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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Part 6 - Stone Ocean

"This ability...I will name it "C-Moon". 'Invincibility'...Is that what I've obtained? Even before the coming of the New Moon...But, I must keep on telling myself that it is not 'power' that I desire, but that ultimate 'happiness' for mankind."

-Enrico Pucci

How to obtain

This Stand can be achieved by giving Enrico Pucci DIO's Diary and completing a quest for him which involves defeating multiple NPCs. (10 Vampires, 15 Zombie Henchmen, 20 Corrupt Police, 25 Alpha Thugs and 30 Thugs.) Doing so will give the player the Green Baby. It is recommended to have Worthiness V before fusing the Green Baby with Whitesnake, otherwise there is a possibility for the user to turn to stone and not obtain C-Moon, losing the Green Baby. This Stand has been renamed "G-Moon" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues. It can evolve further, turning C-Moon into Made in Heaven.


C-Moon is an evolved Stand belonging to Enrico Pucci, the main villain of Part 6, requiring Whitesnake to achieve. With assistance from Enrico Pucci.

This Stand is typically used with Boxing with the niche of being able to move within stopped time much like Tusk Act 4, Star Platinum, SP:TW, The World, TW:AU, and TWOH. C-Moon overall deals great damage with amazing crowd control, being able to perform well in fights with multiple players, at the cost of a fairly small moveset and parriable moves. This stand's weakness is that the stuns rely solely on Gravitational Shift and Negation, and the other moves are close range and can be stopped as well, One good thing about it is that the moves are rather quick, so Gravitional Shift, even though blockable, is hard to predict and block.

C-Moon is also one of the few evolved Stands that is allowed in the Casual Steel Ball Run Gamemode, the other Stands being Tusk Acts 2 and 3.

Total Skill Points: 63 Points


Passive: C-Moon and its user can move in stopped time for up to 3 seconds. It can also see what is happening during Time Stop. This can be unlocked for 3 skill points.

E - Stand Barrage: C-Moon performs a fast barrage to the opponent, dealing 1 Damage per hit (1.3 per hit with Hamon).

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: C-Moon throws a heavy punch at the opponent, dealing around 12.5 damage (15.6 with Hamon.)

T - Uppercut To The Moon : C-Moon performs an uppercut, dealing 15.6 damage, and sending the opponent into space. They are then launched towards wherever your cursor is, to the ground, dealing 15.6 damage (31.2 damage with Gravitational Shift) to the person who was launched. Whoever is hit by the launched player (except the C-Moon user) will take damage too. (No longer pulls the victim's stand in.)

Y - Surface Inversion Punch: C-Moon punches the opponent, dealing 19.5 damage and knocking them back with another 19.5 damage (39 with Gravitational Shift) This also applies bleed damage. The first hit of this move is blockable but the second hit bypasses block.

X - Gravitational Negation: This is a counter move with I-frames. C-Moon's user shifts gravity around them. If an opponent attacks during this, they will get stunned and pinned to the ground, allowing for follow-up combos. The user and C-Moon will glow purple and can barely move while in the counter. The counter can last for a bit longer if Precision is upgraded on the skill tree.

Z - Gravitational Shift: C-Moon shifts gravity around them, dealing 12.2 damage to anyone close by and also giving them a screen stun (much like Whitesnake's Acid Spit.) This slows everyone in the area and greatly reduces the height at which they jump. Anyone affected by this will also take double damage dealt to them with any gravity-related moves. For the user however, it increases their jump height and speed. This move can also be blocked. Does not affect ragdolled players.

H - Pilot: C-Moon detaches from the user's side and can be remote controlled up to a certain radius away from the user, while still retaining all of its moves. This allows for moves to be used without slowing down. However, you can still take damage if either your stand or yourself are hit.

Time Stop Resistance: Allows the user to move in other people's time stop for a few seconds.

  • Base unlock: 3 Points

Gravitational Shift: Press Z to shift gravity around you, harming others but buffing you.

  • Base unlock: 1 Point

Gravity Upgrade: Increases duration of Gravitational Shift.

  • Gravity Upgrade I: 2 Points
  • Gravity Upgrade II: 2 Points
  • Gravity Upgrade III: 3 Points
  • Gravity Upgrade IV: 3 Points
  • Gravity Upgrade V: 5 Points

Uppercut to the Moon: Press T to perform an uppercut that shifts gravity upwards to those who get hit. The shifted gravity will be reversed downwards, causing a devastating impact.

Gravitational Negation: Press X to negate all incoming attacks. Base unlock: 2 Points

Precision: Increases the counter frame of Gravitational Negation.

  • Precision I: 3 Points
  • Precision II: 4 Points
  • Precision III: 5 Points

Pilot: Press H to manually pilot your stand. Base unlock: 1 Point

Stand Range: Increases the distance C-Moon can travel in pilot mode.

  • Stand Range I: 1 Point
  • Stand Range II: 2 Points
  • Stand Range III: 3 Points
  • Stand Range IV: 4 Points
  • Stand Range V: 5 Points

Surface Inversion Punch: Press Y to imbue gravitational energy into a punch that will rip victims into shreds. Base unlock: 2 Points

Stand Speed: Increases C-Moon's speed in pilot mode.

  • Stand Speed I: 1 Point
  • Stand Speed II: 2 Points
  • Stand Speed III: 3 Points
  • Stand Speed IV: 4 Points


  • In the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, C-Moon is a sentient Stand that vaguely has a basis on its surroundings.
  • C-Moon's X move (Gravitational Negation) is not actually a canon ability, and was never shown within the JJBA manga.
  • C-Moon in the manga was the end product of Enrico Pucci's Stand, Whitesnake, fusing with the Green Baby.
  • C-Moon's Time Stop movement originated from the manga, when Jotaro Kujo threw a spear within his Time Stop. Enrico was able to blink and look around which startled Jotaro.
  • It is named C-Moon in reference to the song by Paul McCartney of the same name.
  • The rocks seen in C-moon's uppercut to the moon move are found beneath the map, and you can see them if you fall out of Mr. President's room
  • C-Moon's summon sound is, "Just one strike."

Tips, Combos and Glitches

  • Pointing your cursor on the perfect angle has a small chance of flinging the enemy under the map.
  • After using Surface Inversion Punch, your opponent may try to block to avoid the second tick of damage. Try to use a Stand Barrage Finisher or M2 to break their block so that they cannot avoid the next tick of damage.
  • A tip of how to beat this Stand is usually to attack when Gravity Shift is OFF, as the cooldown for the move again is somewhat long, and it’s very hard to land an attack when they have buffed jump height.
  • Do not forget about Gravitational Negation, it has a long stun time when fully upgraded and can be used as a combo-starter.
  • When barraging first, use Pilot mode to bring the opponent farther from your character to avoid falling victim to combos.
  • Take note that Uppercut To The Moon breaks block, but does not bypass, so use Gravitational Shift or Barrage Finisher to break blocks instead of wasting the move.
  • Also do note how effective C-Moon is for crowd control. While it may not seem like it with its small hitboxes and low Area of Effect damage other than Gravitational Shift, remember that you can counter multiple people at once with Gravitational Negation, and slamming someone into someone else with the second phase of Uppercut to the Moon deals damage to both players.
  • In the sewers, if you use Y on someone, they will glow pink. Before they fling, use T, then you can launch them above the sewers.
  • In the event that you need to run away due to low health, remember to use your Gravitational Shift when possible and take advantage of your increased jump height as well.
  • While in Pilot mode, if you put your camera into a wall you can see through that wall.
  • While fighting a boss, take advantage of your Gravitational Shift to get to high places, then use Pilot mode to beat up the boss while you are a safe distance away.
  • If you are fighting against a C-Moon, when they approach you, your best bet is to block as they tend to do Gravitational Shift first. All of its other moves can either be blocked or are block breakers. Also, if the C-Moon uses Surface Inversion Punch, simply use Gravitational Negation to counter the 2nd damage phase of the move.
  • Using C-moon in the Steel Ball Run gamemode is a valid strategy, due to its abilities of higher jumping and flinging other players across the map or immobilizing them with Gravitational Negation.
  • You cannot unlock Time Stop Resistance unless you max out either Precision for Gravitational Negation or Stand Speed, you will have to max out one of them in order to be able to unlock the skill. Maxing out Precision is recommended, as Gravitational Negation is often more useful than C-Moon piloting.
  • If you use pilot right, you can barrage first, then activate pilot and push them back with the barrage. This allows you to not be easily punished and deals a bit of damage without the risk of getting comboed.
  • C-Moon + Boxing is ultimately one of the best stand specs.

No Specialties:

  • Y + T + E + Z (then just use m1s,T and Y)
  • E + R + Z + Y + R (if they block) + T
  • X + Z + Y + T + E + M1 + R + M2
  • Y + T + H (follow the person on the way down) + R + E
  • X (they fall down) + Y + T

Boxing Combos:

  • Y + C (Surface Inversion Punch + Jawbreaker)
  • Z + Y+T + C (Gravitational Shift + Surface Inversion Punch+ Uppercut To The Moon + Jawbreaker)
  • Z + T, aim it so they land in front of you, E + Y + C (Gravitational Shift + Uppercut To The Moon + Stand Barrage + Surface Inversion Punch + Jawbreaker)
  • E + V + Y + T (Fist Barrage + Stand Barrage + Eye Gouge + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon)
  • Z + Y + T + G + V + C (Gravitational shift + Surface inversion punch + Uppercut to the moon (Trap them in a corner using your mouse) + Boxing barrage + Eye Gouge + Jaw Breaker )
  • Z + Y + T + G + V + M1 + M2 + E + M1 + M2 (Repeat, use R + T if they block also can remove Y)
  • T (into a corner) + Z + V + Y + C (Uppercut to the Corner + Gravitational Shift + Eye Gouge + Surface Inversion Punch + Jaw Breaker)

Hamon Combos:

  • Y + T + (get closer to building that you threw the opponent in) + C + B + Y + T
  • Z + B + C + Y + T (Gravitational Shift + Sunlight Yellow Overdrive + Zoom Punch + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon)
  • Z + Y + T + B (Same as boxing combo but with hamon moves)
  • C + E + LMB (Full) + V + Y + T (Zoom Punch + Stand Barrage + Clicks + Scarlet Overdrive + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon)
  • Z + T (send opponent to corner) + E + C + Y + V (incase the opponent blocks) (Gravitational Shift + Uppercut To The Moon + Stand Barrage + Zoom Punch + Surface Inversion Punch + Scarlet Overdrive)
  • Charge Hamon + X + Z + Y + T (send opponent to corner) + 4 M1s + Stand Barrage + 4 M1s + Heavy Punch

Vampirism Combos:

  • E + Y + T + G (Stand Barrage + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes)
  • Z + C + Y + V + T + G (Gravitational Shift + Vaporizing Freeze + Surface Inversion Punch + Life Drain + Uppercut To The Moon + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes)
  • Z + C + Y + T + G (Gravitational Shift + Vaporizing Freeze + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes)
  • C + Z + Y + T + G (Vaporizing Freeze + Gravitational Shift + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes)
  • Z + Y + T + C + R/V + E + hold + V/R depending on what you used + T + repeat the moves

Spin Combos:

  • Z or X + Y + B + V + T + continue whatever combo you wish after cornering them against a wall (Gravitational Shift or Gravitational Negation + Surface Inversion Punch + Multiple Steel Balls + Steel Ball + Uppercut To The Moon)
  • Z or X + B + V + Y + T + C (Gravitational Shift or Gravitational Negation + Multiple Steel Balls + Steel Ball + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon + Spin Punch)
  • V + X + T + N + Z + Run + Y + Do what you want when they are cornered. (Steel Ball + Gravitational Negation + Uppercut To The Moon + Golden Skin + Gravitational Shift + Run Away + Surface Inversion Punch)
  • Z or X + V + B + Y + T + Cursor At Wall/Corner + E (Hold) Gravitational Shift or Gravitational Negation + Steel Ball + Multi Steel Balls + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon + Stand Barrage + Mouse One (Optional)

Sword-Style Combos:

  • Z + Y + T (Aim at corner or wall) + Z + C + V (Gravitational Shift + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon + Pierce Strike + Triple Pierce Strike + Crescent Slash)
  • X (Player Falls) + C + Y + T (Aim far)(Do these as fast as possible if they get up combo failed) + P (Pose to heal faster cancel when enemy comes close) + B + (Pierce Strike which ever key you put it to) + E (Gravitational Negation + Triple Prerce Strike + Surface Inversion Punch + Uppercut To The Moon + Pose + Pierce Strike + Barrage)
  • Z + Y + Pierce Strike + Thrust
  • T (Aim at corner/wall) + E + Crescent Slash + Y + Pierce Strike + Triple Pierce Strike + Z (Only works if your enemy is close enough) + T + E + Crescent Slash + Y + Pierce Strike

X + C + Y + T + P + B + (The key you use for Pirece Strike) + E (Just in case you don't see the combo)


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