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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 4 - Diamond Is Unbreakable

"This is just great!"

~Josuke Higashikata


Crazy Diamond is a Stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. It is wielded by the main protagonist, Josuke Higashikata. During this part, the Stand is seen repairing objects such as a motorcycle, a pipe, and broken debris like sidewalks and broken glass. In-game, Crazy Diamond has a 2.5% chance of obtainment. Crazy Diamond has been renamed "Shining Sapphire" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.

Crazy Diamond's main niche is its healing, which only ten other Stands have - Gold Experience, Gold Experience Requiem, Tusk (all acts), Killer Queen: Bites the Dust, Made in Heaven, Mr. President, and The World Over Heaven. However, Crazy Diamond's healing is more constant, at the cost of its rage bar decreasing. This makes Crazy Diamond vital for teams within the Steel Ball Run gamemode. Crazy Diamond can also trap opponents in rocks, which allows the Stand to easily perform combos.

Crazy Diamond is extremely unique in that its main abilities are extremely versatile, the biggest example of this is the Rock Trap from rage mode and Wall abilities. Rock Trap can immobilize an enemy, allowing you to land brutal attacks. The Form Wall ability is extremely defensive, allowing you to block projectiles and other dangers, such as The Hand's erasures. Form Wall also comes with I-frames. Heal Mode allows for the healing of allies. Stand Jump and Form Wall can be used for vertical momentum while Bearing Shot can be used to snipe from behind the walls Crazy Diamond makes.

Crazy Diamond is one of the best all-rounders and starting stands, with its high damage output, an immobilizing move, a high mobility move, a defensive move, and a ranged attack. It also has the best healing abilities in the game. When this stand is in the right hands, it can become a powerful threat or ally.

Total Skill Points: 46 Points


Passive - Rage Bar: The user has a rage bar which builds up via dealing damage. If you heal with Crazy Diamond, it will lower the rage bar. Once full, you will be able to activate Rage Mode.

LMB - Punch: This short move with a short cooldown deals 8.9 damage (11.1 in Rage Mode) at max destructive power and can be combo'd 5 times, ultimately dealing 44.5 damage if all hit.

E - Stand Barrage: Crazy Diamond sends out a flurry of fast and strong punches that deals 1.5 points of damage (1.8 in Rage Mode) when Destructive Power is maxed. (Around 30 punches in total)

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: Crazy Diamond throws a strong punch that deals 17.7 points of damage (22.1 in Rage Mode) when Destructive Power is maxed. This fuses a player with a rock when in Rage Mode, immobilizing them for a considerable amount of time.

T - Form Wall: Crazy Diamond punches the ground and repairs it to form a wall. If an opponent is close when the wall is being formed, it deals 8.1 points of damage (10.1 in Rage Mode) when Destructive Power is maxed. When you use this move, you will be invincible for a few frames, making this good as a block substitute. If landed on shield, this move will break their guard, and cannot be perfect blocked.

Z - Bearing Shot: Crazy Diamond will flick a metal bearing at the user's cursor, dealing 24.2 points of damage (30.2 in Rage Mode) when Destructive Power is maxed. This move also guard breaks and cannot be parried. It is one of the few Stand-specific moves with the ability to be used without the Stand equipped, however this makes it deal only 15 points of damage.

H - Rage Mode: The user becomes enraged, which causes the Stand to deal more damage and healing than usual. You must have a full rage bar in order to do this. Like other active rage modes, you'll also gain damage reduction. These defensive and offensive buffs stack with spec passives, such as Hamon punch and tough skin, making it very useful. Healing others will reduce the rage bar.

R - (Rage Mode) Rock Trap: Crazy Diamond does a strong punch. When hit, rocks will be formed around the opponent and trap them. Like a normal heavy punch, this can be parried, but instead of block breaking, this move bypasses block completely, trapping them as if they never were blocking. In this "rock" state, the opponent is unable to block, but is able to barrage (since barrage is the only move that can be used in hitstun). Victims that are in rock state can not get their stand crashed and be stunned afterwards.

X - Stand Jump: Crazy Diamond catapults itself and its user high into the air. Crazy Diamond's Stand Jump is the weakest out of the three Stands that can do this.

Crazy Diamond Healing Mode

Y - Heal Mode: Healing mode gives the Stand a yellow aura and causes all regular stand moves to restore the missing health of others instead of dealing damage. This does not apply to anything else, such as attacking with specs, form wall, or bearing shot. Unlike other stands with healing abilities, you don't have a self-heal ability, however, if you use your healing abilities on D4C:LT's Love Train or SCR's Your Own Shadow the heal will be sent back to you (which means you can heal yourself). All healing moves bypass damage reduction passives, block and cannot be parried. Using any moves in this state will decrease your rage bar.

LMB - HM Left Click: A punch that heals for a max of 13.7. (17.2 in Rage Mode)

RMB - HM Right Click: A heavy punch that heals for 18.7. (23.4 in Rage Mode)

E - HM Barrage: Crazy Diamond sends out a flurry of punches that heals for 2.3 points per punch. (2.9 in Rage Mode)

R - HM Barrage Finisher: Crazy Diamond sends out a punch that does 27.5 healing. (34.3 in Rage Mode)

Combos and Tips


  • People really underestimate Form Wall a lot. It's a move that blocks every projectile in the game, even Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash. It also can be used to stall cooldowns and to run away.
  • Bearing Shot breaks blocks. Use this to your advantage when your opponent is blocking close up.
  • When a player is in "rock" state, you can't crash their stand and they will not take any stun after "rock" state expires.
  • Most players will barrage back during Rocktrap, so using a long range ragdoll skill such as crescent slash or space ripper stingy eyes will keep your combo going.


Specless Combos

  • Rage Mode > Rock Trap > 4M1s > 4M1s > Bearing Shot

Boxing Combos

  • Rage Mode > Rock Trap > 4M1s > Eye Gouge > 4M1s > Bearing Shot > Jawbreaker

Hamon Combos

  • Rage Mode > Rock Trap > Breathe Hamon > 4M1s > Zoom Punch > 4M1s > Bearing Shot > Scarlet Overdrive

Vampirism Combos

  • Rage Mode > Rock Trap > 4M1s > Bearing Shot > 4M1s > Life Drain
  • Rage Mode> Tock Trap> 9M1s > Vampiric Freeze > Rock Trap > 8M1s > Bearing Shot > Space Ripper Stingy Eyes

Pluck Combos

  • Rage Mode > Rock Trap > 4m1s > Triple Pierce Strike > 4M1s > Bearing Shot > Pierce Strike > Crescent Slash / Thrust\
  • Rage Mode > Linger Pierce Strike > Rocktrap > Crescent Slash > 4 M1s > 4M1s > 4M1s > Bearing Shot > Rocktrap > 4 M1s > 4 M1s > 4 M1s > Linger Pierce Strike > Rocktrap (Last time) 4M1s > 4M1s > 4M1s Triple Pierce > Thrust (Probably not true)

Spin Combos


  • This stand, along with Red Hot Chili Pepper, Anubis and Stone Free are the only 2.5% and rarer stands that do not have evolutions.
  • All moves, like the wall and bearing shot, are taken directly from the story.
  • Rage Mode is possibly based on the fact that Josuke gets angry when anyone insults his hair
  • The Bearing Shot is a reference to the 16th episode of Part 4, "Let's Go Hunting!"
  • Rock Trap is a reference to when Josuke trapped Angelo in a rock
  • On August 16th, 2021, Uzu released a video on his channel detailing why he has been away and some leaks for an upcoming YBA update. A white, turquoise and golden Crazy Diamond had been revealed. There were many debates on if this is either a requiem, skin, or over heaven. with the outcome being a skin.
  • Crazy Diamond's stand-summon voice-line is Josuke saying, "This is just great!"
  • Crazy Diamond's Heal Mode voice-line is Josuke saying, "Naosu!" (written 治す or 直す) which means heal/repair.


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