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W, A, S, D, {Space}

If close enough to a low wall, you can jump twice to grab onto and jump onto the ledge.


This can be done by pressing the Alt/Option key. By default a dash is performed when alt is clicked, and dash direction is dependent on the movement key pressed. This move doesn't work if you play YBA on the Roblox app downloaded from Microsoft Store, unless you tie it to alt. It is useful to chase players as well as escape combos and the distance is scaled based on your agility stat. The Six Pistols skill tree passive allows users to dash in stun. This move hardly recognizes where you wanna dash on mobile however, and it's very hard to just dash directly forward, whenever you try dashing forward on mobile it mostly makes you dash sideways.


This can be toggled with the Left Ctrl button.

Dropping Items

This can be done by pressing backspace while holding the item. Do note that some items like Heart Of The Saint's Corpse you cannot drop and you will instead be prompted to delete them. On Mobile there is a button that appears, that either prompts you to drop the item or delete it. If this doesn't pop up, you're bugged, and we suggest you either rejoin or instead trade.

Blocking and Perfect Blocking

Blocking is done when the user either presses or holds the F key. Blocking can be divided into 2 categories; Blocking and Perfect Blocking.

Blocking is when the user holds block. This can block attacks like M1s and Barrages and is useful for reducing damage. This has limited durability and too much damage blocked or moves like Stand Barrage Finisher can break block. Blocking strength can be increased by getting Sturdiness in the Player Skill Tree. Moves like Stand Barrage Finisher always break block and some moves bypass block and to stop them the user needs to perfect block.

Block Breaking happens when the opponent uses certain powerful attacks while the user is blocking. This is visually signified by a crack appearing in front of the user. Most block breaking moves can be Perfect Blocked, but some cannot, like Scary Monsters Head Charge and Boxing Jawbreaker.

Perfect Blocking is when the user times their block to the windup of certain attacks, like Stand Barrage Finisher, The Hand Erasures, Beatdowns, or certain other moves. When this is done at the right time, the user doesn't get block broken and the opponent gets stunned for around 1.5 seconds. This is similar to getting block broken, but it stuns the enemy instead. This is visually signified by a red flash appearing on the opponent.


You can press P in order to pose. Posing makes the player do a pose to heal 4x faster. During the time they are posing, they are unable to use any moves. This is useful to heal rapidly after or during fights. You will do a random pose when pressing P unless you have the Select Pose gamepass.

NOTE: You cannot pose on Mobile unless you have the pose select gamepass.