work.

Z - Dimension Hop: D4C:LT waves the American flag at the user, transporting them to a different dimension where they can move around freely. Other players can also be brought into the dimension as long as they are touching the flag. Players in the radius of the dimension cannot interact with the player inside of the dimension. While another player is inside of the dimension, moves such as Time Stop, Reality Marble, and Conquerors Will will not work. Gold Experience Requiem's ability 'Return To Zero' can cancel D4C's Dimension Hop.

H - Love Train: D4C:LT activates its new ability, Love Train. Pillars of light surround the user and all damage that is done to the user while in this state is redirected to surrounding players, or if hit from a distance, the user that dealt the damage. When the ability is ending, damage will still be redirected until the pillars of light fully disappear. Love Train remains around D4C for 8.5 seconds without any upgrades. With maxed Misfortune Redirection, this move lasts 17.5 seconds. If you Hamon charge in "Love Train" and you would be dealt damage, then the reflected damage will be greater.

Skill Tree

Quick Draw: increases how fast the Pocket Revolver and Flag are drawn

  • Quick Draw I: 2 points
  • Quick Draw II: 2 points
  • Quick Draw III: 3 points
  • Quick Draw IV: 3 points
  • Quick Draw V: 4 points

Dimensional Traveler: Spawns one more clone to fight for you

  • Dimensional Traveler I: 2 points
  • Dimensional Traveler II: 3 points

Dimensional Searcher: 1 point, increases the health and strength of your clones.

Misfortune Redirection: Increases the duration of Love Train.

  • Misfortune Redirection I: 2 points
  • Misfortune Redirection II: 2 points
  • Misfortune Redirection III: 3 points
  • Misfortune Redirection IV: 4 points
  • Misfortune Redirection V: 5 points

Destructive Power: increases Stand damage

  • Destructive Power I: 2 points
  • Destructive Power II: 2 points
  • Destructive Power III: 3 points
  • Destructive Power IV: 3 points
  • Destructive Power V: 4 points

Dimension Control: extends how long a player can stay in the dimension

  • Dimension Control I: 2 points
  • Dimension Control II: 2 points
  • Dimension Control III: 3 points
  • Dimension Control IV: 3 points
  • Dimension Control V (Allows you to enter the dimension uninterrupted. If someone ragdolls you, the move will still be cancelled): 4 points

  • Pocket Revolver: 1 point
  • Dimensional Clones: 2 points
  • Dimensional Victim Clone: 1 point
  • Dimension Hop: 1 point
  • Love Train: 1 point

  • Tips, Combos and Glitches

    • Clones can give you many benefits, like breaking your opponent's block and disabling their Stand. Use Love Train wisely, don't use it whenever you can, or it might result badly when you are in real trouble.
    • Love Train conventionally does not protect you against Time Stop. However, if your opponent keeps using moves during the voicelines at the end of their Time Stop, some of the damage done to you will reflect back on your opponent with Love Train.
    • A combo that might work well: (Charge Specialty if needed)+U+X+Y+T+R+E+(Specialty moves)
    • Y + U (Use right after using Y) + T + E + LMB + (Use Zoom Punch if you have Hamon) Use Y on the enemy and right after use U move, make sure Y move hits them and that your clones start crowding around your enemy. Following that, ensure you are close to your enemy and use your revolver to stun and barrage them, this should kill off your clones so that they don't disturb your combos and deal a lot of damage to the enemy. This will open up the opportunity to M1 combo them.
    • Easy, but powerfull combo with hamon: E+Alt(dash back)+T+R+(with hamon C+V+T)Y+U(Before summoning Dimensional Clones, make sure that your enemy does not escape from them)
    • It is recommended to use ranged moves to defeat Victim Clones, as sometimes if you barrage it or punch it, it will explode anyway. These clones can also explode if you stand on their bodies after they are dead.
    • Love Train cannot be used when you are being hit or stunned.
    • D4C: Love Train works with most fighting styles. Try to decide which fighting style you want depending on your play style. Recommended specs are Hamon, Sword-Style, and Spin. Hamon gives you a massive damage buff and defense better than that of Boxing. Pluck greatly enhances the Stand's combo capability, and Spin gives you more ranged options, a defense buff, and powerful stun combos.
    • It is possible for D4C Love Train to perform a beatdown if the user gets hit by Star Platinum: The World’s beatdown while having Love Train activated. It also works with the Gold Experience.
    • If the enemy has vampire, they can kill the clones and gain blood. Try to not summon your clones against a vampire as it will most likely make them more likely to win the fight.
    • If a King Crimson or King Crimson Requiem uses Time Erase, use Dimension Hop.
    • Try to Dimension Hop or use Dimensional Clones once your opponent Time Stops, if it works they can't damage you at all.
    • Tusk Act 4 will bypass Love Train with Infinite Rotation, so be wary of this matchup.
    • When a D4C:Love Train user uses Love Train against a King Crimson Requiem's Epitaph the user will not take damage.
    • D4C:Love Train has many combos and can execute infinite combos. Use this to your advantage.
    • Love Train redirects healing as well. This allows you to heal large groups if there is a Crazy Diamond user healing you while Love Train is activated.
    • D4C:Love Train is great for Close Ranged, and Medium Ranged, due to the high DPS, and clones D4C and D4C Love Train's clones, unlike in-game players, do not slow down and maintain their speed when using their m1's/m2's. Their m1's/m2's are also greater in speed than normal. This makes the clones a force to be reckoned with.
    • If you are fighting a D4C or D4C:LT user and they use clones to attack you, use a large AoE move. DO NOT BARRAGE THE CLONES. They will likely barrage you back and get you into a combo of some sort. This is especially dangerous against a D4C:LT, as D4C:LT's high destructive power makes it almost always prevail in a barrage clash. Use your spatial clones very carefully, especially in Metal Ball Run. They have a long recharge and make sure that the enemy will not be able to escape from them.
    • Hamon allows you to deal 2.4 damage per hit with each barrage, provided you have Hamon Punch.
    • Hamon combos:
    • M1s + T (block break) + M1s + C + M1s + R
    • C+V+U+Y+T+R+E+C+V
    • C+Y+T+M1s+V+U
    • G(hold)+E(hold)+T
    • Spin combos:
    • E+ (Start the barrage second) V+B+C+Y+U+(Wait until the clones can do maximum damage)+Y+V+B+C
    • E+C(Wait two seconds for the enemy to stand up)+V+B
    • If you trap a boss in your dimension, there is a glitch where the boss's body will come out of the dimension and into the overworld, but they can't attack you. Once you hop back into the dimension, they will be able to attack you. This will happen until you kill the boss.
    • This Stand's already good destructive power becomes even better when paired with Hamon. It also does not need any of Hamon's moves, which allows you to save points.
    • Vampire combo: T+Y+G
    • If your opponent is running from the Victim Clone, use the revolver to push them back enough for the clone to attack them.
    • If you use Dimensional Victim Clone or Dimensional Clones while someone is doing the Time Stop animation, the clones will spawn in and move in the Time Stop. This is a useful method to negating most or all damage from Time Stop.
    • When you first activate Love Train, there is a small window of time (about 2-3 seconds) where attacking will not cancel your Love Train. You can activate Love Train, start barraging first, and all the damage from the opponent's barrage will be redirected if they start barraging you back immediately. This works mainly due to LT's immense destructive power.
    • Being knocked down while in the animation for entering your dimension or summoning clones will cancel the move.
    • If you are facing a player who is running very frequently in Metal Ball Run or 2v2's, you can get a partner with Star Platinum: The World to use Ora Beatdown on your Love Train while you, your partner and the enemy are in close range of you. The Ora Beatdown will redirect itself to the enemy and allow you to start a combo on them. This will not work with Tusk ACT4, as it will bypass the Love Train and end up in you being the victim of the beatdown.
    • If you are low on health, you can simply use both of your clones and start to pose while the clones chase down the enemy. They will either have to expend their move cooldowns to defeat the clones or allow you to heal for a long period of time, both of which benefit you. You can also attempt to use the Clone Swap when they get close, but it is generally not consistent.
    • In 1v1's, it is generally a bad idea to use Dimension Hop unless you are attempting to evade a Time Erase or Time Stop because you cannot pose in the dimension and you will simply give the opponent free time to heal.
    • If not timed very precisely, Time Stop will cancel your Clones as well as Dimension Hop.


    • The Love Train counterpart of D4C was added after the release of the Stand itself. It was added in an update along with The World: Alternate Universe's release.
    • D4C:LT has the second highest barrage damage in-game (Not counting Mod-Stands/Specs) without any intervention of things outside its own moveset (like fighting styles and limb removal/debuffs caused by other players).
    • This Stand has been renamed "Criminal Tasks Done Cunningly: Love Train" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues. This name can be shortened to "CTDC LT".
    • You cannot have 2 Love Train's (or 2 SCR's) use love train to deflect damage infinitely.
    • D4C: LT is banned from Casual Steel Ball Run.
    • This Stand costs 70 skill points to max out. This competes with Stands like Made in Heaven, The World: Over Heaven, and Star Platinum: The World for being one of the most expensive Stands.
    • Love Train can redirect beatdowns, meaning that you can get people caught in their own beatdown. The only exception in this case is the Stand Tusk Act 4, even when they do not have the Infinite Rotation passive.
    • If a Crazy Diamond user switches into "Heal Mode", and they try to heal a D4C:LT during "Love Train", then the Crazy Diamond will end up healing themselves.
    • D4C:LT's summon sound is, "It's time to end this!"
    • D4C: LT used to be able to get blood from the clones upon killing them (when using the Vampire spec). This has since been patched.
    • You can trap any boss in a dimension. Hit them once, then use Dimension Hop, they will never come out of the Dimension. This is very effective against people who like to camp near Jotaro Part 6.
    • It is possible for any Time Stopping Stand to cancel out Dimension Hop. The user must perfectly time Dimension Hop when the "Za Warudo!" voiceline plays.
    • D4C: LT's summon voice line has the same quote as the Star Platinum: The World

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