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Boxing is one of the 5 Specialities in the game, it is centered mainly around melee combat and increasing health points. Boxing focuses mainly on being tanky and massive damage without much range similar to Star Platinum or The World. It is considered to be one of the most reliable in the game for chaining combos. Boxing works extremely well with most humanoid stands and Scary Monsters. People also use this spec for the insane combo potential, such as Chariot Requiem's Triple Barrage Infinite Combo, or using Eye Gouge (Which has one of the longest stuns when mastered.) at the end of a Time Stop for a combo-extender.

The main flaw with Boxing is that all of its damaging abilities require the use of Boxing Gloves, which makes it difficult to use if the user is a Vampire during daylight. It can also be a problem if the boxing gloves deal less damage than your stand, as boxing M1s and M2s replace Stand M1s and M2s. The only way to get around this problem is to equip and unequip the Boxing Gloves where necessary.

You need to talk to Quinton with $10,000 and Quinton's glove in order to unlock the spec. Quinton can be found left of The Boss’ Cafe, which is on the castle side of the map.

Total Skill Points: 37


All skills require boxing gloves to be equipped to use them.

G - Fist Barrage: This ability lets you do a flurry of punches, similar to a Stand Barrage, but with a shorter range, and a much slower punching speed similar to that of slow stands such as The Hand or Cream. Unlike Stand Barrages, this cannot be used while in hitstun. Deals 3.8 damage per punch if upgraded. With no upgrades the barrage lasts 10 hits, with 1 upgrade it lasts 14, and with both upgrades the barrage lasts a whole 20 hits. There is a separate cooldown between normal barrages and Boxing barrages, which is indicated in the bottom right like any other cooldown. However, this is not counted with Chariot Requiem's Arrow Barrage, as Arrow Barrage is treated as its own move.

C - Jaw Breaker: A heavy punch with considerable windup, and damage to match (24 with no upgrades, 29.9 with mastered upgrade, 34 with mastered and muscle memory upgrades). This move can be landed directly after using an upgraded Eye Gouge. This will deal knockback and will disable the opponent's Stand regardless of Sturdiness. Good for combos for Stands with strong, moderate range attacks and stuns. It normally has a 12-second cooldown but with Mastered Technique, this cooldown period will decrease to 10 seconds. The move cannot be parried or blocked.

V - Eye Gouge: A short-range swipe that blinds and stuns the opponent for a short duration. The stun time and blind effect duration can be increased by getting the mastered version of the move. When fully mastered, this move has the longest stun in the game and is able to true combo into any move. This move is blockable.


Tough Skin: This allows you to take less damage. When max upgraded, it reduces damage dealt to you by 25%. (Example: Getting hit by Star Platinum: The World's Skull Crusher with maxed Tough Skin passive will only deal 16.9 damage instead of 22.5 damage.)

Meat Shield: This increases your max health. When max upgraded, it adds about 20 HP.

Muscle Memory: Increases damage of all boxing attacks. (Only applies to the skills in the Boxing skill tree).

Mastered Technique: Reduces skill cooldowns. (Only applies to the skills in the Boxing skill tree).

Improved Dashes: Increases the distances of dashes by a couple of studs.


  • Its ability to raise health and decrease damage taken allows for Boxing users to become damage tanks.
  • Dashing is not very useful and should be held up as the least important area of the Boxing skill tree.
  • Boxing pairs well with Stands that have good damage but lacks in defense.
  • Mastered Eye Gouge has 1.5 seconds of stun, so it can combo into huge moves like Bites the Dust or Ora Beatdown.
  • Unequip your Boxing Gloves while not in use- this allows you to use M1s while also having everything Boxing has to offer.
  • Use Jaw Breaker as a punishing move rather than M1s.
  • Eye Gouge is punishable upon block; try not to use it too much. Only use it when autoconfirmed off of other moves, at the end of Time Stop (if applicable), or during a block break.
  • Jaw Breaker will completely invalidate King Crimson's Impale combo.
  • If you do SBR or 1v1s a lot, try becoming a Vampire on top of having Boxing. Even when facing Hamon users, your passive damage reduction will make them deal normal damage. The Blood Bar gives you regeneration on top of the defense buff.
  • For some reason, hitting a player with Jaw Breaker while they are posing will not cancel their pose.
  • Using the Stone Mask does stack with Boxing Spec.
  • The World Over Heaven can bypass the defensive passive of Boxing. Keep this in mind when fighting TWOH users.
  • Never randomly throw out Eye Gouge or Jaw Breaker, as both of them have high endlag, and Eye Gouge with a narrow hitbox. Doing so will get you punished for more damage than you would have dealt. Instead, use Jaw Breaker as a punish or block break, and Eye Gouge as a stun and combo extender.
  • Jaw Breaker is one of the most frequently used moves in the game, due to its reliable cooldown, high damage, Stand crashing, and being a true block break. As long as it hits, you will get a handsome advantage, whether the opponent blocks it or not. This is one of the reasons why Boxing is used very frequently.

Recommended Stands to use with Boxing:


  • Unlike other Fighting Styles, boxing is not used as a common fighting style. However, the eye gouge move implies the fighting style is based on the boxing match against Dio Brando and Jonathan Joestar from Phantom Blood.
  • Eye gouge has the longest stun in the game.


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