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What is a Beatdown?

A beatdown is a long barrage-type move in which the user throws out an uppercut or heavy-punch that is always perfect blockable though bypasses block, dealing high damage. Typically, beatdowns last 15-30 seconds and deal anywhere from an estimation of 65 to 120 damage. there are 4 of them in the game, used by Gold Experience, Star Platinum: The World, Tusk Act 4 and Stone Free. They all have different animations during the move but all start the same and are inspired by a long, "beatdown" barrage from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga or anime.

Ora Beatdown (Star Platinum: The World)

Star Platinum: The World's Ora Beatdown only costs 1 skill point to unlock and deals the most damage of them all. To start the beatdown, the stand does a perfect blockable, cancellable uppercut. After that, if the uppercut successfully connects, SP:TW will throw two heavy punches dealing 20.1 damage each before cutting to an angle change in which the player will shake their head while saying, "Yare yare daze," before shouting, "STAR PLATINUM" unleashing 2 more punches dealing 10.1 damage before using a short barrage doing 1.3 damage per punch before a final heavy punch dealing 20.1 damage which knocks the opponent into the ground.

7 Page Muda (Gold Experience)

The 7 Page Muda beatdown is the second beatdown in the game. To start, Gold Experience throws a parriable punch identical to the rest. When it lands, the target gets dealt 15.2 damage. Following that, they get punched repeatedly for 15 seconds. Each punch deals 0.3 damage. The final hit deals 30.3 damage. This move has a 2-minute cooldown and can be perfect blocked.

Arigato.. Gyro. (Tusk [ACT 4] )

Arigato Gyro is the third and beatdown in the game. To start, Tusk Act 4 will throw a punch with a short startup forward. If it lands, it will start the beatdown. It will barrage them for 0.2 damage for a long time, then punch them 3 times, each punch dealing less damage than the first. It will then slam them to the ground and barrage them once again, dealing 0.3 damage each hit. It will end with a heavy punch that slams them onto the ground, but deals low damage. This can also be perfect blocked.

String Beatdown (Stone Free)

String Beatdown is the move for Stone Free. It starts as any beatdowns in the game where the stand does a heavy punch which can be parried but can bypass block, if it connects to the enemy, it will go to a cutscene where the user commands Stone Free to punch the enemy. It starts where Stone Free barrages at the enemy doing 0.4 fast punches, then slams the ground doing massive damage and doing another set of barrages but a little more stronger, it ends with a final hit that ragdolls the enemy.


  • It is unlikely any new beatdowns will be coming to the game. One new beatdown has been added with the release of Stone Free, but it is unlikely that any new stands will get a beatdown.
  • Trying to beatdown a D4C with Love Train activated or a Chariot Requiem with Your Own Shadow activated will make their stand beatdown someone else. This does not apply to Tusk Act 4's beatdown, which simply bypasses all damage reflecting moves such as Love Train, Your Own Shadow, and Gently Weeps.
  • Gold Experience's 7-Page Muda is the most iconic beatdown for long-time players of YBA. For a while, it's cooldown was stupidly short and it was one of the most broken and famous moves in the game. It was later fixed and nerfed around August of 2021.
  • It is a misconception that King Crimson Requiem's "Raging Demon" move is a beatdown, or at least mini-beatdown. This is false, as it is a counter and has nowhere near the damage or length of a classic beatdown.
  • The 7-Page Muda is called it's name as it took up 7 pages of the JoJo manga in the scene it was in, and GE's stand cry is "Muda."