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The character Skill Tree is the first and most basic Skill Tree that every player in Your Bizarre Adventure starts with. It is the only Skill Tree to offer no skills or skill buffs. Basic player attributes such as health regeneration and agility are upgraded in this core Skill Tree. You can upgrade your Skill Tree by using Skill Points. You get 2 Skill Points every time you Level Up. Your max skill points depend on what Prestige level you are at as each Prestige increases the level cap by 5 levels, Level 50 at Prestige III is the current cap so the most skill points you can obtain are 100.
Player skill tree 2.png
The full player Skill Tree

Skill Tree


Increases max HP. This is one of your most important stats, so it is a good idea to invest in getting it maxed out, it costs 20 points to reach max out Vitality. Each point of Vitality gives 10.5 more HP so reaching Vitality X gives a total of 205 HP, base Health with no upgrades being 100 HP.

  • Vitality I: 1 point
  • Vitality II: 1 point
  • Vitality III: 1 point
  • Vitality V: 2 points
  • Vitality VI: 2 points
  • Vitality VII: 2 points
  • Vitality VIII: 3 points
  • Vitality IX: 3 points
  • Vitality X: 4 points


Increases run speed and dashing distances, it costs 8 points to max out Agility. Each point into Agility increases run speed by 2, walking speed does not change.

  • Agility I: 1 point
  • Agility II: 1 point
  • Agility III: 1 point
  • Agility IV: 2 points
  • Agility V: 3 points


Increases the chances of a Stand giving item working. Worthiness II guarantees that a Mysterious Arrow or Lucky Arrow will work, Worthiness V guarantees that using a Requiem Arrow and any of the Saint's Corpse Parts will be successful (There is a small chance that the Rib Cage of the Saint's Corpse might not work). Note that either Agility III or Vitality III must be unlocked before Worthiness and as a side note: increasing Worthiness does not increase chances of getting a rarer Stand. It costs 8 skill points to max out Worthiness.

  • Worthiness I: 1 point
  • Worthiness II: 1 point
  • Worthiness III: 1 point
  • Worthiness IV: 2 points
  • Worthiness V: 3 points


Decreases the time spent ragdolled after being knocked down, increases block strength and makes it harder to get Stand crashed. Sturdiness I stops Stand Barrage Finishers from knocking out your Stand, with Sturdiness III, only a few moves (such as Jaw Breaker or Platinum Slam) will accomplish this. Note that Worthiness II must be unlocked prior to getting Sturdiness. Each Sturdiness node increases how many hits your block can sustain (with no Sturdiness it is 7 hits, at Sturdiness III it is 10 hits, Stand Barrages only count as 1 hit). It costs 4 points to max out Sturdiness.

  • Sturdiness I: 1 point
  • Sturdiness II: 1 point
  • Sturdiness III: 2 points

Health Regeneration

Increases the health gained through passive regeneration. Note that Worthiness II must be unlocked prior to getting regeneration. It costs 10 skill points to max out Health Regeneration.

  • Regeneration I: 1 point
  • Regeneration II: 1 point
  • Regeneration III: 1 point
  • Regeneration IV: 2 points
  • Regeneration V: 2 points
  • Regeneration VI: 3 points
Total Skill Points: 50

Stand Skill Trees

Each stand has a unique skill tree with different upgrades that grant passive bonuses and unlock new skills, a list of all stands in the game can be found here.

Fighting-Style Skill Trees

Like Stands, Fighting-Styles(specialities) also offer a unique skill tree for each fighting style. Depending on the fighting-style, you grant different passives bonuses and unlock new skills(usually offer 2 or 3 skills). A list of Fighting-Styles can be found here.

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