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There's nothing you can do until Beach Boy climbs up your arm and snags your heart!



Beach Boy is the Stand of Pesci, featured in Golden Wind, part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Beach Boy has a long-range, it is one of the most common stands in the game with a 10.5% chance of obtaining a Mysterious Arrow.

At first glance, Beach Boy seems to be a weak stand. It lacks a barrage, and its ranged attacks are pointed in a straight line, which can be avoided with strafing. However, Beach Boy is considered to be an underrated stand, that has good niches but has some vital flaws that prevent it from being overpowered, one disadvantage being its small hitbox moves.

Passively, every attack done via mouse clicking has increased range due to the user using the rod to attack. While it shouldn't be used as a replacement for a barrage, it will outrange humanoid stands.

Hook Pierce bleeds when upgraded and for an extended period when fully upgraded. The bleed status effect can bypass Love Train if the Love Train user activates it during the bleed duration. It also can be used as a mini anti-heal attack, as bleed makes Posing regeneration redundant and ineffective. Bleed also still damages targets within Time Stop.

Rod Slap can be used to finish a combo or to set up zoning as it inflicts knock down. It also has a niche of it being technically a barrage finisher so it is the only barrage finisher from a stand that can target more than one user.

Rod Throw serves as a less damaging Hook Pierce that can give the stand more zoning capabilities, it is moderately fast.

Rod Pull and Auto Rod Pull are 2 of Beach Boy's most useful tools. At first glance, they seem like the worst thing it has, seeing as it literally lets your opponent combo you. This, though, is what a player who has not used BB would think. They are actually the most overpowered part of BB, able to be used when opponents are ragdolled. If you time this right before they get up, they have slight stun when they get up, and don't have a stand, allowing you to combo the enemy. This is very effective against stands with barrages, as they are BB's 1 weakness, though they can't even barrage.

The stand is easily countered by Stands that excel in melee combat or has crowd control to prevent Beach Boy's rod pull. The stand lacking a barrage also makes it easy to stun lock and aside from Rod Slap, it lacks any AoE, and Rod Slap's AoE is limited, compared to The World's Road Roller or King Crimson Requiem's Dimensional Slash.

Total Skill Points: 44 Points


E - Rod Pull: Cast out your hook where the cursor is, upon hitting an opponent it reels them into you, dealing 7.5 damage with a short stun. This move has a very small hitbox, so this move is not very effective when using it on moving opponents unless you have good aim. This move has a 17-second cooldown.

R - Rod Slap: A simple slap with Beach Boy dealing 24 damage and ragdolling the opponent for a considerable amount of time. This also stand-crashes opponents with sturdiness 1 and can break blocks. Strangely, this move can be parried even though it doesnt look like a parriable move. can be confirmed off of hook pierce however.

T - Hook Pierce: Cast out the line on Beach Boy's upon hitting the opponent, dealing 24 damage and making the victim bleed for a good amount of time. This move can break blocks and cannot be parried. The bleed effect when using this moves adds an approximate 15 damage to the move, totaling to 39 damage. Hook Pierce has a 17-second cooldown.

Y - Auto Rod Pull: Automatically casts out your hook, reeling the nearest victim into you, dealing 7.5 damage with a short stun. This move has a 19-second cooldown. Can be parried.

Z - Rod Throw: Throws out the fishing pole dealing 29.9 damage and having a long range that can knock out the other player. Breaks block and cannot be parried.

Tips, Combos, and Glitches

  • Beach Boy struggles a lot in close combat scenarios. To avoid pressure you can attack the enemy with moves such as Rod Slap to force them back.
  • Beach Boys Auto Rod Pull is perfect blockable, so if your opponent perfect blocks it try to catch them off guard or don't use it again. Alternatively, use it when the opponent is ragdolled, because it deals no damage and is unblockable. This eliminates the possibility of them parrying it, but it also doesn't deal any stun, so be careful to not get comboed.
  • Beach Boy M1's are underrated. Use their extra-long range to your advantage!
  • Hook Pierce deals an insane amount of damage and has a short cooldown, but shouldn't be used randomly unless the enemy is running at you in a straight line, or have all other moves on cooldown, because of hard it is to hit the move otherwise. Unless the opponent is running in a straight line for you or standing stationary, use another block breaking move such as Rod Slap or Rod Throw, before going for Hook Pierce. Using a Rod Pull move would also be a good idea before using Hook Pierce due to the stun. Hook Pierce also ragdolls in a similar fashion to skull crusher, meaning it doesn't stand knock and instead stuns. It can be comboed into any other of Beach Boy's moves such as rod slap or throw because of this.
  • Beach Boy counters close-range such as Star Platinum or The Hand, make advantage of your range to zone out these stands with stuns and projectiles.
  • Your Rod Throw and Rod Slap aren't cancellable by barrages or anything else. Use this to your advantage.
  • While this stand is good against low range stands, some of them can get close to you with ease and you may struggle a lot, stands such as Cream with his Void Surprise or King Crimson with his Time Erase can get you into trouble. In that case, dashing away or blocking is the best option you have, stun them if possible.
  • Beach Boy is countered by long-ranged stands such as Hierophant Green. In this case, try stunning them and getting them close to you with your Rod Pull, be aware of their barrages as this stand struggles a lot against them.
  • A good combo with this stand is Rod Pull/Auto Rod Pull, then Hook Pierce, this combo is good for vampires because of their extra damage. If this combo is successfully executed, the victim will be open for any attack. Careful with their barrages too.
  • If someone is charging towards you with a skill that makes them move faster, such as ice skating, use Auto Rod Pull. This cancels it, allowing for combos, stunning is recommended but it isn't necessary.
  • If you get barraged, most people will immediately use a Stand Barrage Finisher afterwards. Try doing a perfectly timed block as you can break their guard, leaving the target open for attack.
  • This Stand isn't good at defeating bosses like Diavolo, Ghiaccio, or Bruno Bucciarati as they can all easily counter Beach Boy. The best way to deal with them is to stay far away and take advantage of your range. Be also wary of Epitaph, as Diavolo has the Raging Demon upgrade, which allows him to do more damage.
  • You're able to spam your skills easily as one of the features Beach Boy has is that it has low cooldowns, while also having long-range, this makes you able to drain your opponent's health fast if you combine your moves well.
  • To win Steel Ball Run with Beach Boy, it's necessary to get a team as Beach Boy relies on range. Beach Boy acts as a support, so while your teammates fight, you can use Hook Pierce to drain the target's health. (Sword Style is recommended for winning SBR.)
  • If you are in Steel Ball Run, your teammates sometimes will be in unfavorable situation, for example getting ganged up on. You can pull your teammates to you so they can run away with a little bit more ease.
  • This Stand has many bleeding effects. Use this to your advantage.
  • Beach Boy is not a stand that you can rely on for damage-dealing combos. Your main damage output will be from zoning and outliving your enemy, picking them off with carefully aimed moves from long distances.
  • Beach Boy has a unique move order in which you auto pull/pull after ragdoll (preferably a Rod Slap's ragdoll for the extended time to set this up, as well as a stand crash) into a spec move such as Jawbreaker or Vaporization Freeze. This allows for free damage if timed correctly, but be careful for barrages or spec moves yourself. This "combo" is really buggy and can result in your opponent launching into the sky or straight up underground in main game. In the 1v1's gamemode, this doesn't occur as much.
  • Hamon Spec Combo - G+Y or E+T+R+B+LMB 4+Z+T+R+Y+G+V
  • Vamp Spec Combo - G+Y+C+Z+V
  • Boxing Spec Combo - C+Y or E+G+T+R+Z (The rod throw at the end is only true if you have good aim and predict where they will move to)
  • Pluck Spec Combo - Crescent slash+E+R+Y+Pierce Strike+Triple Pierce+T+Z

Recommended Specs

  • Hamon: Hamon has a great damage boost which will help you zone out the enemy and drain his health faster, this is good when you are doing a 1v1.
  • Vampirism: Vampirism is actually a very good spec for beach boy. It has Space Ripper Stingy Eyes which gives you another mid range option and gives you the blood which makes it so that you don't get punished as hard for being hit with a barrage and finally the vampire freezing can be good for using your hook pierce or rod pull. A lesser known fact about the vampire race is that it actually buffs damage of certain moves by 20%, not just specs. This buffs Rod Slap, Rod Throw, and M1 damage by 20%.
  • Boxing: This is also very good as it gives you extra health, close combat skills which give you more combo potential and Jawbreaker, which is a very good skill you can combo with due to it basically being a free stand crash that confirms rod pull, honestly a very good spec for Beach Boy.
  • Sword-Style: It has close-range attacks with high damage, and some that can help you get closer to the enemy, but you still need to be careful with other Stand Barrages.


  • Although Beach Boy has long-range, it is a close-range type stand because it is summoned near the user as the user carries it.
  • 3-4 of these moves are based off of Deep Knight from Rogue Lineage.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Ocean Boy" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • The M2 attack is based off of Abyss Walker's M2 from Rogue Lineage.


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