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"You have unsheathed me... you will be my Stand user... you will be my body. I will make you a master of the sword. No one is stronger than you... use me and kill!"



Anubis is a unique Stand that takes the form of a Katana and is based on the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis. In both manga and anime variants, it does not have a 'set' user, but rather possesses anyone who unsheathes it. Although, Anubis does not unsheathe for anyone, but only those it deems worthy to wield its power. Anubis can be obtained from a Mysterious Arrow with a 2% chance.

When not summoned, Anubis will be in its scabbard which is located on the user's right on the waist.

This Stand is commonly paired with Vampirism, Boxing and Sword-Style, most of which due to great combo extension, health benefits (excluding sword-style mostly specializing in combos and having no health bonuses) and overall improvement to the stand.

While Anubis' base damage and speed are slow, it's thanks to its passive ability, Supernatural Swordplay, that Anubis' M1s still find consistent use in competitive play. Supernatural Swordplay increases the speed and stun of your M1 attacks, essentially creating the entire game plan of the Stand. Curse Imbued Slice bypasses defensive buffs, similar to The World: Over Heaven and applies bleed as well as bypassing block. God of Death, or shortened to G.O.D., is an amazing move that gives Anubis' M1s and Enraged Fury attack a chance to apply poison, and if you have the Tough Spirit upgrade, it makes it so the Stand is immune to being Stand Crashed when in God of Death mode, which can make things more difficult for Stands who rely on barraging when your Stand is away (C-Moon, King Crimson). If you have it upgraded to the max duration, the cooldown is deceptively low. Afterimage applies invincibility frames and grants a speed boost depending on Skill Tree upgrades, making for a good "Get off me" option. Enraged Fury is incredibly difficult to parry, has hyper armor during the attack and is a core part of the Anubis' bread and butter combos. Finally, Cursed Blade is a unique counter that deals good damage, but is also able to counter attacks that are normally not able to be countered, such as Road Roller. Always use your counter whenever you are caught in a combo as untrue combos present spaces between each attack which gives you the chance to use your counter.

Despite all of this, Anubis still has it's flaws. To start things off, outside of God of Death, Anubis' cooldowns are long, meaning that after you perform your combos, it can be difficult to get in damage, especially when you consider the Stand's low damage and are forced to rely on God of Death's chance to give poison. Though Enraged Fury is unable to be canceled as you are attacking with it, it is cancellable upon startup, unlike the Kick Barrage moves. Finally, the lack of Time Stop Resistance and no way to actually fight back against Time Stop means that Anubis is, more often than not, helpless in the face of Time Stop Stands.

Anubis still remains a good, viable Stand within the game thanks to its unique blend of attacks, long combos and the ability to apply bleeding and poison. However, it's flaws also hold it back from being overpowered or dominant. Many players consider it solid, though not much more beyond that.

While Anubis is viable, it needs real skill to fight with and against so it's not recommended to use unless you are good at the game.

Total Skill Points: 54


Tough Spirit (Passive): Anubis is not unsummoned when ragdolled if God of Death is active.

Supernatural Swordplay (Passive): Increases the stun and speed of M1 attacks. M1s normally have very little stun on them, so having the ability to truly chain your first four M1s together is more than appreciated. (Do note that it is best to use three M1s for combos)

LMB - Slash: Anubis slices its opponent that deals 5.5 damage per hit.

E - Stand Barrage: User will perform a barrage using the sword, with each hit dealing 0.9 damage.

R - Stand Barrage Finisher: The user performs a quick slash that deals 11 damage, it can be parried like all Stand Barrage Finishers.

T - Curse Imbued Slice: The user spins as Anubis slices anything in its path, ignoring block and dealing 20 true damage while also inflicting bleeding.

Y - God of Death: Anubis gains a dark, pink aura around its blade. The user's M1s, M2s, and Enraged Fury attack now have a chance to inflict unremovable poison. If upgraded, Anubis will not be unsummoned when the user is ragdolled.

G - Afterimage: The user will create several afterimages that speed around the target for a short while before disappearing. The user will become invisible and gain a speed boost when this move is active.

Z- Cursed Blade: The user goes into a defensive stance with Anubis. If hit, the user will then counter with a slice, dealing 20 damage before zooming through the assailant and sheathing Anubis, dealing another 20 damage and inflicting bleeding. It can be canceled if the user is hit in the first few frames when it is activated. This move has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

X - Enraged Fury: The user will begin slashing wildly with Anubis, dealing 2.5 damage per hit and finishing with a slice that deals 10 damage. This move acts similarly to Star Platinum or The World's Kicks.

Skill Tree

Supernatural Swordsplay: 6 Points

Tough Spirit: 2 Points

Stand Speed: increases duration of Afterimage

  • Stand Speed I: 5 points
  • Stand Speed II: 5 points
  • Stand Speed III: 5 points

Touch of Death: increases God of Death's duration

  • Touch of Death I: 2 Points
  • Touch of Death II: 3 Points
  • Touch of Death III: 4 Points
  • Touch of Death IV: 5 Points
  • Touch of Death V: 5 Points

Enraged Fury: 3 Points

Cursed Blade: 3 Points

Afterimage: 3 Points

Curse Imbued Slice: 2 Points

Tips, Tricks & Combos

  • If an Anubis user summons their Stand and immediately uses After Image, the summon voice line echoes.
  • A way to get a large amount of damage is to barrage, and then immediately after, use Cursed Blade as they will likely barrage you back. However, some players might expect a barrage finisher and buffer block, only to see you go into a counter and then punish you after.
  • Absolutely every single time without hesitation use Curse Imbued Slice as a part of your bread and butter combos. While it is a great punish option (punishing endlag on an attack such as a counter, parrying an attack or getting a block break), after some fairly recent changes it is safe to say it is one of Anubis' best combo extenders, maybe one of the best in the game. Curse Imbued Slice used to be too slow to be woven into into true combos, thus wasting a cooldown, however now this is not the case due to it having become unblockable. Add on it's giant range, and it's basically a free combo starter or extender. Make sure to use this as much as you can.
  • The Cursed Blade can be cancelled if the user is hit in the first few frames after it is activated. Be wary of this when trying to counter while getting trapped in a combo, as this will not always stop the combo. Instead, you should use After Images because it activates instantly and gives you I-frames for a second or two and you can start comboing the opponent. Still, Cursed Blade is a good combo interrupter (where you cannot activate Cursed Blade) or near true combos (where there isn't enough time for Cursed Blade to activate and gets cancelled).
  • Curse Imbued Slice can deal damage to ragdolled players on occasion.
  • Boxing + Anubis has the potential for an infinite combo. To perform it, you do two M1s, look to the side as you perform a third M1, allowing a lingering hitbox to reset the stun on your M1 and letting you confirm Eye Gouge. The timing on the third M1 is strict. Practice will have to be involved. Then, barrage, do two more M1s and perform the same stun reset with another Eye Gouge. Three more M1s, leading into a Boxing Barrage and then repeat the process. The problem with this combo is that not only is the timing strict, but your opponent has to either have a Stand without a barrage or be Stand Crashed.
  • It's better to use Enraged Fury instead of Jawbreaker/ Scarlet Overdrive after using Barrage since its possible to catch them on get up with Jawbreaker/ Scarlet Overdrive. If you don't have Enraged Fury, just use m1s (preferably 3) then Jawbreaker to maximize damage.
  • If you are using this in SBR, try to get to at least to 3/4th of the bridge then use afterimage to get a speed boost. DO NOT use your counter if someone is attacking you from the back.
  • Whenever you are fighting, use God of Death whenever you can. That poison damage can travel a long way and can ultimately give you the edge in a 1v1. Stacked with Bleed (Curse Imbued Slice or Cursed Blade), It can do a chunk of your health in a short amount of time. This is similar to Scary Monsters' Bite. A quick combo is Y + 3m1s + X + Dash + T. Due to Curse Imbued Slice's large AOE and range, it should hit regardless of the enemy dashes or blocks as it can pass through block and has a big enough range while having a quick enough start up time to land it.

. Since your stand can’t be unsummoned when ragdolled during god of death, use it to your advantage.
Hamon Combos:

  • Easy - M1 x3 -> Zoom Punch -> M1 x 3 -> Scarlet Overdrive
  • Easy - M1 x3 -> Zoom Punch -> M1 x 3 -> Sunlight Yellow Overdrive
  • Easy - M1 x3 -> Zoom Punch -> M1 x 3 -> Enraged Fury
  • Moderate - M1 x3 -> Zoom Punch -> M1 x 3 -> Scarlet Overdrive (block break) -> Curse Imbued Slice -> 3x M1 -> Enraged Fury
  • Hard - (Optional) Cursed Blade -> M1 x3 -> Curse Imbued Slice -> M1 x3 -> Zoom Punch -> M1 x3 -> Scarlet Overdrive -> (Block Break) M1 x3 -> Curse Imbued Slice -> M1 x3 -> Enraged Fury
  • Insane (Stand Crash or No Barrage) - (Optional) Cursed Blade -> Curse Imbued Slice -> M1 x3 -> Zoom Punch -> M1 x3 -> Stand Barrage -> M1 x3 -> Curse Imbued Slice -> M1 x3 -> Zoom Punch -> M1 x3 -> Stand Barrage -> M1 x3 -> Enraged Fury -> (Optional, not guaranteed to work) Curse Imbued Slice -> M1 x3 -> Stand Barrage -> M1 x3

Boxing Combos:

  • Easy - 3x M1, Jaw Breaker...3x M1,Enraged Fury.
  • Moderate - 3 M1, Eye Gouge, 3 M1, Curse Imbued Slice, 3 M1, Barrage, 3 M1, Eye Gouge, 3 M1, Enraged Fury. (stand knocked)
  • Moderate - 3x M1, Jaw Breaker(block break), Eye Gouge, 3 M1s, Curse Imbued Slice, 3 M1's, Enraged Fury
  • Hard-3x M1, Eye Gouge, 3x M1, Curse Imbued Slice, 3x M1s, Boxing Barrage, 3x M1s, Eye Gouge, 3x M1s, Enraged Fury (POSSIBLE ONE SHOT)
  • Hard- Z + T + 3m1s + Boxing Barrage + 3m1s + Eye Gouge + E (short if the enemy has a barrage) + X + dash + Jawbreaker (Somehow this hits if you are fast enough)
  • Insane - 3x M1, Eye Gouge, 3x M1, Stand Barrage, 3x M1, Eye Gouge, 3x M1, Boxing Barrage, repeat (NOTE: READ THE LAST TIP BEFORE THE HAMON COMBOS)

Pluck Combos:

  • Moderate - H, M1 x3, Pierce strike for stun (Same as zoom punch) M1 x3, T+Y, Enraged Fury, Triple Pierce Strike, Crescent Slash, and Instant Slash.
  • Easy - E + R + Z (pluck one) + C (Pluck) + H (Anubis) + B + Z (Pluck) + T
  • Moderate - H, Y, M1 x3, Pierce Strike for Stun, Enraged Fury, Instant Slash, Pierce again, M1 x3, T, Triple Pierce, and Crescent Slash.
  • Easy - E,Z Pierce Strike is for stun, T, C Triple Pierce Strike is also for stun, Enraged Fury.
  • Very Hard (one shots box users) (Almost true (I think) without stand) - 3m1s + Pierce (get block break pierce) + 3m1s + Triple Pierce + 3m1s + T + 3m1s + Barrage + 3m1s + Pierce + X (combo extend) + dash + 3m1s + Instant Slash + 3m1s + Thrust or crescent slash

Vampire Combos:

  • Easy - M1 x3, Vaporization Freezing (block break), Curse Imbued Slice, Blood Drain
  • Easy - M1 x3, Vaporization Freezing, Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
  • Moderate - God of Death, M1 3x, Vaporization Freeze, M1 3x, Blood Suck, Curse Imbued Slice, M1 3x, Barrage, M1 3x, Enraged Fury
  • Moderate - God of Death, M1 3x, Vaporization Freeze, M1 3x, Curse Imbued Slice, M1 3x, Life drain.
  • Insane (stand knocked) - God of Death, M1 3x, Vaporization Freeze, M1 3x, Curse Imbued Slice, M1 3x, Barrage, M1 3x, Life drain, Enraged fury (on getup).
  • Insane - God of Death, M1 3x, Vaporization Freeze, M1 3x, Curse Imbued Slice, M1 3x, Barrage, M1 3x, Vaporization Freeze, M1 3x, Enraged Fury, Curse Imbued Slice (if not on cooldown), M1 x3, Barrage, M1 x3 (this is used if the opponent is stand knocked.)

Standalone Combos:

  • Easy - M1 x3, Cursed Imbued Slice, M1 x3, Enraged Fury.
  • Easy - M1 x3, Barrage (if your opponent is Stand Crashed, does not have a Stand with a barrage or used their barrage), M1 x3, Enraged Fury
  • Easy - M1 x3, Barrage (if your opponent is Stand Crashed, does not have a Stand with a barrage or used their barrage), M1 x3, Cursed Imbued Slash, M1 x3, Enraged Fury
  • Moderate - God Of Death, M1 x3, Enraged Fury, (wait for the opponent to get up) Curse Imbued Slice, 3x M1, Barrage, 3x M1, (can be chained into a spec combo)
  • Moderate- Y + 3m1s + X + Dash + T + E


  • Anubis was added on 4/30/21, along with a new skin for The World and The Hand.
  • The name Anubis comes from the Egyptian god of death, Anubis.
  • This Stand has been renamed "Anubiz" in-game in order to avoid copyright issues.
  • Anubis briefly had Beach Boy's aura when released.
  • Anubis is the 3nd non-humanoid Stand to have a barrage, the first 2 being White Album and Aerosmith.
  • Both Anubis and Star Platinum's second pseudo-Barrages (Ora Kicks and Enraged Fury) do more damage than The World's Kick Barrage.
  • Unlike most stands, Anubis cannot have any skill points put into Destructive Power. This makes Anubis' barrage and m1s weaker than other stands.
  • During the last hit of Cursed Blade, the opponent's stand will be re-summoned.
  • The "Spirit Bomb Sword" skin has the same stand summon sound effect as Ultra Instinct
  • The Elucidator & Dark Repulsor skin is based of Kirito's Swords from Sword Art Online.


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