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There are currently 3 ways of blocking in YBA. Blocking makes it so you can avoid taking damage from LMB (M1) Punches from Stands and various other Stand moves which you can block. You press the F key to block.


Regular blocking is when you hold the F key to avoid LMB (M1) Punches and other moves from Stands and Specialities.


Thorns Block

Thorns Block is a skill in Pluck's Skill tree. When someone hits a Pluck user who is blocking with their sword, the player who punched will receive damage back.

Thorns Block.gif

Block Breaking

Block Breaking is when someone does their Barrage Finisher move or a Double RMB (M2) click to Block Break their opponent. Getting Block Broken or Block Breaking stuns the player for a short period of time, allowing the opponent to attack. You can also get block broken by other moves too.

Block Breaking.gif

Perfect Blocking

Perfect Blocking is when you block a block breaker move at the right time. This in turn stuns the opponent who tried to Block Break you; it's a red colour opposed to the regular white block breaker visual.

How to Perfect Block

To perfect block, in the time frame an enemy is doing a block breaking attack (e.g. SPTW's Ora Beatdown,) hold down block. If you manage to perfect block it, it will show a normal block breaking effect but instead of being blue it will be red. The attacker will be stunned rather than you. This allows you to start up a combo. It is recommended to keep this combo short, as the attacker will be stunned for 0.5 seconds, similar to a normal block break stun time.Perfect Blocking.gif

Attacks That Can Be Perfect Blocked:

  • M2 / RMB Attacks
  • Any Stand Barrage Finisher

Note: To PB any kick barrage the block has to be timed before the barrage starts around the windup sound. Don't be tricked into thinking it's the final hit of the barrage as that will just block break you.

Note: Some attacks that block break (e.g. Speciality moves such as Scarlet Overdrive) cannot be perfect blocked.